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  1. Is that used instead of campden tablets or with?
  2. Anyone have any experience using Sydney tap water (south east suburbs)?
  3. For my next brew I have decided on my Canadian Blonde can in the cupboard, but this is my 1st time with this can what hops would be good, (or does it not even need hops). Suggestions please fellow brewers.
  4. Thanks Lusty, I have a chlorine sediment remover (in it's last days of use ) for my garden I was thinking of giving that a trial, I reside I western suburbs of Melbourne (city west water).
  5. I have always use purified or Springwater goons, how does tap water fare in comparison? Cheers
  6. Yeah I was thinking of driving around later today to return it, it has only been in my fridge for 6 days ( only bought last week).
  7. I bought some hops & yeast from my local homebrew shop, only to get home to check the expiration dates on the yeast before storing in the fridge, only to discover the bohemian lager yeast's best before was 2 years (22 months exactly- best before date is 06/2018). Is this yeast still good, it was stored in the fridge at the shop and is now in mine. What should I do??? PEACE HOMEBREWERS OF THE WORLD
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