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  1. To add to the discussion, I see in the USA a few references to hop leaves. And they would be handled different, I assume. From my guess, manufactured hops pellets are heat treated when they are vacuum sealed, but I don’t want to assume. oh, and for the record, so far, I would imagine I would be a fan of hop at flameout, and not strain, so that I know the hops is sanitised. Or a hop tea. But still looking at options researching.
  2. BB you should know me better than that.... the brew is still in the can.... waiting for the yeast to get hungry!
  3. Brew 012: Coopers ROTM Lamington Stout- Thursday 22nd October: 140 hours (5.83 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 18.9-19.4C, target 19.0C Comments: Still occasional Surface bubble activity. Will start testing SG from Tomorrow. Photo(s): Brew 008R: Pale Ale with reactivated yeast using Bottled Water: Yeast still waking up. Not ready to pitch today.
  4. I like the idea of hop tea: minimises the risk of infection!
  5. I keep seeing this being said, but I was under the impression that 60% ethanol minimum was need to kill germs. At least near instantly (like in hand sanitser for example).
  6. This sounds like if you are asking us if it's time to do a exbeeriment! Yes please, two identical brews: one with and one without Maltodextrin! I've bookmarked the following reference for myself and frequently refer to it regarding BE1, BE2 and BE3, (but only because I could not find where Coopers have listed/posted the information themselves- boooo hey Coopers, are you listening!?) https://cellardweller.net/index.php/en/extract-brewing/common-brewing-sugars
  7. Hello JimmyBeerBro, welcome to the forum. Second batch? I'd love to hear about your first! Do you drink your tap water? Why are you concerned about chlorine? I have brewed, as have many, all my brews from the very tap water I also drink from when I "commit sacrilege and drink plain water".
  8. This got me thinking, because sugar itself is normally associated with rum, but also with alcohol. And it also got me thinking how I would try to brew "beer" if I could not get some form of malt already in a can. "Beer" is just a modern word for "safe-to-drink water"... or something like that. Wow, if I was washed up somewhere and I wanted a beer, I'd think like this: Breakfast.... I keep thinking breakfast. Why? Usually it involves some form of carbohydrate from wheat. And carbohydrate is sugar! If I was going to try to "make" beer when I don't have beer ingredients I would buy breakfast cereal, lots of breakfast cereal with wheat in it. Mash it up. Boil it. Add some sugar, the more complex the better. Even some fruits! Banana, Mango, even dates. Boil. Get the sugar out of the wheat products and the fruit. Cool. I'd find any container with a lid that can just be a tiny bit open at the top. I'd wash it. Very well. I'd then splash the sufaces it with an mild acid: if all I had was vinegar I would try that. Then I'd add my liquid mess to the container and I would find any yeast I could. Even bread yeast, if that is all I had. If I was on a desert island, I'd stay out of the sun: yeast doesn't like more than 30C. I'd add the yeast, and watch it bubble. I'd keep it as cool as I could. When it stopped bubbling, I would try it. It might taste disgusting. It might not. But then I would change something and try it again. Why?....... "Because I like beer and want to make some that I can drink!" (Good Luck an Have Fun, and please post back, even if you don't!)
  9. Why do seasoned brewers break sanitisation rules and dry hop? Having been told, "don't add a hydrometer sample back to the wort" and seeing other comments like "don't open the lid unless you really have to", one thing that is fully educated in this forum is sanitisation. And I get it, I really do. No one like their brew ruined by an infection. Even adjuncts, like cacao nibs are added to just boiled water/wort to sanitise them. The ROTM Lamington Stout recipe asks for "toast the desiccated coconut until just golden" before adding it to the fermentation vessel mid ferment- I get it: toasting the coconut in the pan sanitises it. But, then I see a problem: some recipes, or even people posting, add hop pellets to the FV, with no sanitisation methods whatsover, in a "dry hop"???!!!!?! Did I miss a meeting? Dry-hopping, as I understand it so far, involves adding hops straight into the FV, mid-ferment. No boil. No hot water. No sanitisation of any kind. Just add them, like that!? WHAT!?!? Knowledge sponge (and BS filter) ready!
  10. Brew 008R: Pale Ale with reactivated yeast using Bottled Water. Prepared last night Tue 20th Oct, Reactivating Coopers Yeast for experiment: I will photo and update tomorrow 22nd October, probably with the main post of pitching.
  11. Brew 012: Coopers ROTM Lamington Stout- Wednesday 21st October: 120 hours (5.0 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 18.9-19.5C, target 19.0C Comments: Coconut "dry hop" has moved around, surface still showing bubble activity. Happy. Photo(s): Nil
  12. Brew 012: Coopers ROTM Lamington Stout- Tuesday 20th October: 96 hours (4.0 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 18.7-19.5C, target 19.0C Comments: Recipe Coconut “dry hop” time! Worked well! Photo(s):
  13. Excellent... I will be providing a supplemental exbeeriment to your results. The SO has approved a one-time concurrent brew on the washing machine to get rid of some of our "rations" of Coles spring water. So from tomorrow (just put a bottle in the fridge) I will be doing an identical Brew to brew 003, the only difference being bottled spring water vs tap water. Even the temperature is hovering around the same as brew 3: 20-22C. It breaks my heart not being able to jazz it up a bit with some liquid malts or adjuncts, but if I do, I won't have an answer to the water question. The 'sacrifices' one makes for Science!
  14. Brew 012: Coopers ROTM Lamington Stout- Monday 19th October: 71 hours (2.96days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 18.7-19.5C, target 19.0C Comments: Krausen still bubbly, good action, starting to thin. Will pitch the coconut tomorrow. Photo(s): Nil
  15. This was a good pickup, and yes, clarifies it! Thank you! This line, right here, which was not in the original instructions, hits it out of the park, thank you! And this is why I love to support Coopers in pubs and brewing and exclusively use this forum: We all learn, you and the community both provide excellent support, so that we can all enjoy great beer! Thank you again, and also to Shamus and Instigator!
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