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  1. Brew 009: Tuesday 11th August: 74 hours (3.08 day) since pitch. Brew Temp: 19.3C. Steady. Comments: Normal Progress, no change. Photo(s): Nil
  2. Brew 009: Monday 10th August: 50 hours (2.08 day) since pitch. Brew Temp: 20.2C steady. Comments: Normal Progress- Krausen moved to the 2cm dense stage. Photo(s): Nil
  3. Brew 009: Sunday 9th August: 24 hours (1 day) since pitch. Brew Temp: 20.5C steady. Comments: Nice fluffy Krausen! Photo(s):
  4. Saturday 8th August: Brew 009 pitched! Malt: Canned- Coopers European Lager Can. BB date on can: 11/10/21. Extra Ingredients: 1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 (1023g) and 125g of Cooper Brew Enhancer 1. Water: Unfiltered tap water. Preparation: Malt Can added to off-the-boil water, dissolved, stirred in Brew Enhancers, disolved and added to FV. Yeast: Lallemand Nottingham Yeast 11g Sachet. BB date: 09/2021 Pitching Method: Rehydrated in 35C water (cooled from boil first), after 15 minutes added a splash of wort, mixed and poured into FV. Initial Wort Temperature: 21.4C Temperature Control: No cooling. 35W heat belt not attached. Inkbird Temp controller for temp display, target 13.5C Initial Sample SG (OG): 1038.5. Can instructions indicated 1038, but I have added 120g of BE1 which is why it bobbed around 1038.5. Brew spreadsheet indicated 1041, but that was with "Cooper Bavarian Lager" (Coopers European Lager was not in the list) Photo(s):
  5. Specs for Notty yeast is 10-22C. The FV wouldn't go below 15C naturally, would I still need to fit the heat belt? (Coopers Euro Lager with Nottingham Yeast)
  6. Not yet: Still have 4 brews in stock at home: 9: Euro Lager with Notty Yeast: 10: Coopers Stout 11: ROTM Belgian Chocolate Stout 12: ROTM Lamington Stout Brew 7 (English Bitter LDM) will be ready on 15th Aug, so I'll be able to compare it with Brew 6 (English Bitter Liquid Malt) then. I'll be sure to post back here!
  7. Brew 008: Monday 3rd August: 380 hours (15.8 days) from pitching to bottling. Brew Temp: 20.1C FG(SG): 1009.5. Therefore brew 008 is 4.53% ABV. A real bottle of Coopers Pale Ale is 4.5%.... spot on with the real yeast! Appearance: Beautiful golden straw. Light fizz. Nose: Raw dough, stone fruit. Hints of Honey and Mango. Palate: Peach, nectarine, stone fruit. Hints of pineapple. Comments: Great result with the Reactivated Coopers Pale Ale bottle yeast. Can't wait to taste the finished product. Also, the trub was not thick like the dry yeast trubs: this was nice and loose, so I look forward to some better bread with it! Photo(s):
  8. Brew 008: Sunday 2nd August: No change.
  9. Brew 008: Saturday 1st August: 327 hours (13.63 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 19.4C Comments: Letting Brew cool overnight to hopefully bottle tomorrow morning. Photo(s): Nil
  10. Brew 008: Friday 31th July: 307 hours (12.79 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 20.1C. SG: 1010.5 another drop! Such a slow ferment! Appearance: Clearing golden straw. Less fizz than previous days. Nose: Peach, nectarine, apricot, mandarin, orange. Palate: Lemon rind, stone fruit, hints of buttered toast! Comments: Will wait a few days as SG keeps trickling down! Photo(s):
  11. Brew 008: Thursday 30th July: 276 hours (11.5 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 20.5C. Comments: Unplugged heat belt to allow settling. Testing and probably bottling tomorrow. Photo(s): Nil
  12. Brew 008: Wednesday 29th July: 256 hours (10.67 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 19.9C. Steady. SG: 1011.5 Appearance: Cloudy golden straw. Less fizzy, dissipates relatively quickly. Nose: Raw Dough, more raw dough Peaches. Palate: Light Peach, mandarin, bitter lemon rind, hints of pineapple. Comments: Probably bottling Friday. Photo(s): Nil
  13. Brew 008: Tuesday 28th July: 232 hours (9.67 days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 20.7C, residual heat. SG: 1012 Appearance: Cloudy golden straw. Very very fizzy, thick foam, but dissipates relatively quickly Nose: Raw Dough, more raw dough Peaches. Palate: Light Peach, mandarin, bitter lemon rind, hints of pineapple. Comments: Developing nicely. Spreadsheet estimates a FG of 1012, but it also estimated an OG of 1042, but mine was 1040.5. So I think my brew will finish at around 1010/1011. Daily tastings/testings from here. Photo(s): 
  14. Brew 008: Monday 27th July: 202 hours (8.42days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 19.4C SG: Not tested. Testing tomorrow. Comments: Bubble rate has slowed, Krausen starting to thin. Fermentation is near completion. Photo(s):
  15. Brew 008: Sunday 26th July: 178 hours (7.41days) since pitch. Brew Temp: 19.5C, heat belt on. SG: 1016 Appearance: Cloudy straw. Extensive fizz. Nose: Raw Dough, Peaches. Palate: Wheat-bix, peach, nectarine. Comments: Not bad, still bubbles in FV, Krausen just starting to break down. Photo(s):
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