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  1. Young’s harvest beer kit
  2. Hi everybody just a quick question I have a beer kit in the FV that was given to me as a present not a good one ether. I have some challenger hops that I thought of using to dry hop to give it something worth the effort I have about 50g would this be suitable for dry hopping I can not find any good information on the tinterwebs it is a 1.5 kg beer kit + 1kg of Brewing sugar. If it’s a go how much would you recommend? many thanks Andrew
  3. Hi otto thanks for the reply so if I use just specialty grains and steep them for 30 mins then light ale kit +LME 1kg it should work out well then ? I just find all kits that I have made seam to lack a little something Andrew
  4. Hi shamus thanks for the reply yes out of the frying pan in to the fire!! I love all grain but I do like cooper kits which I started of with 8 years ago after a bout 4 years I then Looked at extract brewing and thought I may as well go straight into all grain thanks andrew
  5. Hi guys Thanks for the replies I was just thinking about steeped grain and a beer kit instead of sugar to get a better brew. So How much grain would I need 2.5kg ? To get the sugars equals to 1kg of brewing sugar? I don’t want to do a mini mash as I brew all grain I just wanted a quick brew instead of 5 hours my idea was to get a coopers pale ale kit and steep some pail malt and dry hop. how do you guys improve a kit ? thanks Andrew
  6. Hi guys i was just wanting to know if 500g of bewing sugar can be replaced with 500g of grains would that have the same amount of suger or would i need to say add 750g of grains to replace the 500g of suger is it like for like or is there some kind of calculation? I want to make a coopers kit but have grains instead of the sugar to get a better brew any help would be grate. thanks Andrew
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