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  1. Two real ale 10ltr batches..... One will be just over 4% and one mid 3% Hops to be added around day 4
  2. It's a bit heavy, but still love the flavour of this little beauty, real ale with some malt n be2...... 7+%.... Great flavour..... And love the ice cold glad from the freezer
  3. Nothing in yet, but after my last to strong efforts it's time to try to tone down the abv, I'm going for a mid strength style of real ale, will be splitting a can between two 10ltr fermenters, half a box of be2 in each, and then Chuck cascade hops in one and galaxy hops in the other..... And the experiment continues
  4. Now for the apple cider, not sweet again ok flavour just not sweet at all
  5. My first cider effort, apple n blackcurrant.... Nice, might need a bit more time, not overly sweet.
  6. Absolutely loving my dark ale, didn't realise how much I enjoy the darker version... This is the Cooper's dark ale with be3 plus a hops extra I can't remember.... Some German sounding hop
  7. Loving my latest, draught with be 3 and pride of Ringwood hops...... All brewed as a toucan.
  8. Haven't found cheaper than big W for the base range.... If you want to go past the base range, APA, real ale, later, Mexican, dark ale...... Then probably your local HBS
  9. I have an apple cider ready to bottle and an apple n black currant ready to bottle, both around the 5.5%, basic recipes but not using the cans, just apple juice in one and a 1to3 apple Black currant mix in the second, some water, lactose and cider yeast.
  10. Now for my first toucan dark ale, with hallertau hops, actually really nice, not as heavy as I expected
  11. My first try if the draught toucan with Ringwood hops, not bad, but a lot more subtle compared to the high octane APA and real ale I have been drinking
  12. For those who have brewed cider, after a day in the fv generally the krausen on a beer is nice and solid..... I notice no such action with the cider.... Condensation yes.... Krausen no..... Was wondering if this is normal?
  13. I took the advise re the amount of blackcurrant, I went with 2ltrs of an apple blackcurrant mix which is heavily weighted towards the apple%, to go with 6lts of straight apple...... The extra sweetener I used was lactose which I mixed in with the added 1ltr of water..... Thanks for the advise, let's see how it goes, but if it works well it will basically be 50 stubbies of cider for about $²5 which will be a handy addition come summer..... I will also try other flavours if it turns out reasonably good
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