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  1. Drake's still have OS cans, Stout, Draught, Dark Ale and Real Ale @ $12.50
  2. Stout brew is at 1.012. Bring the temp up tomorrow for diacetyl rest.
  3. Truth be known I couldn't drink 6 pales either because I just don't like it that much. Which is why I hand picked the freshest dark ale stubbies I could find, no trouble knocking them down at all
  4. I'll consider myself slightly biased, but if you have issues drinking 6 stubbies in a sitting might I suggest an alternative hobby to home brewing? It's an amazing yeast however and well worth the effort. Harvested 6 dark ale stubbies in March and still using the yeast in multiple brews
  5. The fresh draught from the spreadsheet with an extra dry hop has turned out really nice. I'll have to make more for summer for sure. I'm on my second batch of Mister Sinister/ Southwark Old Stout, that's done with a lager yeast....give that a whirl
  6. ......and boom, it took off like a rocket. Had visible kraussen at 11.15pm so reset the controller for 13° as I knew it would take quite a while for the fridge to catch up. The yeast is almost putting out enough heat to beat the old fridge and its hovering at 14.7 now
  7. Another cracking day in the brew house. Bottled up the Southwark Old Stout this morning and harvested the trub. Had to wait around a while for the roasted barley steep to finish cooling then go through the regular sanitising steps and make up another Sinister Ol Stout. Pitched the yeast at 18 deg and chucked it in the fridge at 8pm.
  8. Must give it a go as I wouldn't drink it in my younger days in NSW but I've been loved up with Coopers Dark ale for years now, and its been some of the best home brew I've made. Not sure if Tooheys Old counts as mega swill either. No doubt the recipe is from a more elegant and civilised era! The recipe is off the spreadsheet, Mister Sinister to be exact but it also follows a recipe for Southwark Old Stout I found in an old thread here in the DIY recipe forum. Reckon if I used Coopers Commercial yeast it would be too much like Coopers stout so i went with the lager yeast on spec. I do have a 100g of EKG that I would like to try in a stout but actually bought them for dark ales
  9. Not quite what I've got in the FV atmo but close, trying to clone Southwark Stout with Dark ale kit, dark malt, roasted barley & dextrose fermented with W34/70 @ 13°. Once the eggy smell dissipates the aroma is just amazing. Planning on another brew back to back with maybe an EKG steep or dry hop, not sure yet What's a TO though
  10. Jumped the gun and took an SG.....1.032. Its still fermenting but was expecting lower than that. Should I bump the temp up a little. Thats nowhere near ready for diacetyl rest Jumped the gun and took the reading too soon, now reading 1.018. Crazy game this
  11. ACME quality invisible fermenter you've got there GC!
  12. I used a mortar and pestle for the roasted barley. Only had to do 250g so wasn't too much. Took maybe 15 min
  13. Fermentation in the Sinister stout has slowed right down, now taking over 4 hrs for the temp to get to 13.3°. Removed the kraussen collar yesterday and the eggy smell is much less with the stout aroma coming through nicely. Take an SG in the morning and see how it's going for day 7.
  14. Either or really, the CCY is a beast. My experience is pitch at 21-23° in the wort straight from the fridge. Tip off any clear fluid from container, add wort from FV, swish and pitch. BUT....hold temp at 21-23° for 12-18hrs or visible kraussen then set req temp for recipe
  15. millions of yeast cells in suspension that take a while to settle. Took 200g of dextrose out of recipe and pitched about 15mm of W34/70 yeast from 500ml jar, Thursday night. Used it Monday night in a high SG stout brew, went nuts by Tuesday arvo. Point being there didnt seem to be much yeast in the bottom but it still upped and boogied
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