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  1. More beer, I like the sound of that! Cheers
  2. Hi all, I want to do a lager but end up at around 3.5% Will I achieve this if i reduce the amount of BE2 to 500g instead of the full box like the side of the can says?
  3. Evening Gentleman & Brewers. Ive done 7 brews back to back now and built up a nice stock level (at normal consumption it should last me another 14-15 weeks), all have been Coopers. Now that i dont have to fear running out, Im thinking of getting a few of the Mr Beer tins and following some of the recipes on the site. Question is... Should I buy a smaller FV or will the one from my Coopers kit be ok?
  4. Ive just read this thread, thought it sounds like a good idea and raced up to Dans (only place open on a sunday). They didnt have any BE3, so I grabbed Stout tin, BE2, LDM and some Dex. If i add 250 or 500g of dex will it push it over 5% mark and will it affect the flavour? I only have the tin yeast. I also have a 12g pack of galaxy finishing hops, should i chuck that in on day 4 or keep that for a pale/ipa?
  5. So higher ABV with the light dry malt extract?
  6. Afternoon all whats the difference between the 1.5kg tin of liquid LME compared to the powdered Light dry malt Cheers
  7. I was sharing them haha Im doing 4 in succession for this reason. Dark, pale, lager and IPA. Dark & pale are bottled, Lager will be ready to bottle over the next couple of days then the IPA will go into the FV.
  8. good news is... the first one was flat as a tack, but the next four have been good
  9. the bottle was pretty hard. i live in melbourne so temp is all over the place but from memory is was warm the first few days they were bottled
  10. When you say dry hop, does that just mean throw the pellets in?
  11. Afternoon all, First brew. I started with the Coopers kit. grabbed a dark ale + brew enhancer 2 followed the instructions, using the can yeast. 8 days in the fermenter, gravity was stable for the last 3 days. Used the PET bottles that came with the kit, 2x carb drops in each bottle, made sure the lids were on tight. Today is the 14th day in bottle and i couldnt help myself, ive cracked one open. Tastes good, just like a dark ale, but its flat, really flat. Will it get better over time? can i crack them open and add another carb drop? TIA, cheers, Farlow
  12. Hi all, Just looking at Mr Beer on the coopers site. It doesnt say whether to use the unhopped malt extract satchels in the tin description (where as all the coopers tin descriptions say use 1x enhancer 2 etc etc) If i get some of the mr beer tins do i need to get the UME satchels as well? and how do i know which one to use with each can? https://www.diybeer.com/au/brewing-extracts/craft-series.html (side note - I also notice all the recipes that use mr beer have a satchel listed, as well as other ingredients)https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/zaphod-s-ipa.html Cheers
  13. Farlow


    Hi all, complete newby on first batch. Im doing a dark ale tin with enhancer 3. The OG was 1034. After 5 days SG is 1010. Does this sound right? when I put that into a beer app it tells me its about 3.1% ABV. It still has another 2 days to go before bottling, should it change or have i stuffed it up somehow? im sure the video i watched said it should be around 1026 Cheers Robb
  14. Hi all, Thanks for the responses. I ended up buying everything to do a dark ale, which will be ready to bottle in a few days but might give the lager a hit after
  15. Hi All Newby question. I bought a home brew kit from big w a few days ago. inside the box was a can of lager and a box of enhancer 1. the can says to use enhancer 2. will it still be drinkable if i use the enhancer 1 ?
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