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  1. The box was sealed, but as you say, it could be poor storage. I did try another bottle from one of the other six packs and it was the same. I read that Coopers holds its beer until around the Best After date, then ships out, but when it hit this particular store is anyone's guess. Thanks for the response.
  2. I've never really taken a lot of notice of the "best after date" on the Coopers Pale and Sparkling Ale bottles, as they've always been top quality in my book. However, a friend bought me a box of the Sparkling Ale and I noticed it was definitely off, so I looked at the best after date and it was 20/01/19. Is there a shelf life after this date? 14 months on from that date and it's undrinkable. I don't know when it was delivered to the store, but if it was early last year, then surely no store would keep a box of beer unsold for 14 months. This was not a major store too I might add.
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