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  1. Bottled it last night on advice from Coopers and LHBS. Didn't move from 1.028 in the 6 days since sugaring, so with bottle conditioning, will only be about 4.5% ABV, instead of the advertised 6.5%. Longer term bottling should mellow out flavours and make it a smooth drop, looking to do another fancy stout for the missus, but a little gun-shy from this one. Will ponder......
  2. I found that the white Morgan's lids developed splits from my first batch of GB, and the ones that haven't split are bulging on the sides and top. Have swapped over to Cooper's black lids, no further issues, much stiffer plastic and a bit thicker too. I agree that recranking with a teatowel for grip is a good idea.
  3. I currently have a few to choose from: a few left of the Honey Blonde (brew #2) half a dozen each of the Beekeeper and Schwarzerweizen (#3a & #3b) Pavlova Pale ale (#4) Fruit Salad ale (#5) Julebryg (#6 - haven't tasted it yet, might try one this weekend, but it is a long term Christmas beer, leaving it for the flavours to mellow out) Boerderij Saison (#7) - tried one last weekend, damn it was yummy!! Ginger beer (#9) is conditioning, so will wait a bit longer til I try one.
  4. Just bottled the Hop and Grain Ginger beer, it was ready in about 5 days, S-04 @18 degrees. The Chai Latte Stout, S-04 @18 degrees stalled after 8 days - took some advice from LHBS and dissolved 1/3 cup sugar in minimal amount of warm water, cooled down to 20ish, poured in gently, stirred the wort to wake the beasties up, increased to 22 degrees - KRAUSEN!! Still foamy this morning, so hoping it comes down more than halfway in the next coupla days.
  5. You could fit a small fermenting vessel in there!! Or beer, you could definitely fit beer in there, although the shelves might get in the way of tallies......
  6. Thanks Lusty. My only rhetorical question would then be, if S-04 is notorious for stalling under 20 degrees, why the hell would the recipe specify S-04 @ 18-20? Are they trying to make problems???
  7. Sugared, stirred, foamy!! Checked on it this morning at 22 degrees, nice and foamy. Would still like to understand why it happened, so I can avoid it in the future.
  8. Advice from LHBS is to dissolve about 1/3 cup of sugar in warm water, pour in gently, then up the temps to wake the wee beasties up! He reckons they're not dead, just exhausted, so maybe some food and some warmer temps will kickstart them [I'm paraphrasing, obviously] . Can't get in contact with Coopers helpline yet...…. Thoughts?
  9. Followed the recipe exactly, using S04 yeast at 18 degrees. Started at 1.060, the recipe reckons 7-10 days to ferment out to around 1.015ish, but after 8 days it is still 1.030! Considering the majority of the fermentation should happen in the first few days, not sure what is going on. Should I tweak the temp UP a little bit (it says 18-20), or pitch some more yeast?
  10. Wheat flavour noticeable, honey less so. Still very refreshing, and adding the blackberry to the other half of the split batch gave it a tartiness and some more body. 20200220_180606.mp4
  11. I train people to rescue snakes from hysterical murderous humans. I also train snakes to go in the bag - you'd be surprised how quickly they catch on!
  12. Hobbies/passions/obsessions, wow..... the list is long, but distinguished: woodturning African drumming - building, playing, performing, teaching African harp - built my first, playing it in, thinking of a second. Running - was training for UTA22, but my foot decided it has had enough, so 9 months of injury has put me back in "just get to 5k" mode. I volunteer for Wildcare as a snake rescuer/trainer - I may be about to (re)take the mantle of Snake Co-Ordinator, arranging all the training and care boxes! Over and above growing some veges, riding my Harley, spending quality time with my wife, and watching footy and cricket when it's on!
  13. this kind of shenanigans: a) Mash in 19L to achieve 67.8 degrees C for 90 minutes b) Sparge with 15.5 L at 75.5 degrees C Apologies if I have terminology wrong (steep, rest, mash, flameout, whatevs), my point is if accuracy of temp is required for a period of time, I am unlikely to be able to do that on my ceramic stovetop. I could possibly do it outside on my bbq wok burner, being gas, but I think I have enough challenges ahead of me with kit and kilo partial recipes, of which I have at least a dozen planned for the foreseeable future.
  14. I've seen AG recipes that state to simmer grains at 65 degrees for a certain period of time, then 80 for a period of time, etc. Can't remember where, but seemed a bit too precise for my equipment.
  15. Brewed up the Coopers recipes for Julebryg and Boerderij Saison last night, while enjoying a ginger beer with Kahlua (dark and stormy-ish!). Had issues keeping a rolling boil on the ceramic stovetop, which cements for me the difficulty of going all grain, being able to boil in a certain range for a period of time, etc, in my kitchen. Also picked up a motza of bottles (thanks Blake!), that I now need to get pristine and ready for use. Once I bottle these in about 2 weeks time, I will have my split batch of Beekeeper/Schwarzerweizen, Fruit Salad Ale, Pavlova Pale ale, and whatever might be left of the Honey Blonde and ginger beer to get through. Might hold off my next projects (Chai Latte Stout and Hefeweizen) until I have some empty bottles to put them in!! Noting that the stout and the Julebryg are intended for longer term conditioning, I need to make sure I have at least 3 dozen glass bottles free to bottle both of those recipes.
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