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  1. Yep made 8.5litres in coopers craft sized fermenter (only one I can fit at my place unfortunately)
  2. Hey guys, Following up - I used the 4 yo amber ale can and made this maple ale ROTM with ingredients and yeast from LHBS https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/maple-mountain-brown-ale.html Primary fermentation - 8 days Bottle ageing - 3 weeks and counting. Tastes bloody delicious. i think the fact that the extract may have darkened over years wasn’t an issue with this recipe (darker the better). Also think I lucked out having bought a kit that was stored away in the cool for all those years. And getting all other fresh yeast, grain, maple syrup and LME helped enormously. Definitely going for the freshest ingredients possible from now on but fun to roll the dice and see what happens. Cheers for the tips!
  3. thanks for all the tips guys. ill run the experiment and let you know the results back on this thread
  4. iv read that it’s ok to use expired brew extract as long as you use fresh yeast. Question is - i got an unopened kit via gumtree that came with a mr beer amber ale can. It’s 4 years past expiry. has anyone tried brew extract this old? I don’t mind if it gets darker just wondering if flavour etc will be decent. also if I’m getting new yeast any tips on what might be nice with an amber ale? thanks for any tips brew legends
  5. just got the diy craft beer kit and have a couple of questions: can all of the mr brew extracts (golden ale, amber ale, north west pale, ipa,) can be made without needing a krausen kollar? also as ales, are they a little more warm temperature forgiving? the best i can do is put in bottom kitchen cupboard that's quite stable but can get up to 25 max in summer. i can drape in wet towel too if that will help to reduce temp. thanks for any helps guys.
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