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  1. Thanks Joeb7 & Marty, this is what happened, 200gr Carapils cold steeped(question was to see if I stuffed it up) can of Real Ale, 1kg BE2, 500gr of BE1(seemed a good idea at the time) 500gr LDM & 1 vial of Clarity Ferm & 2 pkts of same yeast, could be a witches brew, we'll see how it goes. sometimes ya gotta drop a rock on ya foot to make ya wear steel cappers.
  2. I've done searches, didn't find that one, some say it does, some say it doesn't, while others just blab on, guess I'll try it & find out, it's going in a Real Ale, BE2, 500gr ldm.
  3. Going to try 200gr of Carapils for head retention, most brews lose the foam pretty quickly, beer is still great, can anyone give me suggestions(be nice) on amounts, cold steep or boil for x amount of time?? Brew is 2 weeks in FV, 2 weeks in bottles with 2 carb drops per pet bott. temp is over 18c, with winter time in bottle will try 3 weeks.
  4. This is my cat scratches.
  5. Have a look around where you store/clean/sanatize the bottles for caustics, cleaners, antiseptics etc that could waft around & contaminate the bottles, eg. you store & clean your bottles in a small laundry & have pinoclean under the sink, it could contaminate the bottles
  6. Couple of good answers for a start, if you can tell us your brewing experience the guys can offer more suggestions, in the recipe section at the top there are a couple of old French recipes for a bit of nostalgia you could try.
  7. I've done 2 Extra Smooth EB's to the recipe but used std molasses not the rocket fuel black strap 1 was with can yeast & the other US-05, at bottling the molasses could be tasted strong, at 2 weeks still noticable but dropping, at 3 weeks all but gone & a very nice brew, didn't last long, the can yeast was prefered, I've got an EB with a tin 1.5kg light malt extract, 200gr golden syrup(trying to lighten the colour) 1x can yeast & 1x left over Mr Beer yeast OG 1041, will be bottling this friday, so don't give up on using molasses, just no black strap!
  8. All Aust Post packages go by road, it depends on the loadmaster how they are all placed on the truck, eg whats closest to the rear doors gets dropped of 1st, effiency will not come into it. From Melb to Adelaide they will wait for a truck load to accumulate then send it.
  9. The Post Office handlers are on drugs, my Coopers order from QLD went to Melb., then Syd out past me to Dubbo, then back to Mudgee, a well traveled package!
  10. Got another English Bitter down, can EB, 1.5kg can Light Malt Extract(thanks Bearded B), 200gr Golden Syrup, 1x vial Clarity Ferm, 7gr can yeast & 5gr Mr Beer yeast(another hare brained scheme) OG 1041, yeast pitched @20c, this is going off! Trying the Clarity Ferm cause lots of homebrew makes life interesting & farts are banned! Will be leaving in FV for 2 weeks, hyd tube test beer tasted gooooood.
  11. If it was the 2nd use of the bottles the ring that gets left on could jam & not let the cap seal, I always cut them off. If 1st use I put a rag over lid & tighten lid & twist the bottom of bottle to put extra pressure on lid seal.
  12. Don't be surprised if the krausen stays that way, my Unreal Ale with US-05 didn't drop until day 17, I usually bottle on day 14 but waited until it dropped to see how long it took.
  13. Martys right, but there's nothing to say you can't take a sneak peak at 1 week & putting it in the fridge to try, the beer will be better at 2 weeks, sometimes better at 3 weeks, trying it at 1 week will let you know what 'green' beer is, there's no hard & fast rule but the beer will 'develop' the longer it's left. Lab Rats right on the money, with a few brews behind you you'll get a feel for it, for now go thru the forum, ask more questions.
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