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  1. Hey mate was just reading through this thread and I realise this brew will be long gone but as I'm new to brewing and kegging I was just wondering how this brew went ? I'm currently brewing a mexican cerveza and have got some galaxy hops to throw in it and have been weighing up whether to do it or not
  2. Yeah ok thats what ill be doing wasn't sure if there was a bit of a rule of thumb about letting them age a certain time or whether after the week I used to gas it up would be ok
  3. So my first brew should be all gassed up and ready to go tomorrow arvo I cold crashed it for 2 days before kegging and have had it in the fridge on 12 PSI since Sunday arvo , just quietly I'm chomping at the bit to have a few pints but ive read a few things about ageing your beer and I'm wondering if you guys have any advice on ageing beer in kegs that are cold and gassed or whether you should age at room temp and how long etc ?
  4. Ok cheers mate that helps , when you talk about brews that arent yeast driven are you talking about the flavour of then as in more hoppy brews etc ?
  5. Great that advice helps a lot I've just brewed a hoppypacific ale and next I'm doing another hoppy pale ale , with the natural carbinghow long would you need for that process , also one other thing I've read on other forums is about cold crashing to clear up the brew after fermentation and before kegging any advice on this especially for the pacific ale I just brewed and the pale ale I'm about to do as traditionally the commercial versions are a pretty cloudy beer ?
  6. Yeah ok thanks for the feed back I think the set and forget will be my starting point and maybe progress to a quicker method down the track , any advice on the fermenting process for kegging as the few brews I've got and with what I've read when kegging you miss out on the 2nd fermentation and im wondering if this is an issue and weather or not to add some dextrose around 200g which is what ive found on some forums ive read
  7. Yeah ok that is actually what I have done I was tossing up between that and 30 psi over 2 days
  8. Hi first time brewer here , I've had a kegerator for a while now and used to get a micro brewery to fill up my kegs but I have just finished my first brew and kegged it this afternoon , I've read so much online about it all but just feel a bit confused and would love some feed back before I start my next brew , my first question is do I need to do anything different because I'm kegging my beer and not bottling it ie no 2nd fermentation I've read a few things about this and I'm wondering if I need to add extra dextrose at the beginning so the alcohol percentage reaches the intended volume , and my second question is because I'm force carbinating my brew what is the best and safest method to not over carb my brew , and pretty much any advice for a begginer trying not to have failed brews  Cheers look forward to some feed back
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