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  1. @smash the only time this happens to me is if the beer is over carbonated have you tried to de gas your brew by burping it over 24 hours or even longer to make sure it's not over carbonated, maybe your gauge isn't working correctly ie your 12 psi setting could be higher then you think and your over carbonating your brew
  2. I just do 21lt batches as well
  3. Drip tray still necessary in case of a little spillage but the rubber over the tap just stops bugs etc
  4. I was asking about tap handles and tap badges a while ago I have finally sourced some handles after scouring eBay for the last month
  5. Yeah I've seen them and thought there a good idea but I'm hoping to find some actual beer handles like this one on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/193261203646 but I'm after some Cooper's ones and a Pacific ale one to try and match my favourite brews
  6. Does anyone know where you can get beer brand tap handles from have looked on gumtree and eBay and can't find the ones I want
  7. Any ideas on what to do , I've thought of attaching a black liquid disconnect to my gas line and giving the liquid line in the keg a blow out incase there is something in there and if that doesn't work maybe transfering it to another keg
  8. Yeah it's definitely not over carbed because I ended up leaving it over night and when I checked it this morning I tried a test pour and it literally dribbled out so I burped the keg and it had a minimal build up of gas , so I attached the gas line again and did a test pour and it is still pouring foam , not sure what the issue is or what I should do
  9. Do you reckon an hour or so would be enough time or do you reckon overnight ?
  10. Ok mate cheers I'll give it a go
  11. One of my kegs leaked about 2 or 3 lts of beer into the bottom of my keezer yesterday I fixed the leak by changing out a rubber washer in the liquid post luckily enough I was changing out another keg and caught it in time , now a day later the keg that was leaking is just pouring foam not sure why or how to fix any ideas on what I can do ?
  12. Cheers lusty I've read all that and shortened one line to 2.5m however I think maybe my keezer temp was reading wrong for starters as I had the temp controller thermostat just hanging in there and have since put it in a 3 litre bottle of water so I'm hoping maybe the temp had a bit to do with the variations so I'm calling it a night as I've drunk 2 at to much beer trying to sort all this out , I have 2 lines at 4m one at 2.5m and one at 3.5m andam going to leave it for tomorrowand play around with it all again
  13. I had a 3 tap keg king kegerator , and have just upgraded to a keezer and have finished the build, I have a couple of questions and problems my old kegerator had 4m lines the lines were 4mm ID run it at 0 degrees celcious and 12 psi it poored a great beer that was well carbonated and if you poored a pint you could see the bubbles working through the beer until I finished it , now my keezer is set at -1.5 it has 4m lines and the lines are 5mm ID and the psi is set at 12 the problem I'm having is it's poorinng a beer that looks good but doesn't have the same carbination level as a beer poored out of my previous kegerator , I've shortened one line to 3.5m to see if it would help and it hasn't, my question is can you have a beer line to long and can it reduce the carbination levels and does having 1mm bigger ID affect the length I should have in the line
  14. Righto thanks for the help everyone , any other tips on building a keezer through experience of others ?
  15. Yeah ok , I understand that what your going for is a well poored beer so in saying that is it as simple as poor a beer with 4m line and then trim say 100mm per beer until you get the desired result?
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