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  1. 19 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    FV's look a little rough but should clean up. I am hoping the one on the right has something in it - looks a funny colour

    I had a couple of discoloured ones. Overnight with a cap or 2 of White King in warm water then a good rinse cleaned them up like new. I had tried sod perc on one before that and it didn't seem to do much.

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  2. On 10/3/2021 at 11:29 AM, Aussiekraut said:

    Then again, get kegs and it will all look a lot less and keep SWMBO a little more happy 🙂 

    And, big plus as far as SWMBO goes, no bottles for her to count. 😄

    Can be a bit of a negative because there's also no bottles for YOU to count & it's not hard to lose track of how many you've had. 😄

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  3. 1 hour ago, Classic Brewing Co said:


    A few Post Office Jokes for you. 🤣

    A friend wants to give up being a postman to become a comedian, but his delivery is awful.
    Another friend got a job as a postman. On his first day, he was handed a letter. He looked at it, and thought “this isn’t for me”.
    Got stuck for ages behind Satan in the queue at the Post Office. For the devil takes many forms.
    A friend of mine lost his job as a postman. He just wasn’t delivering the goods.

    I'm going to hunt you down and make you pay... 😄

  4. My parcel came today. No tracking until this AM when it said it was onboard for delivery.

    Turns out the package travelled more than 900 kms MORE in Australia than it did coming from China! I wonder if I can collect the Frequent Flyer points? 😄

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  5. 11 hours ago, Muppet74 said:

    So just in case anyone is looking for the happy ending to this fairy tale, I cracked one today and it was totally drinkable. Thanks for all the help.

    Well done! Were you nervous for your 1st time? I know I was, wondering if I'd bought all this stuff and made something vile. 😄 

    See if you can find one of those range finders they use for artillery - you can use it to see if you can locate the bottom of the rabbit hole you just stepped into. 😄

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  6. I'm not sure if I have been promoted to site admin or what... 😄 Because THIS looks like an admin job - I doubt very much Coopers will let users run chmod commands. 😄 

    If it helps I am running linux - latest garuda version.

    I'm getting this error and I also had trouble including a link to @Coopers DIY Beer Team which has just worked.

    It happened when trying to return to the Coopers Forum level and also when I tried to run a search on the error.



    Welcome to Invision Community 4

    Before we can begin, please rename conf_global.dist.php to conf_global.php in /var/www/html/106128 and ensure it is writable (usually CHMOD 0777).

    Install Guide


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  7. 19 minutes ago, Marty_G said:

    Interesting reading all the negativity about Australia Post. I must be in a massive minority who have never had an issue with them.   I get loads of stuff delivered and actual prefer them over other carriers.  It is usually other carriers that send me an email saying that they tried to deliver and no one was home and can pick up from their depot.   Funny how I am retired and the Mrs works from home 3 days a week There is always someone home.  One of them actually sent me the message while I was sitting at the table drinking coffee.  It stated " a delivery driver tried to deliver the item at 10am and no one was home .... " It was 10.05.   It isAussie Post for me.  

    Once upon a time I was you. I started having occasional issues around the time they decided to do letters at a 2-tier price. I noted the correlation because I figured they were deliberately messing things up to try to get everyone to move to the higher price for the same service they used to get at the lower price.

    Since they got the virus as an excuse I'd guesstimate problems with 1 in 5 parcels and significant delays on 1 in 3 even after I allow extra time for covid delays.

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  8. 1 hour ago, kmar92 said:

    Australia Post is a self-funded Government enterprise and receives no tax funding from the Government. It has actually returned $1.5 billion to the Government in dividends over the last decade.

    OK, but we definitely paid to set it up and run it and then the Govt gave them a swag of money when it was set up as an entity.

  9. 9 hours ago, terminal2k said:

    I'd honestly like to know what you expect them to do about it

    Um... To not lie.

    Covid could be a reason for a parcel to be delayed a little. They could address this with better hiring practices - the recent shutdown of collection down the east coast because they had something like 1000 employees in quarantine could easily be correlated strongly to who they hire over there. Just go visit a few and then do some looking to see just which suburbs the outbreaks of positives keep occurring.

    They could also work on the perception that the Post Office is a good Claytons job - the job you have when you don't really want to work. Hire from merit rather than diversity quotas.

    And I say all that while knowing there are many hard workers, probably even in the major centres but especially manning the actual post offices and dealing with public. Our Murray Bridge lot are helpful and go beyond to try and sort issues but several times I have seen them run smack up against the bureaucrats in main offices.

    However, when they blame the virus because a parcel went to a wrong destination or that they know where it is but there's no tracking update, that's just the usual bureaucracy types lying because it's easier than doing their job.

    Or how about when they tell you they will get the package off the truck but tracking says it's going from one airport to another?

    How about when they decide to put the price of everything up to get the same service they always gave and if you don't want to pay the hike they will simply delay your mail - for which the CEO got a lovely multi-$million bonus?

    And remember, unlike the courier companies, we are ALREADY paying for Auspost to exist from our taxes!

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  10. 12 hours ago, Graculus said:

    Going back a few years now, but. One Sunday I was having a beer or two while doing the roast and cutting up the veggies.
    The knife was a bit sharp. Slipped and cut my finger. The kids were young so it meant the whole family were packed into
    the car for me to go to hospital to have a couple of stitches put in the finger.

    I mean there's a rare cut and then there's a really rare cut. 😄

    14 hours ago, MUZZY said:

    The thing I've discovered is you obtain more flavour making your own beer as opposed to buying commercial low alcohol beer. Commercially the best midstrength I've tried is Coopers Mild but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it.


    12 hours ago, Graculus said:

    Opened the first one tonight. Not too bad at all. Finished around 3%,

    I don't think I'm quite ready for beers in the low to mid range just yet. 😄 Just something a little under the 7% - 8% I've been making. 😄 I made a couple of 6%'s a while back so I think I'll be aiming for maybe a 5% to get the taste for it.

    If I do this and I start getting drunk on 4 or 5 beers at the Club I'm going to be rather upset! 😄

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  11. As in, the pigs are flying! 😄

    I'm considering making some lower ABV beers. I never thought I would as I like being able to have maybe 3 beers and feel the buzz but sometimes we have to reconsider our decisions.

    See... A couple of times recently, for um... reasons, I've wanted to have a beer in the afternoon, but I know with my beers, that means I'm gonna be pretty pissed when it comes to making dinner. I was considering ducking into BWS and getting a few takeaways and then thought... "WTF! am I thinking!"

    So, time to make a few beers circa 4.5% ABV so I can quench a thirst when needed. 😄

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  12. So, on top of the touring parcel, I have another...

    Auspost accepted a package on 30th Sept - says "we've got it"

    Due between 7th and 12th Oct.

    I've been waiting to see what they might do about it given THEY stipulate in tracking that it's late and should have arrived.

    Finally they suggested to open an enquiry so I did. Response? "We'll wait and see if it arrives before 2nd Nov and then start an investigation!"

    It was sent from Hurstville, NSW...

  13. I like the cans - partly because it's SOOO much cheaper than buying beer in the bottle shop or (especially) on tap and it's much faster than AG brewing. Even with 1 partial mash I can have 2 brews in the fridge in less that 2.5 hours. 😄 

    And using Coopers cans as a base ensures a highly drinkable beer of a wide variety of types with minimum time spent. Plus I don't have to work out how to hold 5+ kg of wet grain above a pot while it drains. 😄 

  14. 1 hour ago, terminal2k said:

    whilst australia post are fairly useless, they're still better than most of the other delivery services I've come across. 

    I've had pretty good experiences with other courier companies - deliver to the door in a few days from Sydney, for example.

  15. 15 hours ago, Shamus O'Sean said:

    No idea.  But I have wondered about what you say.  Although the Coopers LDM is a bugger to dissolve, it might be a better product.

    I get mine from Beerbelly & it dissolves just great.  CVery fine though - gotta be careful tipping it into the bowl on the scales or it can puff out and I have to clean sticky stuff off the counter. But I just tip it in, brief stir and it's dissolved.

  16. 2 hours ago, MartyG1525230263 said:

    She has decided that it is not really suitable for what I do so she is now chasing quotes to have it replaced with an 9m x4.5m man cave so I can have me Keezer, which is in the garage, all my brewing gear fermentation chamber etc all in one spot. She is a ripper.  Will have a bar, power, water, lounge TV and all the snizzle a bloke would need.  One end will have a separating wall so I have my workshop, tools,  ride on and stuff

    Hmm... I wonder what she thinks about changing the house locks? 😄 Make it a GOOD man cave, just in case! 😄 

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  17. 16 hours ago, terminal2k said:

    assume someone dropped it at some point (there was a big split along one side of the bottom of the box) and that nobody wanted to pick it up after that. All 6 cans are dented and the LDM is all squashed. No burst bags tho.


    15 hours ago, Pickles Jones said:

    Had the same thing the box was plastered in Heavy stickers from Coopers, the courier got to the front door ran out of puff and dropped the whole lot. Six out of Seven cans were dented.

    Maybe the PO guys are in training to go work luggage at the airports? 😄

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