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  1. 2 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    if I had a wife 🤣😬🥵 & she woke up, I would say now your'e up you can give me a hand - I don't have a wife !! 😬

    Hmm... Is one thing the cause of the other? 😄

    6 hours ago, terminal2k said:

    So I'd been putting off bottling some beer because I was lazy.

    I gave up on bottles because back, hip and knee issues - standing around for a couple of hours washing, sanitising, filling and priming would leave me barely able to walk for a day or so. I tried separating the tasks for different days, but at the same time I was saving for my keg system.

    FV's are still a chore but a simple one. I did discover I have to actually wash kegs - last time round I tried just running sod perc through a couple then sanitiser and when I opened them to fill they had crud in the bottoms. So no short cuts there. 😄

    re: the FV's - has anyone noticed the ring of kraussen foam around the FV is harder to clean at the front of the FV? I've ben wondering why - it seems odd that being at the front of the fridge would cause just that section to dry out more than the rest of the ring and the effect persists across a couple of days - I've left the cleaning that long and still the rear of the FV is just a wipe clean while the front needs a brush.

  2. 26 minutes ago, acc said:

    What im looking for is different or more flavours in my cerveza but without adding any bitterness

    Sounds like i should be dry hopping when the brew is near done in the FV but not sure. There are so many different types of hops and different techniques, what would be recommended?

    Dry hops will do it. But also if you are doing a boil, anything under about 10 mins will add flavour and aroma and not affect bitterness much.

    I like using a hops tea - I put my hops in a coffee plunger and add ~80° water, let it sit for maybe 20 mins then plunge it and add to the FV before I add yeast. (so the hot water doesn't affect the yeast.

    Seems to work well, giving aroma and flavour that doesn't overwhelm the beer.

    BTW, you mention bitter as if it's a bad thing. Many of us try for a balance between bitter and malty. It's not the level of IBU so much as how it works with the malt - too much malt override can give an (to some) unpleasant beer.

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  3. 4 hours ago, MUZZY said:

    I'm worried that @DingBell10 has added his yeast to the the 2 litres of hot water and rendered it useless. I think he'll need to add another sachet of yeast at the correct temperature to activate fermentation.
    Question for the more experienced brewers: @Hairy @Thirsty Jim If he has damaged his original yeast, will this have an adverse outcome if it remains in the brew?

    It shouldn't. The live yeast will scavenge all it can find and the dead yeast has nutrients the live yeast can make fine use of.

    1 hour ago, MUZZY said:

    I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Maybe @Journeyman might have an idea?

    Pitching in 90° will kill the yeast. Apart from Kviek, (for which I don't know but presume it is more heat tolerant) all beer yeasts cark it above 50° - some quite a bit lower.

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  4. On 11/2/2021 at 8:08 AM, DavidM said:

    Or the one's that have a "Separate large black Cartridge" but never use it!!

    Those usually require you to go into Printer Settings and choose Monochrome (or greyscale) to get them to use the Black. They defalt to Colour and that makes black using all the colours.

  5. 23 minutes ago, terminal2k said:

    I know my closest LHBS is not cheap for anything, but I don't have to wait for stuff to be delivered, so when I've run out of sanitiser or something, I'll pay the extra money so I can brew today.

    How do you run out of sanitiser? I got a bottle (500ml) of stellarsan from CPB and after more than 2 years I'm about 1/3 way through.

    I stopped using carb drops after the 1st packet ran out - for the price of 1 pkt you can buy like 2kg of sugar!

    Buying pre-packs from LHBS or anywhere is expensive; get LDME in bulk and substitute sugar for dex. The LDME means you don't need maltodextrine for head and mouth feel.

  6. 12 minutes ago, BenP13 said:

    I have contacted Woolworths asking if they would expand their homebrew range and ensure that all stores stock it, but got no response. As it is I have to drive about 20 minutes to another Woolies, and they only stock draught and lager. I'm interested to try some of the specialty range like the Coopers IPA extract but it's $24 at Big W - rip off.

    Yeah I got zero response from them as well. Apparently PR is not their strong suit.

    Where do you live? I get LDME, yeast and hops from (mostly) beerbelly.com.au as they ship from Adelaide to me in Murray Bridge for $8.50 for up to 25kg of stuff. LDME from BB is $44.50 for 5kg and it's the 'instant dissolve' version

    Each month I wait for the ROTM (Recipe Of The Month) from Coopers - join up on the diybeer.com.au site and they email you when it's on. When the ROTM drops they also do a free shipping deal for about a week so I stock up on cans then. Members prices are usually well below what the stores offer, and in my town FAR below what the LHBS wants. Deal seems to alternate from month to month, $100 for free shipping then the next month is $80 for free shipping.

    I also check Kegland, Keg-king, Cheekypeakbrewery and a few others for odds and sods - KL & KK seem to have the best hardware prices for example.

    Look around - you will find cheaper sources for almost everything you want.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    I use mainly Coopers but have tried all of the other brands available but never the Supermarket version. A few guys have & said it was OK so I really can't comment.

    Um... 😄 You just did! 😄

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  8. 33 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    OK here is my letter just sent, obviously with name/address etc.   Now let's see yours.

    Mine, sent 13/10 😄 

    Hi Woolworths,

    I have just found out you are removing Coopers Real Ale and Dark Ale
    from your shelves.

    This is disappointing as the main reason I swapped from shopping at
    Coles to shopping at Woolies was because I could pick up cans of
    Coopers home brew extract at a good price.

    Please reconsider - Murray Bridge is a long way from any other
    reasonably priced home brew shops.


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  9. 18 hours ago, Thirsty Jim said:

    That Woolies has dropped homebrew supplies from their stores is just another reason not to go there to shop

    Go on site, find their email and tell them. (it might be earlier in this thread as well) If enough HB'ers tell them they no longer have a reason to go to Woolies they may change their minds.

    And it IS something they care about - recently they had a Rewards promo where instead of the usual "Spend $X to get X,000 points)" it was shop once a week (any amount) for 8 weeks for 2000 points each time. i.e. they are trying to get people in the door because they know once in, most will buy extra PLUS it develops a habit.

    So if enough of us tell them they've just removed a reason we'd go to Woolies, there's a fair-to-middling chance they will review it, because 1 person who writes in = maybe 50 or more who CBF'd!

    Here it is from my Sent folder - customer_service@woolworths.com.au

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  10. 55 minutes ago, monsoons101 said:

    Another question I have is what type of beers are you guys brewing? Do the "knock off" ones like the VB clone kits work? 

    Most do a reasonable job but if your ead around you will find many of the most popular 'mega-swill' beers in Australia have a hefty sugar addition (instead of malt) and Cluster or Pride of Ringwood hops. The ales and lagers preferred by most HB'ers have more flavour and texture hence comments like @Spursman above. 😄 

    But I doubt you will find anyone doing home brew who at one time DIDN'T drink a megaswill and usually go to battle against the version produced in other States. 😄 

    I've been planning (for way too long - it's hard to dedicate the FV to it 😄 ) a brew that hopefully will appeal to guys who like whitefish beers, just to see if I can.

  11. 19 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    FV's look a little rough but should clean up. I am hoping the one on the right has something in it - looks a funny colour

    I had a couple of discoloured ones. Overnight with a cap or 2 of White King in warm water then a good rinse cleaned them up like new. I had tried sod perc on one before that and it didn't seem to do much.

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  12. On 10/3/2021 at 11:29 AM, Aussiekraut said:

    Then again, get kegs and it will all look a lot less and keep SWMBO a little more happy 🙂 

    And, big plus as far as SWMBO goes, no bottles for her to count. 😄

    Can be a bit of a negative because there's also no bottles for YOU to count & it's not hard to lose track of how many you've had. 😄

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  13. 1 hour ago, Classic Brewing Co said:


    A few Post Office Jokes for you. 🤣

    A friend wants to give up being a postman to become a comedian, but his delivery is awful.
    Another friend got a job as a postman. On his first day, he was handed a letter. He looked at it, and thought “this isn’t for me”.
    Got stuck for ages behind Satan in the queue at the Post Office. For the devil takes many forms.
    A friend of mine lost his job as a postman. He just wasn’t delivering the goods.

    I'm going to hunt you down and make you pay... 😄

  14. My parcel came today. No tracking until this AM when it said it was onboard for delivery.

    Turns out the package travelled more than 900 kms MORE in Australia than it did coming from China! I wonder if I can collect the Frequent Flyer points? 😄

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  15. 11 hours ago, Muppet74 said:

    So just in case anyone is looking for the happy ending to this fairy tale, I cracked one today and it was totally drinkable. Thanks for all the help.

    Well done! Were you nervous for your 1st time? I know I was, wondering if I'd bought all this stuff and made something vile. 😄 

    See if you can find one of those range finders they use for artillery - you can use it to see if you can locate the bottom of the rabbit hole you just stepped into. 😄

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  16. I'm not sure if I have been promoted to site admin or what... 😄 Because THIS looks like an admin job - I doubt very much Coopers will let users run chmod commands. 😄 

    If it helps I am running linux - latest garuda version.

    I'm getting this error and I also had trouble including a link to @Coopers DIY Beer Team which has just worked.

    It happened when trying to return to the Coopers Forum level and also when I tried to run a search on the error.



    Welcome to Invision Community 4

    Before we can begin, please rename conf_global.dist.php to conf_global.php in /var/www/html/106128 and ensure it is writable (usually CHMOD 0777).

    Install Guide


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  17. 19 minutes ago, Marty_G said:

    Interesting reading all the negativity about Australia Post. I must be in a massive minority who have never had an issue with them.   I get loads of stuff delivered and actual prefer them over other carriers.  It is usually other carriers that send me an email saying that they tried to deliver and no one was home and can pick up from their depot.   Funny how I am retired and the Mrs works from home 3 days a week There is always someone home.  One of them actually sent me the message while I was sitting at the table drinking coffee.  It stated " a delivery driver tried to deliver the item at 10am and no one was home .... " It was 10.05.   It isAussie Post for me.  

    Once upon a time I was you. I started having occasional issues around the time they decided to do letters at a 2-tier price. I noted the correlation because I figured they were deliberately messing things up to try to get everyone to move to the higher price for the same service they used to get at the lower price.

    Since they got the virus as an excuse I'd guesstimate problems with 1 in 5 parcels and significant delays on 1 in 3 even after I allow extra time for covid delays.

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  18. 1 hour ago, kmar92 said:

    Australia Post is a self-funded Government enterprise and receives no tax funding from the Government. It has actually returned $1.5 billion to the Government in dividends over the last decade.

    OK, but we definitely paid to set it up and run it and then the Govt gave them a swag of money when it was set up as an entity.

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