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  1. 2 hours ago, MUZZY said:

    I think it depends on what you buy. The Thomas Cooper range are $18.90 DELIVERED through Coopers online store but $19.20 at Big W UNDELIVERED.

    True - didn't notice that - International and OS are cheaper though. I wonder why BigW didn't do as much for the TC range? (although I think their normal is like $24.

    Mostly for cans I just wait for the ROTM to drop then order what I want - does anyone know if Coopers are still limiting orders to 6 cans? @Coopers DIY Beer Team??

  2. Simple choice. Keep the one that is best for MAKING beer. He ain't going to be brewing if all he has is the keg end - and from what I've read avbout sodastream setups, he's also likely to spend quite some time wishing for gas. 😄

    So I am assuming here you plan to provide him with supplies for his keg so you need the best option for MAKING the beer, not for serving it.

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  3. 11 hours ago, mrchino73 said:

    Here in Argentina they sell Coopers kits with the BB erased at the bottom of the can ... and the  date on the yeast was almost march 2019!!!!! According to Coopers assistance, that's why my 2 first brewings failed......

    I claimed to the importer, and they do recognized their fault, they sent me 2 All Grain kits in order to compensate my inconvenient!!!! 

    But they are still selling this stuff......

    What that old yeast is good ofr, is yeast nutrients. Put some sugar or LDME in some water, and bring it to a boil and add the old yeast in for a couple of minutes. Or you could even just pour boiling water over the yeast. cover it and let it cool or just add it as is as you are filling the FV.

    DON'T pour boiling liquid or even very hot liquid in on your wort once you have added the yeast!

    The boil kills the yeast and your live yeast in the brew will grab the parts of it and make a really healthy brew.

    Because I mainly use Nott I almost always have a can yeast to use this way and if I don't, there's a tin of baker's yeast in the fridge and a spoonful of that goes in the boil.

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  4. 1. Are you sure that's expiry and not the pkg date? (my bad - didn't see the 'exp' first time 😄 )

    Name and shame - if it was a LHBS site, let us know who is sending out old product.

    2. Use it but maybe do a starter first to make sure it's viable and to increase the cell count?

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  5. 1 minute ago, stquinto said:

    Probably speaks for a lot of us mate…

    One thing I find helps is to sanitise a set of bottles, put them in a box, and put a towel over. They’re unlikely to get dirty if I wait a few days before bottling. Then at least I’m not sanitising AND bottling the same evening 

    Yep! I tried that. And now I clean the kegs 1 day (half hours tops) then fill them on another day. (half hour tops) Mostly I clean the kegs the day after but on occasion they've sat a while - full of CO2 they don't go off. 😄

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  6. On 12/4/2021 at 1:10 AM, Space said:

    My first bucket has now been put in a fridge to cool down and clear before bottling.  I did taste a little and while you can certainly catch a low tang of off yeast tastes due to the high initial heat I reckon after it's chilled to a drinkable lager temperature it won't be any worse than some lagers I've paid money for (Carling etc).  If that's the output when it's not done right then I can't wait to do the next one properly.

    My 1st brew I managed to get the temp up to 36° overnight. On advice from here I left it in the FV for an extra few days after it reached FG and it cleaned up pretty well - definitely drinkable even if I wouldn't ahve invited guys around to try it. 


    9 hours ago, Pickles Jones said:

    I think you may be expecting a little to much from your finings.  When you pour a little out of the FV to test, you will be drawing from the bottom of the FV, which will be the last to, if ever clear out to meet with your expectations.

    @Space - To combat this I brew my FV's with a lump of 4x2 under the front of the FV. This means teh trub all gathers at the back to the FV so when it comes time to decant (bottles or keg) the tap is well clear of the gunk. And with Nott yeast it is nicely compacted so even when I tilt the FV forward to get the last of the beer, the trub doesn't move forward fast enough to come through the tap.

    One other thing - make sure your bottles get stored for at elast 2 weeks, (longer is beeter for quality) at the yeast ferment temp. It will take them a day or more to come back up from the CC temp, but the yeast needs to be able to work on the sugar you put in for carbonation - so 18° or so, constant temp. Cold night will slow down the process if you're not using a heat source.

    My 1st heat source was an electric blanket in the cupboard with the brew. The 36° came about because it was a double blanket & I folded it in hhalf and set the outside one to '1' - unfortunately I plugged in the INSIDE half and it was on '3'! 😄

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  7. 12 hours ago, stquinto said:

    The only thing I do that doesn't seem to be the case with too many others on the forum, but that is probably because I don't use temperature control, is I tend to leave the beer in the FV for a while even after it seems to have finished (as in at least 2 weeks). Probably also because I need to drum up the energy to bottle...

    2 weeks is more than I do but I think quite a few of us leave the beer in there longer, by a few days at least. Think how many times you've seen, "let the yeast clean up" across the posts. 😄

    Kegging is less energy (& a lot easier on my knees and back - standing for a length of time is an issue, which is one reason I made the effort to get into kegs) but it's still been something easier to procrastinate on recently.

    12 hours ago, Stickers said:

    this is so me at the moment.

    I know the feeling. Between what they're doing with the reaction to the virus and a few physical issues lately, even the rbewing has been a bit lacksadaisical. The whole "tomorrow I will keg them" has become a promise hard to keep, let alone "tomorrow I'm doing 2 bres"! 😄

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  8. 15 hours ago, TShep said:

    1st brew I went with was the Cerveza & BE3. Brewed at around 18c & had only minimum Krausen / foam. Started @ 1036 & Bottled at 1006 after only 9 days trying to get second brew over before Xmas

    Probably already said but... IT's working! Leave it alone! 😄 If something was wrong and it wasn't fermenting the SG would still be 1.036.

    I use Nottingham yeast for almost all my ales - it's fast to start. good krausen, attenuates and flocculates well (means it chews lots of sugars and drops the particles to the bottom leaving a cleaner beer) and adds no 'other' flavours to the beer. (sometimes you WANT the yeast to bring in some flavours - some of the European-style beers, for example)

    Nott also works well from about 10° to 23° so you can even make low temp lagers with it. 1 x 11g pack wortks well up to an SG of about 1.050 - above that you'd probably use more or do a starter to icnrease the yeast cells.

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  9. 43 minutes ago, Tone boy said:

    I lost my marbles

    But we still like you... 😄

    3 hours ago, mrchino73 said:

    Good Idea Muzzy. This is available here. I ll give it a try!!!


    See if you can get the big ones - we have ones that are 30 cm across and 60 cm long. So I roll up my hops, tie it in a knot and add a sppon and a string. (spoon to take it under the surface, string jammed in lid of FV to hold it off the bottom and for pulling it out later)


    Chux Hops 4.jpg

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  10. On 11/9/2021 at 10:02 PM, Stickers said:

    hi @Coopers DIY Beer Team, just ordered a new 8.5lt brew kit and just wanted to give a quick shout out to whoever decided that it was time to move away from the ransom note punk branding and move to a look that is a little more classy.. they did a good job 🍻



    So now I want to buy some of those glasses. Could be fun to bring them out after a couple and watch guys try to get their eyes adjusted to it. 😄 

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  11. 5 hours ago, ozdevil said:

    well  i still have a niggling meniscus but i am at the better end of it and back doing normal things of life

    1st A.G brew is going to get done today and just about to start preparing for it

    so great to be back brewing

    Good to hear.

    So did you reduce your beer intake or just stick to K&K or small batches? If you reduced, did you lose weight 'cos that would help the knee issues.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Mickep said:

    Also love to give Kveik Voss a go too, @BlackSands has absolutely sold me on the yeast.

    With summer coming on I'd like to try it also. After spending so long trying to keep FV's cool it seems a bit odd to be trying to warm one up in winter, but for summer? 30°+ seems a good way to save on power. 😄 

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  13. 14 hours ago, ozdevil said:

    i used to love melbourne bitter and even when i lived in S.A i would by melbourne bitter , funny thing is when they put this beer on tap   alot of people regarded it as a craft beer from cub

    which was outselling vb by the droves in kegs

    It may have changed in recent times but Melb Bitter drinkers were intensely loyal, even from the Fosters days. Pubs I frequented or worked in had a steady order of MB for YEARS! Always the same customers, regular as a ticking clock, would soak up their stock.

    In Lakes Entrance one time some MB drinkers from Melb came for a holiday and the local boys were PISSED that their MB had been sold. Publican ended up getting a special delivery straight from Melb to fill the gap. 😄

    And I don't think CUB ever changed how they made it.

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  14. Bubblers are for pretty. Airlocks (to use the right name 😄 ) are fun but the ONLY real test is the specific gravity (SG) You did take an OG right? A first sample just after pitching the yeast and mixing it all up and then check with hydromenter?

    If the SG is going down the ferment is proceeding.

    If you didn't do an OG, take a sample now and check it, then do another again in 24 hours.

    Or just relax and trust in the Yeast, for it is good! 😄

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  15. 1 hour ago, Pale Man said:

    Its around second on the list in Australia in regards to popularity. Not bad these days considering the flooding of craft beers on the market.

    According to the CUB rep in Bendigo after the South African company bought it, there was a meeting where everyone who could make it was required to attend and the new CEO had looked at the books and declared VB was returning to the original recipe and process.

    The words used were, "we are brewers of beer, not a beer factory!"

    VB started back up the popularity charts not long after, and I will say, it was more drinkable than the version they had been selling.

    Unfortunately it was around the time I started getting into craft beers and they were even betterer! 😄

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  16. 15 hours ago, Stickers said:

    i always figured that because i brew ambient and don't have temperature control i wasn't getting good enough results with US-05.

    I don't think that's it. This was brewed at 19° so should have powered along if it was going to. Took 'kn ages to get going, was never a huge krausen and at day 6 was still around 1.010.


    13 hours ago, Greenyinthewestofsydney said:

    Then I found verdant and I don't think I'll be using anything else again for pale ales or IPA's

    I'll have to see where I can get that. I'm due a buy shortly so will try it. What benefits do you see with it? Is it just the results or in the ferment process as well?

  17. 5 minutes ago, jamiek86 said:

    someone told me not too hard because can oxidise the beer before bottle or keg but hasn't happened to me yet but makes sense if too extreme with it.

    I think you'd have to do it so hard you lift the lid and let O2 in for that. In theory that should be pure CO2 above the beer.

    But I gave it a try and it started some 'streamers' heading downwards.

  18. 5 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    I use US-05 in a lot of brews & always have a lot of success with it, usually takes up to 24 hours to witness fermentation ( with an airlock ) but also the krausen builds quickly as is quite aggressive, the other thing I like is the tightly packed yeast on the bottom when you are bottling - it hardly disturbs it right down to the last drop.

    Nott turns up for work earlier than that.😄 and has similar characteristics such as trub.

    But Nott krausen is gone by maybe day 5 - and I've never had to wait 8 days for FG. Although I will admit it could have been 7 days - with the 2cm krausen still showing I looked at the sample on day 6 but didn't bother on day 7. It was on day 8 I figured nothing was apparently changing so checked the sample and took a new one.

    My puzzle is why the yeast isn't cleaning up after itself.


  19. Almost since I began brewing a couple of years back, Nott has been my goto yeast - flocc is high, att is up there with the better yeasts and it ferments clean and fast at anything from about 10° to 22°!

    I was gifted some US-05 so thought I'd do a brew with it - after all for many brewers it seems to be their goto yeast.

    It went in the fridge 24/11 and I am pretty sure it's at FG - it's ~1.002 for the past 2 days.

    The issue is it still has a healthy-looking 2cm krausen on it and it's 9 days in. I've never had a Nott brew NOT at FG after 6 days, even the high ABV ones. I used enzyme so was thinking maybe the extra time was due to that but with it sitting on FG that doesn't apply.

    With Nott, at FG there's clear liquid at the surface, sometimes with a few floaties but you can see beer. It smells good, the sample tastes fine but there's this floating debris...

    Is this usual for US-05? To have krausen still at the end of ferment?

    I'm presuming the 8 days to FG is normal as I've had discussions here and elsewhere about how long others' brews take - I think sometimes they don't believe me when I say I've never not been at FG by 6 days in.

    I've kicked the temp up to 22° to see what the yeast might do but unless I see a change it's getting kegged tomorrow! 😄 (medical issues have curtailed my brewing recently so stocks are down)

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