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  1. I know WA closed their borders but rejecting packages several times is a bit much - maybe that's how they do quarantine? Keep sending it back until ebough time has passed the covid must have died? 😄

    The side trip to Bendigo is a bit of a 'WTF?' moment though! And Golden Square is IN Bendigo so they got it at the Central PO then sent it 3 kms to GS?

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  2. 5 hours ago, ChristinaS1 said:

    I may be wrong but I think it was German lager makers who started the whole fermenting under pressure movement.  Good luck with your brew @Popo

    It would make sense - remove a fairly significant cost of keeping large volumes at sub-room temps for weeks while they ferment would be an advantage.

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  3. On 12/20/2021 at 6:36 AM, jamiek86 said:

    As much as I like to sit on holidays with a beer and watch most of the test cricket I think all forms of the game have their place. But I can agree to a certain extent the 20/20 has taken over too much as we now see less day games each year. I remember when the 50 over games had 3 teams played each other 3 times each in a season after the test ended. Now we lucky to get 4 total for a season rushed in at the end of summer. The day games are my favorite but sadly probably had a limited life span I think 50 overs for each team is the sweet spot.

    IMO I think ODI's were a great innovation against tests, but they've also spoiled a large part of test.  See, (again IMO) tests are more a strategic game and ODI's are tactical. T20's are aptly called 'big bash' - while it takes skill there is no time for finesse, planning or tactics other than hit the F***er over the fence.

    But ODI's also spoiled tests. It was thrilling to watch a player like Gilchrist come out as an operner and sit the opposition back on their heels with 60 or more in 10 overs, but once that caught on, straegy dwindled. IMO Ponting was never the strategist that Waugh or Border was, (which is why I think he had issues between being a batsman and a captain) but in the new version of tests the lack wasn't so obvious.

    Now, I think in tests the straegies are set by the previous greats - kinda like playing out a game of chess according to moves made by 'X' grandmaster. Without the possibility of watching a good strategist directing a win, tests are a lot less interesting.

    And, TBH, I think big money ruined the game as much as it has in footy. Although cricket had another sin to help it down the hill - the partisanship of the selectors where good players would be ignored or dropped for one poor innings while others could fail time and again and keep their place. Thje Boys Club is strong in that committee. e.g. Warne versus McGill or how long it took for the Hussey's to get a foothold despite their performances in State level.

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  4. 9 hours ago, Shamus O'Sean said:

    I think that is where I got my perception that cubing at hotter temperatures would reduce the flavour/aroma effect of hops.  If the cube is sealed, and virtually air free, where can it go.  Whereas, if you get hop matter into your cube and the temperature is well over 80°C, you will get some extra bitterness from it.

    Where can it go? It doesn't have to go anywhere, because maybe the heat simply changes the chemicals involved? There's got to be a reason why the same product (hops) can give such diferent results depending on temp and/or length of time AT a temp. Conversion of the chemicals would seem logical.

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  5. 1 hour ago, ozdevil said:

    maybe   put your s.g reading and let that ferment out with  the wort   will give you that f.g with out  it frothing up

    I do that normally, and in fact did it this time. But there's a problem - the sample is nowhere near as quick to ferment and a major part of why I want to ferment under pressure is the saving in time.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, jamiek86 said:

    so is roller and blade grinders? I need roller one similar to mill? I'll google one you mentioned and try find closest cheap alternative

     There were good reviews and bad like anything I suppose some lemons out there. I got one with my missus she broke early on too 😄

    Roller grinders are (AFAIK) the grain grinder type like many AG'ers on here use.

    Blade grinders are like food processors - spinning blades that munch things into dust if you go slightly too long. Quite hard to get an even 'grind' with them as you wind up with widely variable sizes.

    Burr grinders such as the EM0480 are more like the roler grinders except the 2 grinding surfaces are vertical cones that squeeze the contents down the fluted burrs.

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  7. On 3/13/2020 at 1:25 PM, PhilboBaggins said:

    Okay, so I went to take my first gravity reading last night and had a hell of a time getting anything to come out of the picnic tap. I reckon the floating dip tube is clogging with hop debris.

    I did my 1st attempt at FG 2 days back and had the exact opposite issue. After 4 days at 12 psi, the beer is so heady I couldn't get a read for all the foam - and that was AFTER I swirled the hydro, poured it back & forth in cups several times. 24 hours later the head was low enough I could guesstimate the level but swirling the hydro stirred it up again!

    It's in CC now and will pressure transfer later.

    1 question though... I plan to pressure the keg to 2 psi below the kegmenter to push the beer through slow enough to avoid head issues - if I hook a gas-to-gas line up back to the kegmenter will a siphon effect keep it running or will pressure equalise and I will need to burp the keg?

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  8. 1 hour ago, jamiek86 said:

    @Journeyman thanks although I'm not very mechanical none of it made sense lol. Would a cheap one crush grain enough without being fiddled with?

    Maybe.  You would have to try it to make sure it was doing something chunkier than the powder level you normally want for espresso. Don't use a blade one though - they make powder and all your grain will wind up going stright through the filter/bag.

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  9. 14 hours ago, jamiek86 said:

    @Journeyman just had a look online cheap ones ok to 70 or hundred dollars. Never used one so not sure on what adjustments you have made to make it more fine. does it take long to do? just crushes grain and spits out another end like a blender but gets rid of it? only ever made pod coffee so never seen one.

    Simple as... takes a couple of minutes tops to do and hardest part is that the nut holding the bottom burr down is right hand thread.

    Basically, take hopper off, wind out the 'scale' all the way, (have to press the button to get past the stop) lift it off (make sure to keep top burr in place) and there are the bottom burrs. Unscreww, lift, remove shims and reassemble.

    Only gotchas are that RH nut and the top burr only works properly in one orientation - and there are only 2 positions. Even there, there's a 'flat' spot showing where the back of the burr is if it comes out - simpler just to hold it in place as you l;ift the scale part off.

    Feed grain in the top, flick switch & fill container under the spout. You can keep the rubber spout on but even without it, there's no mess. Get the EM0480 - there's an EM0450 very similar but I doubt you'd find one of them. And the EM0700 range is likely getting up there in price. ($250+) You can get a decent grain mill for not a lot more than that.

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  10. 9 hours ago, jamiek86 said:

    @Pale Man even just for my partial extracts I'm getting sick of 4 or 5 times in zip lock bag 250 grams at time.  I've seen a few posts on mills and read mixed things. They can be a real pain to set up and get how you want them? 

    I use a spare Sunbeam coffee grinder - does up to 500g at a time and does it so well I often re-grind the milled grains from Beerbelly, just to get the consistency. I removed the shims under the burr and wound it all the way out to coarsest. It just burrs through the grain and doesn't even warm up - I think the grain seems an easier deal than the coffee beans.

    Maybe one day, if I ever get around to AG, I might look at a grain mill but at those prices it's a tough call. And I've got 3 EM480's so there's a spare if either the coffee or grain one decides to go to God. 😄 

    But I did look at @Pale Man's pic and kinda sigh. 😄 I guess we all want bling in the rbew room.

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  11. 2 hours ago, MUZZY said:

    I think it depends on what you buy. The Thomas Cooper range are $18.90 DELIVERED through Coopers online store but $19.20 at Big W UNDELIVERED.

    True - didn't notice that - International and OS are cheaper though. I wonder why BigW didn't do as much for the TC range? (although I think their normal is like $24.

    Mostly for cans I just wait for the ROTM to drop then order what I want - does anyone know if Coopers are still limiting orders to 6 cans? @Coopers DIY Beer Team??

  12. Simple choice. Keep the one that is best for MAKING beer. He ain't going to be brewing if all he has is the keg end - and from what I've read avbout sodastream setups, he's also likely to spend quite some time wishing for gas. 😄

    So I am assuming here you plan to provide him with supplies for his keg so you need the best option for MAKING the beer, not for serving it.

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  13. 11 hours ago, mrchino73 said:

    Here in Argentina they sell Coopers kits with the BB erased at the bottom of the can ... and the  date on the yeast was almost march 2019!!!!! According to Coopers assistance, that's why my 2 first brewings failed......

    I claimed to the importer, and they do recognized their fault, they sent me 2 All Grain kits in order to compensate my inconvenient!!!! 

    But they are still selling this stuff......

    What that old yeast is good ofr, is yeast nutrients. Put some sugar or LDME in some water, and bring it to a boil and add the old yeast in for a couple of minutes. Or you could even just pour boiling water over the yeast. cover it and let it cool or just add it as is as you are filling the FV.

    DON'T pour boiling liquid or even very hot liquid in on your wort once you have added the yeast!

    The boil kills the yeast and your live yeast in the brew will grab the parts of it and make a really healthy brew.

    Because I mainly use Nott I almost always have a can yeast to use this way and if I don't, there's a tin of baker's yeast in the fridge and a spoonful of that goes in the boil.

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  14. 1. Are you sure that's expiry and not the pkg date? (my bad - didn't see the 'exp' first time 😄 )

    Name and shame - if it was a LHBS site, let us know who is sending out old product.

    2. Use it but maybe do a starter first to make sure it's viable and to increase the cell count?

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  15. 1 minute ago, stquinto said:

    Probably speaks for a lot of us mate…

    One thing I find helps is to sanitise a set of bottles, put them in a box, and put a towel over. They’re unlikely to get dirty if I wait a few days before bottling. Then at least I’m not sanitising AND bottling the same evening 

    Yep! I tried that. And now I clean the kegs 1 day (half hours tops) then fill them on another day. (half hour tops) Mostly I clean the kegs the day after but on occasion they've sat a while - full of CO2 they don't go off. 😄

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