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  1. I'm new to all this - figured to begin with Coopers cans and then start hopping a lager can to experiment.

    I was looking at the hops balls from Kegland, says stainless and they're Aussie so hopefully should be decent steel? They also have a hop tube that I thought would be good. 
    Edit: Page says...
    "Specifications: Made from: 304 Grade Stainless Steel (for both bomb and tube)

    But I don't want to lose brews to rust flavouring. 😄

    What do you put the hops in? About all else I have seen are nylon or polyester bags.

  2. Hi, brand new to brewing but have listened to a few brewers across the years.

    I bought a kit and extras 2nd hand from a FB Buy/Swap member. In the stuff I got were several immersion heaters, 2 with temp control - I checked they worked before hand and sterilised one.

    I cut a hole in the top of the bucket (lid) and a hole in a silicon bung to feed the power lead through and dangled the heater in the bucket.

    I cleaned and sanitized and started with a Real Ale Coopers can and No3 Enhancer. I gave it a couple of hours and realised I'd forgotten to get OG so I did that and it looked to be ~1035. I also checked the look & saw the heater had no LED glow. It was late so I got an old electric blanket and wrapped the bucket so it wouldn't chill overnight. 

    Unfortunately it was a double blanket and the side I set to 1 wasn't the side I plugged in so I woke to find the brew showing 36°. I unwrapped to let it cool. Took HOURS but eventually came down to 24° by that evening so I wrapped it (with no heating) and went to bed.

    All yesterday and today it's been sitting at 22°. I'd guess it was above 26° for about 12 hours with an unknown number of those overnight until I got up and found the temp so high. It was late when I turned on the blanket - maybe 11 PM.

    Inspections: During the warm period when the temp was about 26° I could see where the top frothiness (can't recall what that is called) had reached but the surface was bubble covered with small patches showing liquid. Slight bubbling was happening across the surface.

    At 22° the surface looked still. I wondered if I killed the yeast - I did the SG and it's now about 1010. 

    I started late Wed arvo, it's now Sat arvo. The sample for SG smelled like beer, bit cloudy, had slight fizziness. I plan to SG tomorrow because I am wondering if the heat may have forced a fast brew.

    Have I spoiled my first batch? Could it have completed brewing in such a short time?

    From reading up a bit, I am hopeful the early heat may have been countered by the yeast being able to break down the unwanted products. 😄

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