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  1. 15 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    Thanks for the info but I don't feel like spending that much for something like that ATM. If it works for you, that's great.

    It was a bit of a decision given low income, but I usually havwe a priority of staying off pharmaceutical solutions as much as possible. I tried the injection the 1st time but it doesn't last long & when the 2nd shoulder started I saved up - Afterpay helps as well. 😄

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  2. To get the bug back, I have recently done 2 x FWK's from KL & 2 x K&K's just to get full kegs in the fridge.

    Plans are to spend a little time after NYE being beer-free (waistline related - got a clean bill of health on all the usual suspect effects from drinking - Doc is a bit pissed about that - he can't tell me to lay off the grog when he can't see it in my bloods. 😄 ) then I want to try some beer experiments. 1st will be to run a normal FV at 18° along with a pressure FV at 24° & a Kveik at 35°, all the same beer, likely an IPA but perhaps an XPA instead.

    The reason is - I think maybe kveik brews are different in a significant way to what I recall using Nott. I'm guessing that the normal Nott brew & the Nott pressure brew will come out very similar & the Kveik with be distinctly different, but unless I do side-by-side it's hard to say.

    I also plan to schedule my drinking, reducing from the 'every night' pattern I got into once I got kegs & get back to the Thrusday/Friday I used to do. That should help motivate me to get other things done, like write the books I got a computer for 35 years ago & never got to because computers took over my life. 😄 

    Of course if 2023 turns out to continue the descending pattern establisehd by govts & bankster manipulators recently, I may scrap all that & watch in blissful haze as the world commits hari-kiri. 

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  3. On 12/20/2022 at 4:06 PM, jennyss said:

    Yes, @Classic Brewing Co, I do get brewing supplies at Big W - got my first Coopers brew kit there in January this year! They have a basic supply of Coopers, Brigalow and Woolworths extracts, brew enhancers, dextrose, dry malt and hops. So I shouldn't whinge too much.

    I'm in Murray Bridge & the LHBS charges a fortune for everything. 2 years ago he wanted $19 for Original Series Coopers cans - I hate to think what he charges now. 😄 

    I became a Coopers member (free at https://www.diybeer.com/au/customer/account/login/ & get my cans from them. Each month they have a ROTM, (Recipe Of The Month) email & you can get free shipping for over $100 or over $80 - alternates month to month. Only a 6 can per order limit AFAIK but that's been more than enough to give me a stock of 20+ cans in the cupboard waiting for an FV.

    I get other supplies online - e.g.  https://cheapyeast.com.au/ is usually good for yeast with free shipping in batches of 7, kegland.com.au often has good prices on hops (but look around because they can be beaten) & others will recommend their favs.

    Having said that I may visit BigW today & grab a couple of Pale Ale cans - they're down to $15.75 at present & make a great base for my XPA clones.

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  4. Today we went to Adelaide for some Xmas Costco shopping. After we went to Dan's in Gepps Cross. I felt the need for relief & Dan's security guy pointed across to a bar.

    I walked in to find the loo & was greeted by a bar with about 10 Coopers taps! Unfortunately SWMBO hates to drive in the city so I only had time for one so I had a Coopers IPA on tap. Lovely drop!

    I've never been in a pub with so many Coopers taps! Will have to organise to get back there. Coopers Ale House in Blair Athol, Adelaide.

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  5. I've been away a while but back into things with 2 x FVWK's kegged & tasting better by the day & 2 x K&K's in FV's with Kveik @ 35°.

    1 is Coopers English Bitter - planning on 40g EKG for that one & been wondering about the Coopers IPA one.

    I'm thinking I might try 30g each of Amarillo & Mandarina Bavaria for a try at a citrus IPA. Haven't used the MB before - I got it a while back when everyone was out of lemon drop that I use for my XPA clones. I've been humming & hahing about also doing some lemon drop but figure for a 1st time that might be overkill on the citrus.

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    I am glad to hear you are still brewing.

    I'm not really sure why the bug went away for a while - just kinda put it off for a bit, originally planning on revamping the keg fridge & workspace & didn't get going again until now. (fridge & workspace still unvamped 😞 )

    The FWK's were deliberate intention - simple to do to get me back in the groove. K&K's were next step so once they are in the kegs I'll look at further 'enhancements.' 

    All the best for the season for you and other HB'ers on here. Enjoy the golden brews!

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  7. Long time Nosey... Or... I'm baaaa-aaack! 😄

    After too many months off (& paying through the nose for craft beer at BWS, even with the 25% off) I got a couple of FWK's from KL - beerbelly never seem to have them these days - a lager & an IPA.

    Add 4L water to bring them up to 19L, Kveik & dry enzyme & 35° & 2 days later both had dropped from 1.050 to 0.098. Dry hops - L = 40gPoR, I = 40g mosaic, 25g lemon drop. 2 days CC then kegged - I did a 40psi for a minute or so as I shook the kegs, set it on 30 psi overnight then shook them at that & dropped it to serving ~12 psi. Tried last night (so 2 days in keg) & young but quite drinkable.

    So that's a week from FWK arriving to in the glass.

    Yesterday I did 2 x K&K's. Nothing fancy, just Coopers IPA & an English Bitter. Kveik at 35° again. Once I have 4 kegs in the fridge I'll maybe slow it down with a Nott brew or 2 - which may also go under pressure so rapid ferment again 😄 - but gotta say I like the performance of Kveik.

    Now to try & use wasitline to moderate the drinking. 😄 

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  8. On 3/25/2022 at 10:05 PM, kmar92 said:

    I think that water is very important for brewers, I would do more with my profiles if I could get a good analysis of my town water. So not knowing what that analysis is I use RO water, I am still not sure of what that RO water looks like chemically but it does give me a consistent base water I guess. 

    I have a 'remineraliser' after the membrane to add back in essential minerals. I read a paper that looked at what RO purity can do to the liver and kidneys - it may not apply to beer nor to anyone with a healthy diet but 90% of people do NOT have a healthy diet these days and RO can leave essentials out of liver and kidneys as they both need things like calcium and magnesium to function properly.

    So I add it back in anyway, even though my deit IS healthy.

    On 3/26/2022 at 6:34 AM, ozdevil said:

    RO  water is great as it gives you a clean water profile. RO water is my next investment    planning on  5 stage ro filter with pump

    I'm not sure why you need a pump. Mains pressure is fine to push through the membrane and adding a pump may just destroy the membrane in short order.

    Unless you mean to pump the water OUT of an RO collection tank?

    I got my system on eBay - for about $150 or so I got the 5 filters, & the remineraliser - I already had a 9L tank under the sink from the previous set. I went the new lot because a 4 filter setup from a place in QLD cost me north of $400 - it was much cheaper to buy a whole new setup than just replace filters from there.

    Might want to step up from the 50gpd versions though - I got a 75gpd and wish I'd gone for the 100gpd but the flow rate is noticeably better than the previous set up.

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  9. On 3/25/2022 at 2:03 PM, DavidM said:

    What does this do?

    I've steeped a few grains but never boiled after, just wondering what i'm missing 

    I've done quite a few XPA-clones and just steep the LCM in 3L in the fridge overnight, then a quick boil to add the hops. Comes out very nice. 😄

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  10. On 3/21/2022 at 1:35 PM, ozdevil said:

    i have 3 rapt pills and a tilt hydrometer that all work fine and 3 rapt pills interact with my rapt temp controller as well

    Don't all of those talk to your phone and come with BT and Wifi?

    I mean, if'n you REALLY want to get rid of $600+ I can send you my bank details. 😄

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  11. On 3/26/2022 at 8:59 AM, Pale Man said:

    By the way don't take to heart some of the comments here on VB. I consider myself somewhat a beer connisuer, but I'll always have a delicious cold VB, it's an icon and will be around much longer than everyone here.

    In thje views of some, appreciating any of the mega-swills makes you a connisewer instead of a connoisseur. 😄 But they seem to forget, far more people drink any of those than the total number of craft beer drinkers in Australia.

    It's 'fashionable' among the 'crafties' to slag off about them but I bet they wouldn't do it face-to-face with a pub full of those who drink it by preference. 😄 

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  12. On 2/24/2022 at 9:06 AM, Mickep said:

    I suspect there's not a definitive answer because there seems to be no access to a calculator that would determine an Estimated FG after having added the DE to the recipe above.

    I think you're right as the enzyme breaks normally unfermentable sugars into something the yeast can eat so it very much depends on what is in the brew. I have a feeling the calcs would look like one of those physics blackboards covered with equations, with, at the end, "It should be approximately..." 😄

    I had a couple of brews when I 1st began using the enzyme that jumped by more than 2% from the expected ABV but I only bothered tracking it for a while - most beers seem to gain at least 0.010 on the expected FG.

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  13. I just made 2 brews using kveik from a previous brew that was back at start of Dec. I simply divided the slurry into 2 in jars and stuck it in the fridge - was going to wash it and collect but things...

    Made a starter with one using some sugar then poured back & forth to mix them - lucky I sat the jars in trays because a couple of hours later the krausen was coming down the outsides. In the FV fridge at 35° and done & dusted in 2 days. CC'd yesterday and finings this AM, just for the halibut. 😄 (they'd actually cleared up well from the CC)

    Next brew I'm making a fresh starter so I can start doing a regular batch from it - the 2 I have in have finings and hops so I figure I'd rather have a non-polluted starter so I can be sure of what I'm getting.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    I just whacked it on to get some back up beer happening.

    I worry about you Phil. You do a lot of brewing so I'm concerned about your drinking - or do you have a lot os pissed-as brownies around the place, imbibing your brews while you aren't looking? 😄 

    Or maybe you're filling 40ft containers for the apocalypse so you've got stuff to trade? 😄 

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  15. On 2/26/2022 at 6:43 AM, Big Sarlikus said:

    Thx, gonna try it.
    ATM the beer is very muddy, maybe because of dry hopping or the type of yeast

    I just did 2 x kveik at 35° and both were what I consider 'muddy' as I am used to using Nottingham, which leaves a very clear beer. But 24 hours coming down to CC temp and they've cleared up considerably. 

    You could try putting your bottles in a cupboard or small area with a low level heat source - maybe an electric blanket on '1' - to keep the temps up for the kveik to carb your brew. Ideally you should carb at the temp the yeast likes so it is most active. Maybe that's why some people have long carb times? They brew at a controlled (say) 20° but then stick it in a cupboard that drops to 15° or lower overnight?

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  16. 18 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    What do others add to this ?

    I've used maris otter, golden promise, and m/o with a 200g cold steep of light crystal - and of course, Nott yeast. Of them all I probably preferred the g/p version - came out smooth and extremely drinkable.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Marty_G said:

    The other issue with the Brisbane river is it has another river feeding it downstream of the the huge dam, the Bremer River. That contributing to the flooding as well.    To indicate how much rain we had. The flood mitigation dam went from 60% so 180% in 5 days. The drinking water volume is 100% which is double Sydney Harbour the rest is the mitigation volume which them makes it double in size so 4 Sydney Harbours.  They are now slowly releasing water as rain is expect again Thursday through Sunday.   Where I live I had 900ml or 36" in 5 days.  But I am safe from flooding as I am too high up. But can get cut off. 

    Come to sunny Qld - beautiful one day, *glug* *glug* *glug* *glug* 😄

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