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  1. I went the three, mostly for that extra soda water option. We drink heaps of it good way to get my wife to agree to it all! Lol
  2. Bit the bullet and went for the 3 tap keg land system, ordered but they’re out of stock of kegs, decided to go new kegs based on a few opinions. Put a session ipa down to celebrate tonight! Need to grab at least one keg to get me started, any suggestions there?
  3. Wow that’s a bit harsh, but thanks for the comment none the less. In other words, you’re a fan of the build your own keg fridge or keezer, all good.
  4. Hi all, Read through a fair bit of this and am fairly new to the homebrew scene. Just won my footy tipping comp so have some spending money! Wooo time for a Kegerator! So straight off the bat, am looking at KegLand. It just seems great bang for buck, looking at this here with a 2.3kg co2 upg as opposed to the soda stream, some new rings for the kegs and that’s about it.. anything I’m missing?? Or should consider?? https://www.kegland.com.au/keg-master-series-4-kegerator-with-double-intertap-ss-budget-bundle.html
  5. AB’s tomorrow night! Exciting stuff, love having the RWC on
  6. Thanks mate, appreciate the support. I do think it’s a big factor, have been sitting around 20deg up until late, have a spot in the house that just stays nice and cool, in the past few weeks as we have had a bit of a warmer spell, it’s jumped to 22deg majority of the time but doesn’t fluctuate which I guess is good. I don’t have the space nor the funds to change that at this point and time, most of the problem is space.. which is a pain but I’ll work with what I’ve got as best I can for now, hence the feeling that partials will have to do for now. And bottles. Same thing, I’d love to keg, just no space. 4 kids in a full household has me real limited. But keen to keep progressing, have 2 FV’s now with ample bottles so no reason to slow down just need to use the old wet tshirt over the FV combo. Thinking a tub with a few ice bricks may work also..
  7. Cheers, yeah, definitely got sucked in and carried away pretty quickly, now the key is to make some brews that my wife enjoys so I can throw some more money at this ‘hobby’ Here is my first All Grain attempt, drinking pretty well,
  8. Thanks @Shamus O'Sean appreciate the reply, happy Sunday!
  9. On the topic of cleaning, I have the basic stuff I brought when I got the Kit, but all powder form, where and what is cheapest & most convenient option moving forward? StarSan? StellerSan?
  10. Hi All, New Guys here - Joined a few months ago but been lurking in the shadows. First up, put the Lager that came in the box down, was so excited I did it straight away.. Boring. Basic drop with no real flavour profile at all. Jumped straight into a Pale Ale with a short Hop and DME Boil. Much better, but had a little too much bitterness. Then jumped straight into a BIAB partial mash, now we're talking! Starting to use more hops and flavours to gain some real traction! Then tried an All Grain Brew, full Mash and Boil small batch on the stove top, learned HEAPS here, went really well, 4 weeks in the bottle just now, pretty tasty, but has a slightly over bitter finish. Still plenty to learn but am on the right track, going to stick to Pimping kits for a while and playing with Hop combo's etc. Partial Mash for the time being I think. Cheers all!
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