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  1. Put down an IPA yesterday evening: 23L 1.7kg Coopers Hefe Wheat 1.5kg Coopers Wheat Malt 250g Maltodextrin 110g Dextrose 110g Honey 1 × 10g US West Coast Dry Yeast = M44 OG = 1047 I'm feeling I may have over done it on the hops in the boil, having got a bit over-excited by the amount I had available. The timings may have gone a bit adrift in the last few minutes but the times shown are within about 5mins. I was a bit concerned with using M44 as there are so many posts about it taking forever and a day to get going, I needn't have worried as I have checked it this morning and after 11 hours there is already a slight ring of foam on the surface. Going by the surface activity it may have been on the go for a couple of hours already, which better than the start I had with US05. I'd only managed to get the wort down to 27.5C after mixing and pitched the M44 dry as soon as the wort had reached below 23C, which took around 3 hours. Fridge set to 19C. Will be using the same hops for dry hoping, but unsure of the quantity. Aiming for something refreshing and citrusy.
  2. I'm Interested to hear how this goes. I've a packet of M44 and thinking of using it on a Wheat ale/NEIPA in the next week. Ive heard it can be a bit (very) slow to start. Coopers Preachers Hefe + Wheat Malt extract + Citra + Amarillo
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    Thanks Lusty, I don't need the starter but the heads up on the 15% Discount code for Green Beacon Brewery on the same page is a nice bonus
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    I did but not a commercial bread yeast... beer Trub yeast, All in the spirit of home brewing
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    Result!, pretty pleased with my first Loaf. Nice and crusty. Light and fluffy.
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    I started my first starter on Sunday having been tempted to try it for a while. Fed it today and it double in size in about 2 hours. Feeling confident it will be good for dough on Friday. I did cheat a bit a scooped about 2ml of yeast off some old trub that had been in the fridge for over a month. It went off like a rocket. Smells great. Started with 50g water, 50g flour, 2ml yeast solution. Edit: May have been 5ml yeast Solution, but no more.
  7. Congratulations Woodsy !! I've Just watched the Video. Awesome Job, Well done . Looking forward to trying it.
  8. Yes, I've read on the brew description it was formerly B Saaz. I'm sure it will be different to the Bramling Cross slam. Recipe States " citrus, stone fruit and mint aromas into the final brew ". More lemon and tropical. I'm still experimenting with hop flavours at the moment. My Hop Slam (UK Bramling) was bottled on the 7th Feb, and I have to say that the one I'm drinking this evening tastes even better than the ones I had last week. It is much smoother and fruitier, definitely getting some blackcurrant. Great head still, the best I've brewed so far. It's a pity there's only four bottles left.
  9. Yeah , I went for the extra hop edition on this one as it came in a 100g vac pack. The date was 2017, and not being sure how long it would be before i used any remainder I felt it would be best to Slam the lot in I'll be doing the Slam again, but next time I'm trying the HOP SLAM IPA (NZ) using this lot.
  10. Just looked my process again for this one. Can't really be sure as nothing seems out of the ordinary.
  11. Brew 4. Presently drinking this one. This was a Cooper DIY recipe, HOP SLAM IPA (UK - BRAMLING CROSS) with and extra 500g malt (1.5kg total) and and extra 50g of dry hops (100g total). OG = 1046 FG = 1010 Loving it. Really fruity aroma and good head. Has a great old English ale aroma when swirled in the glass to get some air through it. Like a good old draft ale. It didn't clear well but then I just brewed it as per instruction and threw it all in the FV six days before going on holiday for a week.
  12. This was the one where I added the Lager tin to the end of the boil, 5mins before flame out. This was an experiment by me and was not recommended as good practice by more experience brewers. I won't do it again.
  13. Brew No.3, (as posted 29-10-19) Bottled 22-11-19. This was the Coopers Kit Lager (OS) with added 1.3kg malt, EKG hops (45g boiled) and brewed using S04. Dry hopped with left over Cascade (15g) and EKG (25g). Turned out quite bitter, which was intentional, but 20g at 60mins may have been a bit to much. May do again sometime but without the 60min boil. OG = 1043 FG = 1009 I enjoyed it, SWMBO was not so keen. Head retention was a poor. One bottle left, which will stay in the fridge a while longer.
  14. ROTM - Neon Haze Just dropped the Dry Hops in this one. A bit late, Day 7. Looking a bit darker in the FV than I was expecting, although the Gravity sample looks lighter. Presently sitting at 1012. 8B7268EC-B6B0-4974-B3FB-3A1D445F1DBD.heic F10FBE27-6CFF-474B-99DE-C2CF6E0E5359.heic
  15. Yes, Boil and clean before first use. Then clean and sanitise after and before each brew. Using mine for my third brew now.
  16. 2nd Brew is in the glass and going down well... Based on 1.7kg Amber Ale Kit (non-Cooper) 1.2kg LDM 500g Dextrose/ 250g Maltodextrin 20g Cascade in the boil US05 Dry Hopped = Cascade, Centennial, Kent Goldings. OG = 1051 FG = 1011 2 x Carb Drops / 750ml Got this one Brewing back in September. It has now been 3 weeks in the bottle and I'm enjoying it. SWMBO prefers it to the JS Hop Thief we've been drinking recently so I guess that means my future Home Brewing days are safe .. for the moment Brewed at 18C, Conditioning has been a bit high at 26C-28C. In the bottle it is lovely and clear but I'm getting what I presume to be Chill Haze in the glass. This beer tastes great straight from the fridge or left to sit for half an hour in the glass (great aroma). Fruity, hoppy and full bodied. good carbonation but Low head retention. Would do again.
  17. I had a feeling that might happen, will be interesting to find out how it finishes up. So are you saying not to add the hops to the boil with the initial LDM (added to bring the gravity up to 1.040) ? I thought that was the idea
  18. No, not everything. I was following the Brewery instructions from the IanH spreadsheet. I created a boil with 533g of the LDM, then added the hops to that. Stirred in the molasses, lager kit and remaining LDM with 5mins to go before the end of the boil.
  19. Ok, thanks. It's going like crazy at the moment !, Krausen has almost doubled in the last 3 hours, a nice even 50mm all over now. The wort almost looks like it's simmering on a hot plate . I hope it stays in the FV as there's no room for the collar
  20. Started my third brew yesterday evening. Thought I'd use up the OS Lager that came with the kit. 1.7kg Coopers OS Lager 1.3kg LDM 110g Molasses 20g EKG 60mins 10g EKG 30mins 15g EKG 15mins Yeast - Safale S04 (hydrated) OG = 1042 FG = 1011 ? (estimate) Will be adding Dry hops when appropriate, not sure what yet, have 25g EKG and 15g Cascade left over so may drop those in. Pitched at 23C and fridge set to 17.5C. Check it this afternoon at 15:30pm (16hrs in ) and already a 10/15mm Krausen, checked again at 18:30 and it's up at 30mm-40mm !!.. Not sure how this will turn out, was aiming for a Bitter ale
  21. There's loads of recipes to choose from, or just develop your own. As well as the English Bitter many brewers on here recommend using Coopers Real Ale as a base and adding to it.
  22. As Long as you keep the lid on and nothing horrible gets it my guess it will settle out and be fine. Someone more experienced may know more.
  23. Thanks, the English Bitter turned out ok, perfectly drinkable. I based the brew on a combination of recipes from the Coopers Website, Battleship Bitter and Extra Smooth Bitter. There was a maybe a flavour to it I wasn't quite happy with and I'd like to try it again sometime just to see how it turns out with better temperature control as the first 35hrs were a bit high at 24-26C, until I'd added the towel and ice. I left it for two weeks before bottling to make sure it had finished and help it clear up more. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/battleship-bitter.html https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/extra-smooth-bitter.html
  24. Hi Jamie and welcome, I'm a newbie and my first brew went well (using the Coopers kit but with an English Bitter tin instead of the supplied larger) and all I used to keep the temperature down was a towel and ice blocks, as suggested on here by others. I live in FNQ, Cairns, and the temps at the time (July) were very similar to those you have quoted. After I got the towel and ice going the FV maintained a temperature of sound 19C. I've just bottled my second brew. For that I had found a secondhand fridge ($80) and purchased an Inkbird ($50), not just for ease but mainly because it's much warmer up here now. The Inkbird is great, but if I could do it again I'd spend the extra $20 and buy the Wifi version, love a graph and app! As mentioned, spending the cash early on should only be done if you feel that home brewing is for you. So far, by my calculations (love spreadsheets), I should recouped my costs after my fourth brew, Averaging 20L/brew. Thats after buying the fridge, Inkbird, extra bottles and various amount of ingredients for each brew - Hops, Malt, Sugars, Kits..etc. I usually spend around $50-$55 on a carton of beer, my fourth brew should work out under that, and reducing thereafter... Unless the equipment list grows... HAHAHAH! Good luck and happy brewing.
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