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  1. The gravity is down from 1051 to 1013, I still need to leave it for maybe 3 days to ensure its constant. The FG estimate was 1014. I intend to leave the hops in for 7 days prior to bottling. But, do I leave the hops for 7 days before cold crashing, or can I start CC with the hops in and as soon as the FG is constant ?
  2. To late, I scooped it. I dropped the hops in this evening. The Krausen had reduced considerably and was just a crust on top, but I scooped it anyway. Probably wasn't worth all the effort of sterilising the scoop and risking infection, but it's done. Fingers crossed.
  3. I didn't get to Top Crop, when I got back yesterday the Krausen had reduced by 15-20mm, and looked drier. still waiting or the rest to go, so may scoop it out this evening and get some hops in. Thanks Blacksands, The Lag time was unsettling. From the comments and a bit more research I now realise that it quite normal for it to go 17hrs. I had also read the info from Fermentis regarding rehydration, I'll dry pitch next time and compare.
  4. Thanks Shamus, It's still looking nice and Creamy, infact since I increased the temp from 18 to 21 things have gotten even creamier... again. If it looks good tomorrow I may have a go at top cropping.
  5. Hi and thanks, So it will be ok to dry hop at the stage it's at now ? In a bag ?
  6. Well, it's now been 9 days since I pitched the yeast and 8 days since a good a mount of Krausen appeared. I'm still waiting for the Krausen to drop! ( Newbrews you were right!) The Krausen has reduced by 5-10mm, and there's not as much activity. I've just increased the temperature from 18 to 21 to keep fermentation going into the secondary stage. I was hoping to have gone on to add the dry hops today but it looks as though that won't be happening for a while . The Krausen looks really thick and creamy, not a light foam, more of a thick dense insulation foam, is that normal for US05 ? The gravity is presently 1017 down from 1051, estimated FG is 1014. The sample tasted great, really fruity, smooth, and no off flavours. I guess I just need to sit tight and be patient before adding the dry hops ? Is it too late to harvest some yeast from the top ?
  7. Abbot-67


    Hi and Welcome. I'm only on my second brew so very much a newbie here also. I'd imagine it's still ok. From what I've learnt so far 6 days isn't very long. I'd say leave it brewing in the FV for another week and let it get through further fermentation, checking the gravity about every three days to see what it's up to. My first brew was in the FV for 15 days before I bottled it. I'm in FNQ also and had a problem keeping my first brew at a reasonable temperature, it was around 24c for the first couple of days but covering the FV with a large towel and sticking a couple of blocks of Ice on top kept it fairly stable. That was several weeks a go and the day temps outside were 25-27C and night was about 15, so no where near as hot as yours presently are. I managed to keep it around 19C (thanks to those on here for the insight into to cheap cooling techniques). I used empty margarine tubs for freezing and creating the ice blocks.
  8. Thanks for the reassurances You were right, it seems those few bubbles in the middle may have been the start of it. Just checked it again. After approximately 17hrs from the time I pitched, there seems to be a Krausen forming .
  9. Thanks, I keep waiting. My reason for leaving it was that I thought it was best to get it as close to 20C as possible. My last brew was pitched at 26C and was fine, I should have gone for it as you said. So any idea what the sediment might be at this stage ?
  10. Hi , Well last night I decided to start my second brew. I'd been looking and waiting for a suitable fridge to come up for sale and finally manage to bag a nice good conditioned one. For my second brew I opted for and Amber Ale tin with additions of extra DME (1.2kg) and hops, with the intention of aiming for an American Pale Ale. OG = 1050 I am using US-05 yeast, which I hydrated before use, hence the problem. I started the rehydration of the yeast (100ml, sterile water at 30C) while I was added the wort and cooled water to the FV. Unfortunately the Wort temp after topping up turned out at 26.5C, which was higher than I had hoped. So I tried cooling the Wort by putting the FV straight into the fridge (which was already down to 18C) to help bring the temp down to 22C. It was about 2.5hrs before I added the yeast cream to the wort at 21.5C. ,Although I put the yeast solution into the fridge once I realised the wort was going to take a while too cool, My concern is thatI left the hydrated yeast for too long and it died of starvation before I added it to the cooled wort. After 11 hrs at 18C I still have no yeast activity that I am aware of. There is something settling at the bottom of the FV and this has increased over the last 3hrs. Is this protein or yeast? I have another packet of US-05, should I just add it to be safe (dry or hydrated?), or wait another few hours. My sanitation was good throughout but at this stage I am getting concerned about infection. Thanks in advance
  11. Bottled this a week ago, and had a sneaky early bottle yesterday. Drank half before thinking of taking a photo (went down a treat ) I'm fairly pleased with it so far, pretty much what I was aiming for and has cleared up quite nicely. Fairly smooth and has a nice caramel and hoppy kick. Very little head, but I wasn't looking for high carbonation and only added one Carb Drop. About 5% ABV SG = 1047 FG = 1011
  12. Thanks. There is a very high chance of me stopping off at Conwy for a pint !! We will hopefully be travelling to Prestatyn to visit friends before moving on to Snowdonia, Conwy is en-route . Nice castle so may be a day stop off and Real Ale lunch... dinner...evening... Oops.. .. maybe a stop over!!
  13. Thanks for the advice BB, and for the label. I spent much of my youth in Bury St Edmunds which is the home of Green King (yes, I'm a Pommy ). I have to say that Green King IPA and Abbot Ale are still the source of many happy memories . They also brew Old Specked Hen which thankfully is available here in Australia and still one of my favourites but I'd rate Abbot Ale above it. Dan M's did stock Abbot but they stopped a couple of years back . I remember drinking Abbot in the local pubs and it could be different in each one, very dependent on how it was stored and served. Looking forward to a nice pint of draft when I go back for a few weeks next month.
  14. Thanks for the advice Good to hear it should clear up. I'll leave it be and see what happens naturally.
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