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  1. Bottled this a week ago, and had a sneaky early bottle yesterday. Drank half before thinking of taking a photo (went down a treat ) I'm fairly pleased with it so far, pretty much what I was aiming for and has cleared up quite nicely. Fairly smooth and has a nice caramel and hoppy kick. Very little head, but I wasn't looking for high carbonation and only added one Carb Drop. About 5% ABV SG = 1047 FG = 1011
  2. Thanks. There is a very high chance of me stopping off at Conwy for a pint !! We will hopefully be travelling to Prestatyn to visit friends before moving on to Snowdonia, Conwy is en-route . Nice castle so may be a day stop off and Real Ale lunch... dinner...evening... Oops.. .. maybe a stop over!!
  3. Thanks for the advice BB, and for the label. I spent much of my youth in Bury St Edmunds which is the home of Green King (yes, I'm a Pommy ). I have to say that Green King IPA and Abbot Ale are still the source of many happy memories . They also brew Old Specked Hen which thankfully is available here in Australia and still one of my favourites but I'd rate Abbot Ale above it. Dan M's did stock Abbot but they stopped a couple of years back . I remember drinking Abbot in the local pubs and it could be different in each one, very dependent on how it was stored and served. Looking forward to a nice pint of draft when I go back for a few weeks next month.
  4. Thanks for the advice Good to hear it should clear up. I'll leave it be and see what happens naturally.
  5. My first attempt at brewing beer is ending it's fermentation. Using the Coopers DIY lager kit I used the English Bitter extract and added some Hops and LDM (thanks for the advice from members). I'd found a couple of recipes on here (Extra Smooth Bitter + Battleship Bitter) and made a hybrid of the two so that I could use the the BE1 that came with the kit. OG = 1047 So far so good, I had an issue with temperature control for the first day or so (24C-26C) but got it under control using a towel & Ice block and have manage to keep it at 18C-21C for the last 7 days. After adding the yeast I thought it got off to a slow start as there wasn't much activity for the first 15 hours, but then it started and had a 15mm Krausen head. At about 32hrs the foam/head had gone and all activity seemed to have died down. I checked the gravity and got 1016. Went away for a couple of days and when I returned there was still a little activity and movement in the FV, gravity measured 1014 (90hrs). Days 6 & 7 the gravity seemed to stabilise at 1013. On day 8 (yesterday) I checked it again and got 1012. So I am now at the stage where I'm waiting for the two to three days of stable gravity before continuing to bottling. I won't be cold crashing this, it may not fit in the spare fridge and there is no way I'm lifting it to get it in there only to find it won't fit. My chief taster and critic (My Wife) has tasted some of the hydrometer samples and in her own words "Tastes better than some finished beers I've drunk", .. .. I hope that's a good sign. My concern at the moment is getting it clear. I'd not added anything thing during the boil to help clearing, and won't be cold crashing, so as far as I'm aware adding finings at the end of fermentation is my only option. As I cannot cool to anything lower than 17C I was going to use Mangrove Jacks Finings, and hope that does it. As the gravity has only dropped from 1014 to 1012 in the last 5 days how much more of a drop should I expect ?
  6. I've just been looking for a recipe for my first brew, using the English Bitter extract and found this one Extra Smooth Bitter 1 × English Bitter (1.7kg) 1 × Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 (1kg) 1 × Coopers Carbonation Drops (250g) 1 × 200g Molasses Ferment temperature should be in the range 21C - 27C Ideal for me and uses the BE1, even found some Molasses in the fridge that needs using up.. May also through in 500g of Light Dry Malt
  7. I've just been looking for a recipe for my first brew, using the English Bitter extract and found this one Extra Smooth Bitter 1 × English Bitter (1.7kg) 1 × Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 (1kg) 1 × Coopers Carbonation Drops (250g) 1 × 200g Molasses Ideal for me and uses the BE1, even found some Molasses in the fridge that needs using up..
  8. I just bought the kit and had been wondering the same. Looked through recipes and the other extracts and found nothing which uses Enhancer 1. Guessing you can just use it to experiment along with some dry malt and or hops, which is what I intend to do.
  9. I've picked up the 23L brew kit along with a can of the English Bitter brew extract and two packets of light dry malt. FYI, with reference to comments mentioned above the bar code of the yeast is the same in the Lager extract kit as the English Bitter brew extract. I Just need to get some sterilising solution and I'm good to go . The 10L bucket temperature started at 22C at 22:00 last night, was 21.5C at 06:00 this morning and reached 25C at 17:00. So looks like I may need to get the FV in the sink with water and Ice bottles.
  10. Thanks Guys, Great information and advice. I should be able to maintain 23C or just under. As the day ambient is around 25C, and with night falling to around 16C. I'll keeping it in the Laundry which is exposed and of course not heated so I'm hoping the average temperature of around 21C should be OK. Going to put a large bucket of water in there for a few days to see what it maintains, then judge it from there. The pool which is in the sun all day is averaging about 22.5C. How much heat will brewing produce ?
  11. I'm not sure which kit, just states 1 x 1.7kg Coopers Lager Brewing Extract https://www.diybeer.com/au/coopers-diy-beer-brew-kit.html No mention of yeast. Still yet to pick it up.
  12. Thanks, that's great. I have bought the kit along with the English Bitter and Light Dry Malt.
  13. Thanks, So give the Lager Beer Concentrate a miss or add other extracts to it ? The indoor temperature is presently 25C, I'm thinking I will probably need to get an old fridge or cooler set up running to keep temperatures down when it starts to get warm again.
  14. Also meant to ask 3) I live in FNR Queensland, Cairns area (not the coolest of climates), am I wasting my time trying to brew beer using one of the kits, can it be done without cooling equipment ?
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