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  1. Yeah had 400g of oats, 120g late kettle hops and 80g dry hop. You reckon that will keep a haze Norris?
  2. Hey guys, fermentation is nearly done on my first ever NEIPA. Obviously I’d like to keep the desired haze in the beer but the question is....would cold crashing lose the haze? Cheers in advance. Gav.
  3. Looking to do my first all grain brew, probably a biab as an introduction. So looking for a recipe for something similar to the 2 above beers if anyone can help. Cheers in advance.
  4. I’m thinking because I’m fermenting at a lower temp the fermentation process will take longer and therefore will not be finished. 200g a decent amount you reckon?
  5. Na cap I’m gonna keg it, sorry should have said that in the op.
  6. Hi guys, got a Kölsch in the fv at the moment, been in there for a week and plan to leave in there for another week. The og was 1035 and even if it gets down to around 1006, the ABV is only gonna be around 3.9%. My question is, to get the percentage up by about 0.5%, should I be chucking in a couple of hundred grams of dextrose in now? I’m planning on cold crashing before it goes into the secondary, so now feels like the right time, thoughts?
  7. Yeah I noticed that, the display says 14 but the temp on the fv says 16.
  8. Buzzing with my new set up! Bought the kegerator and a corny this week, couldn’t be happier! Got a Kölsch in fv at the moment, gonna keg that and have a centennial/citra pale ready to have my first 2 beers on tap by the time my old man gets here in sep!!! Happy man.
  9. I’d be very interested to hear from any ex pat Brit brewers as pear drops are a staple as a uk kid, like snakes or bb’s to you Aussie kids!
  10. Not really going for a style other than a floral, fruity tasting ale. My brewing life is very much in its infancy and I’m probably getting way ahead of myself in terms of experimentation. I’ve done a few brews so far mainly using galaxy, mosaic, centennial or Citra hops. My plan here is to add a bag of ‘pear drops’ one of my fave uk boiled lollies that my parents are gonna bring over in a few weeks. They have a really floral aroma just as a lolly so I’m thinking they would make a great fermentable. I don’t want the abv to go through the roof tho, thoughts?
  11. Hi guys, I’m still a novice and only about to put down my 5th brew. My question is, how do I improve the crispness of my extract brews? I’m pretty happy with the flavour and clarity of the beers I’ve made so far but the mouthfeel is the only thing that is letting it down. Can a crisp taste be achieved by just using the cans and enhancers? Should I be using DME? All advice welcome. Cheers in advance.
  12. Only extract kits at the moment, Im only on my 5th brew.
  13. Hi guys I’ve been advised to add calcium sulphate to my brew to balance out mineral deficiencies in the added water. My question is, does anyone have experience of using it? What were the results/improvements and how much should be added to a 23l batch? Thanks in advance Gav
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