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  1. between $35 - $45 here. There are some basic kits they do for 20.
  2. 2 weeks in the bottle now. Very nice. Not really noticing any mango juice flavour, but then it wasn't the same recipe. I think I'll keep this as a bench mark APA. Next time I'll be dropping medium crystal in favour of light or toffee malt, move it in an XPA direction. Maybe it was because I used the mexican tin, but it could use a bigger bitterness hit imo.
  3. Until recently all the coopers vintage ale recipes used the real ale and the APA can. I did the '19 recipe with a real ale can as I couldn't get the english bitters tin last year. They use many varieties of hops. Cascade and Mosiac is a fine choice though.
  4. This thread is worth reading https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/boulder-shake-chocolate-porter.447123/
  5. I just noticed the ROTM pack Recipe of the Month Pack Includes: 1 x 1.7kg Coopers Irish Stout 1 x 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract 1 x 1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 1 x 250g Chocolate Malt 1 x 100g Cacao Nibs 2 x Tablespoons Cocoa Powder
  6. cheers. I really wasn't a fan of the twocan stout because of the bitterness. In the current one I put 300g carafa special ii and ldm rather than dark malt extract. I just split it in two and added 150g hersheys syrup which is primarily HFCS and 50g lactose to one half. Tasting, the stand alone stout is much more palatable than the stout+dark ale, already with a noticable choc presence. Did you ever try the dark ale as a base? Also, what exactly is the issue with fats and oils in the beer?
  7. Why wouldn't you use 1kg wheat malt and 1 kg munich/pils depending on what you are after?
  8. Cheers lads, A heads up, the recipe page says light crystal. PB2 stated Dark Crystal in this thread.
  9. thanks guys. I'm sure it'll make a good beer regardless.
  10. Good question. I've been choosing between chocolate sauce toppings for an additive. Went with Hersheys as it was primarily fermentables. But some, particularly the ones that go hard on ice cream, had coconut oil, vegetable oil, even sweetened condensed milk. I wondered about that last one in particular. I'm expecting @ChristinaS1 would be able to help.
  11. Fascinating. Mango and Passionfruit juice concentrates in the mix. I wonder if that's the first honesty we get from breweries about their hazy IPA's. Next we'll be seeing chocolate porter brew kits with ice magic and coco-pops in the ingredients. What did you add to the kit?
  12. 1.4kg grain? I would have expected 2+. how many litres are you making it to? edit: nvm, didn't see the other 500g sugar/extract there. Otto van blotto posted his irish red recipe some time back. I'll try and dig it up.
  13. unequal arm balance might do it.
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