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  1. Can someone please tell me why coopers supplies a brew enhancer one in there diy kits (I have 3 now) with there lager and the lager that comes in the kit says it should have brew enhancer 2. In fact I have not seen one of the coopers brew's that reqiure a brew enhancer 1 they are all either brew enhancer two or threee except for the british lager which are 500grams of light dry malt. Why is this?
  2. thanks for that. What about the beers how different are Craft Beers from the normal coopers range of beers.
  3. Hi just wondering the difference between the beers done in the 23ltr diy beer kit and the 8.5 ltr Craft Brew kit. How different is Craft Beer? Im thinking of getting a kit
  4. Do you just use hot water in the dishwasher and no soap?
  5. Flat Beer Glass: Hi does anyone know how to maintain clean and look after a beer glass so you get great pours with good head every time?? amd not flat
  6. thanks for the info guys greatly appreciated
  7. Heys guys just wondering if anyone prefers any one or the other a week ago a put down my first brew in 6 years with a new coopers kit, I bought a heat belt to go with. Now today I bought another coopers kit and am wondering if I should go a heat belt or heat pad for winter.
  8. excellent thank you my sanitizer is Sodium Metabisulphite and my Bottle washing powder is Alkaline salts, do think I should just use the bottle washing powder (alkaline salts)??
  9. Hi was wondering how to prepare New PET bottles for bottling. Do I need to Sanitise then clean with bottle washing powder or just do one of these or even none of these and just rinse with water.
  10. ok cool thanks, yeah it looks like its starting to get clearer so I would say that fermentation is coming to an end.
  11. thank you brewing a coopers Lager currently that came with the kit.
  12. Yes Ale yeast being stored inside the house in the garage on a bench ambient temp has been around 21 inside today outside has been 17 degress it's now 11 degress outside and will fall to 5 degrees as the sun comes up. The garage is currently 18 -19 degrees ambient temp and I reckon will fall maybe another few degrees ambient in garage tonight before warming up in morning
  13. Beer Temp is falling tonight currently on 21 on its fourth day was on 22 earlier tonight I think it will drop more overnight maybe another 1 or 2 degrees is it worth me turning on my heat belt for a few hours until morning?
  14. okay thank you very much will look into this.
  15. After 6 years off from making my own beer Ive decided to get back into it. Put down my first batch yesterday bought the Coopers Diy Kit. Ive decided to put the vessel in the garage which in summer is way to hot. I noticed that the last few nights being cold the temp was around 15 to 17 degrees in the morning. Yesterday I bought a heat belt which I was told keeps the beer at around 26 degrees. This morning I checked the beer and it was between 28 and 30 Degrees so I turned off the heat belt. My question as it's already began fermenting will the temp go up due to fermentation naturally? It looks like it could be difficult to regulate the temp with the heat strap.
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