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  1. Unfortunately I'm am quite time poor these days. And talent with tools was never my thing. The thing I seem to mix up. Is in that setup can you ferment in there too? Or does the fridge need to be cold/serving temp instead of ferment temp...
  2. Hey everyone. Im considering the change to kegging, and looking at the following kit https://www.kegland.com.au/keg-master-series-4-kegerator-with-double-intertap-ss-budget-bundle.html I dont want a single tap, as to me that is too much downtime XD. Is this a good setup? or suitable for a stark-raving-newbie?
  3. My Apple rocket had been aging for 38 days now. Cleared up like no one's business. Dry as a bone too. 8% and ended at FG0995. Very happy camper here
  4. ahh, then im glad i did the tea. as the flavour in the galaxy cerveza is a big part of the beer. ty ty as always Otto
  5. yes very correct. i keep saying dry hop when its hop tea. as someone who has only ever done a hop team once, and nothing else. what sort of differences are there between a tea vs dry hopping?
  6. My precious arrived today. The rest of the order (non rotm) is apparently still on its way... Now just need to find a clear weekend to make it
  7. 1 can Cooper’s Mexican cerveza 1kg Cooper’s brew enhancer 2 500g Briaglow extra malt sugar 7g can kit yeast 24g galaxy pellets added at 1020 dry hopped with 250ml water steeped for 10 mins (from two foil Brigalow packs) The kit recipe didnt have the Brigalow extra malt, but i wanted a bit stronger brew. OG was 1040 anf FG was 1007. As you can see this was a BigW special brew IMHO its a very easy drinking beer, the Galaxy aroma and taste leads the way, opening up to a typical fruity cerveza after taste.
  8. Here is my galaxy cerveza. It goes down sooo smooth
  9. As said before. Your pics are at sexy. Make a man feel all tingly in his man bits (@_@;)
  10. My Snickers stout is due to arrive on the 20th as per Aust post... 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
  11. same here. only went with the snickers stout. sounds amazeballs
  12. A bit early in, only 2 weeks into bottle conditioning. But my galaxy cerveza was something to be seen. Needs portion another week or two for proper carbonation. But hot damn the hops at the front giving way to light and frunity and vibrant cerveza... As Borat puts Ty "very niiiice"
  13. When typos make it seem more interesting than it really is ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
  14. Doing a bit of a cheese this one. A fwk from the local home brew store. Octoberfest by ESB with California ale yeast. Looking forward to that one
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