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  1. it was abreak off from some other internal packaging. does its job a treat though
  2. *pinches fingers together near my mouth and does an thick italian accent* flavour! its actually the temp probe and foam insulation
  3. While not as epic. Here is my fermentasaurus going hard at it IMG_1562.MOV
  4. I was about to go the all in one kit like the one you linked. But I ended up picking up a second hand setup and found it much cheaper to keezer it up. Finding a suitable fridge or freezer if one is not available is the only real possibility in the areolas. But getting one make life so much easier. Having somewhere to store the mountains of yeast banks you will eventually get is an added bonus not usually evangelized
  5. One infection. One keg error. Twice the sadness.
  6. I just bought a fermentasaurus of flea bay for $35. The idea of pressurised fermentation sound really cool
  7. After a week of cleaning and leering sit. My fv has a second to be of galaxy cerveza which I'm calling the Mexican stargazer. Just a Cooper's kit and kilo but I do a hop tea at about 2/3 fermentation. Need to get as much as I can in before it just gets too hot. No fridge to control the fermentation. I'd be good but having lost my last two brews consecutive I'm now running low for an impending bastard of a summer
  8. You could do a comparison split like you did with cider IIRC. Something like a A) std hop volume B) 1/2 hop volume C) 2x hop volume. sort of a 'how much do you really need to use test'
  9. Many months later and i can confirm the swingtops from Mangrove Jacks are still sealed well. The cider was still under pressure, and nicely effervescent. BTW 3 month aged cider, OMG. i was a bit down on the quality output earlier. but hot damn does it age well! I plan to get some more of the bottles for when i finally do my really satisfies stout from a previous ROTM.
  10. Took a taste. Twas sour. Alas this brew will meet its maker earlier than it should. You know what they say. Only the good die young. Any advice out there for super cleaning this bad boy out to avoid follow on contamination?
  11. It was the packet yeast with the MJ kit. It didn't go anywhere. So I ended up adding a Cooper's English bitter kit yeast packet on monday So the bottom parts could be ok? Should I attempt to skim that crap off when bottling/kegging? It's been a catrostrophic fortnight with the keg and gas line. Really could do with a partial win instead of two straight losses
  12. As per title. A tad concerned about how it looks. It had a persistent crousan on it about R-5days but most is gone now..
  13. I'll keep that in mind for the next one. It's one of my fave styles. So might just need to skip a few of the other brews and go back to back Belgians. It would push it towards a double? Or what ever they call it...
  14. That's one sexy krausen. I never get big ones like that
  15. My two Cooper's fv's don't have the collars. If your doing a brew known to go a tad nuts with the reaction then it might be advisable. Done if the usual culprits are thing like stouts etc. I'm not sure but I'm fault certain that all the Cooper fv's are 30litres. Some came with the collars. Many didn't. in theory have 7 litres of room for the foam. Mine had never gone that high. Or even close. Now if your cooking nice and hot with kviek year. Then that might be another story....
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