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  1. You haven't been paying attention to my Coopers posts
  2. I've moved on to the Bavarian Beer house here in Cairns. This is a Weissenhofer Bonator Double Bock 8.2%.
  3. You all know where I am. Regency Park Red Ale on tap. I have to say, this is tastier than the can.
  4. Hmm. I need to have a crack at those sometime, too.
  5. Yes, I find that a lot of these modern craft stouts have far too much lactose. One of the signatures of a stout is the roasty bitterness, yet they try to mask it with sweetness. If they are trying to entice newcomers to the dark side, they could try making a few a more porters to style as a gateway.
  6. How good are these 440ml cans of BES? I'm stoked that Coopers brought them back this year. I really hope they become an annual thing like the ESVA.
  7. Yeah, we go to all of them. Having 3 craft breweries and a Coopers pub within a block is fantastic. Sauce is OK but I usually drink the "guest" beers when I go as they change and are new to me. It's probably the only place that regularly has sours and interesting stouts on tap. Bought a $100 6-pack from their bottle shop once (mix of imperial stouts). Missus wasn't impressed! There's a good Japanese restaurant upstairs, too. I'm not sure how much of the brew scene you've checked out up here, but be sure to swing by the Barrier Reef Brewery tap room at Stratford, and Macalisters at Smithfield if you haven't already.
  8. Didn't do so well. Picked up two caps and four key rings (and a decent hang over). Pictured here with some other swag I've managed to win previously. @Dustin Frothman Didn't go to Hemmingways this time, but it's usually on the circuit when we hit the town. Tell you what though, you can't go wrong just at the Barrier Reef. They have a pretty full selection of Coopers on tap, regular promotions, a nice view of the harbour, the publicans are great, and I got to meet Dr Tim there at Easter!
  9. Knocking back a few Coopers XPAs at the Barrier Reef Hotel in Cairns. Trying to win a black XPA tshirt in the promotion give-aways.
  10. Well there is that small matter of actually brewing and packaging your beer...
  11. Put it in the bottle last weekend. Seemed to finish a bit higher than I expected at 1016 so won't have much sting in its tail.
  12. Well, it's in the brew fridge. Now the waiting begins. EB can. Kit yeast not used. Amber LME 1.5kg (realised I had a can that needed to be used soonish) 25g Fuggles steep with some of the LME Rehydrated Lallemand London yeast Made to 23L. OG 1.041. Will dry hop the other 25g Fuggles mid-week. Thanks for the suggestions and support, team. A mate slipped me a bottle of his Coopers EB brew years ago and I really liked it. Can't think why I haven't gotten to it until now.
  13. I've been brewing Coopers stuff for a long time, but there's some kits I've never tried. I was in Dan's the other day to buy some bottle caps among other things, and maybe I was just thirsty but I decided it's time to try some of them. First up is the English Bitter kit. I have a few bits and pieces on hand that might suit an English brew- LLME, ALME, LDME, and Fuggles hops. I also have a bunch of different grains, and various other Aussie and American hops. How does this sound? English Bitter can 1.5kg LLME can Lallemand Nottingham yeast (I also have Lallemand London yeast) 50g Fuggles dry hop Do you have a "Go to" recipe for the English Bitter can? What is it?
  14. Are you making 23 litres? I've brewed a lot of Coopers stuff but never tried the Stout or Irish Stout kits. I really need to do something about that.
  15. I was told that by Scott, one of the people involved in the Coopers/Morgans/AIB show from Brisbane while he was in Cairns. You might follow the link and also check who the Key Principal of Morgans is. Beyond that, I have no idea, but I figure Scott would. It's not a stretch to think Coopers would expand their home brewing footprint into FWKs. Also, sending pallets of FWKs to Yatala for distribution along with the rest of the Coopers and Morgans stuff to LHBSs would also be logistically sensible. Just from this thread, the AIB FWKs are a good product. Looks like a smart move by the Cooper family.
  16. I dunno if they'll put FWKs in the online store as it seems to be for the DIYBeer and MrBeer branded products and the shipping could be horrendous. Still, my understanding is Coopers have some ownership of All Inn Brewing so we're still supporting Coopers when we buy those FWKs. I've been doing a few, too. My favourite is the Rapid Descent Strong Ale (with a box of BE3 and BRY97) but the Coopers/Morgans/AIB rep told me they have discontinued it. Have tried the Red IPA and the Mosaic XPA, too. Both excellent. I'll be bottling the Widowed Butcher Russian Imperial Stout tomorrow to be followed up with the Citra XPA as well as a Kissaki Lager that will be used as a base for a sour. I mainly only use the cans of goo in the craft fermenter, now.
  17. Saw these for the first time at my LHBS here in Cairns. I didn't realise they were available in regular retails stores as I'd assumed they were online only. It's nice to see the DIYBeer range grow it's shelf presence.
  18. @MUZZYYeah mate. I sometimes grab the yeast from the Mild Ale cans. Same idea as the bottle - just pour out a glass and leave the sediment behind. Collect a few and brew.
  19. It's nothing I drink, so no worries here. With all this talk of an AdBlue shortage, brewing and other supplies may also be hard to get hold of in coming weeks.
  20. Beer rationed ahead of holidays as brewers face logistical challenges https://www.rebelnews.com/beerpocalypse_as_disrupted_supply_chains_dry_up_stock_ahead_of_christmas_festivities_in_australia There has been a lot of talk about a potential apocalypse in recent years, but there really may be one, if the following is true. Two of the largest brewers in Australia, Lion and Carlton & United Breweries, have found themselves coming up short heading into the Christmas period after the Covid pandemic disrupted supply chains. Local beers aren’t the only ones in trouble. The (now hilariously named) Corona imported from Mexico has been restricted to 20 cartons per store per week due to similar issues. “I have just been advised this morning that unfortunately, CUB are having stock challenges on Corona. Up to last week they had felt that our IBA stocks were fairly safe, however they are facing some massive shipping challenges (along with ongoing challenges at the Mexican brewery) and that scenario has now changed.” - read one sign. As a precaution, beer is already being rationed across BWS bottle shops. Independent distillers have been struggling for months with bottle, lid, and label shortages caused by disruptions to global supply chains. Lion has run into a similar problem, with the company running low on the timber pallets required to transport their product across the country. Without them, the sock stays put. Tooheys, Hahn, and Iron Jack cans have the same issue. Beer companies have decided to make the most of their available pallets by only shipping out their top-selling brands. “Regrettably, we now have a large number of our smaller pack SKUs out of stock, and as we indicated previously, we don’t expect our pallet supplies to improve sufficiently to start making these products against until the new year,” said Lion executive Warwick Parks. This is not the first time purchasing limits have been placed on customers during the Covid pandemic. Coles and Woolworths both restricted the sale of various items during some of the early lockdowns for fear that supply chains would be unable to restock their shelves. Wooden pallet shortages are not limited to beer manufacturers – they underpin nearly all product transfer including food and retail supplies. The national shortage of wooden pallets has been coming for a long time. Australia’s largest pallet manufacturer, responsible for 70,000 pallets a month, is winding down production. Dormit, owned by Pentarch, is running out of logs due to the state’s green policies. The Australian Food and Grocery Council warned the Victorian government and the Unions about a critical shortage of pallets in the lead up to Christmas unless more timber was released for production. This timber shortage was caused by the Victorian government’s decision to end native logging by 2030 as part of its ‘climate goals’. It is now up to Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, to ease the pallet crisis in Australia. “This is developing into a perfect storm ahead of Christmas: Job losses, a slow-down in manufacturing, and potential critical supermarket shortages,” said CFMEU national secretary Michael O’Connor.
  21. Yeah, I'll keep an eye out in the future. Before the upgrade, you could use BBCode links but now it doesn't seem to like them. Blowed if I could find the image button in the editor menu from my phone, either. I don't even see one now while using a PC. I guess they canned it in the "upgrade". But, we have two Giphy buttons with one that doesn't work. Full disclosure - I really, really dislike Invision forum software. Always have, and nothing they do seems to change my mind.
  22. Thanks, mate! That's the Barrier Reef Hotel, if anyone is ever up here. I missed out - a few weeks ago they apparently had the 2021 ESVA on tap. I didn't even know that was a thing as I've only ever seen the stubbies!
  23. Yeah, weird. Pic linking must have changed with the forum upgrade a while back. Plus, I seriously suck at using my phone to post pics.
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