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  1. The craft kit is on sale on the Cooper's online store for $59 with free delivery.
  2. I can't go past a Harviestoun Old Engine Oil with a nicely cooked sirloin steak with veg and gravy. The Old Engine Oil was labeled as a porter when I first started drinking it, but these days they market it as a black ale.
  3. Yeah, you're most likely on the money. I also figure that a peanut stout sounds as appetising to me as Kale Ale.
  4. I didn't expect the peanut paste stout ROTM kit to sell out before the ESVA kit, but it did.
  5. Weird. Other than the site logging me out fairly quickly, I've had no issues buying using Firefox.
  6. Most people would have most of these ingredients, or they are easily obtained. I wouldn't be too concerned about missing out, if you do.
  7. Have to get it to 7.5%ABV somehow.
  8. Mate, the sun is shining out of the teddy bear's bum. How can anything get any better than that?
  9. It must be close. Dan's has updated their images to the 2019 release. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_728457/coopers-vintage-ale-355ml
  10. If I'd had to guess, I would have said your MOTB entry was going to be a Viking Beer.
  11. The interlock probably isn't completely necessary. A few weeks ago I was researching building some tallie crates. Found this picture on the Coopers website. If I don't end up in Canberra for a couple of months over summer, knocking out a few similar to these will probably be my Christmas building project. Hardwood is expensive here in Cairns, so will probably just be ply. As an aside, I like how they have full crates stacked on their sides in the background. I'm presuming it made them easier to grab hold of and lift without bending over; maybe one in each hand.
  12. https://www.bunnings.com.au/award-27-black-hobby-storage-container_p2583121 I've got heaps of these. Fit 15 tallies. Sides are a bit short for interlock stacking glass tallies but fine for the PETs, stubbies, and LC pints.
  13. I reckon "dry mouth" is a euphemism for "Hmm, I better have another mouthful. Just to wet my whistle, of course."
  14. I used to work for a well known travel agent brand. At the time, it felt like I lived in the Qantas Club.
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