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  1. Is there any reason to use a freezer instead of a fridge?
  2. From the linked article No one has uttered "the science is settled" since.
  3. Sorry, BB, but anything endorsed by Tim Flannery isn't likely to be given any of my time as that alone diminishes any credibility Doherty may have had. No one wants pollution. No one. Still, the continual "it's the fossil fuel industry", "it's big tobacco", "won't somebody think of the children", "precautionary principle", "the damns will never fill", "children won't know what snow is", "100m sea level rises (yet Timbo buys a waterfront property)", and so on are such tired memes that people are reacting with "ho hum, another crackpot". Remember that other meme that was pushed at us all - "the science is settled"? Remember how the CSIRO sacked 350 scientists because if the science was settled, we didn't need them any more? Overnight, the science was no longer settled in any scientific organisation anywhere in the world. Please don't tell me it is only big tobacco and fossil fuel companies distorting the conversation. At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, I offer the following quote: Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” I am sorry if I have caused any offence as we are all here for fun and beer. I hope we can all remember: friends can disagree on some things and still be friends.
  4. Thanks for that. Now I can stop hitting refresh on Dan Murphy's Coopers page for a few weeks.
  5. PeterC, you need to get off that "skeptical" science website. John Cook is the tobacco industry of the global warming faithful.
  6. There is no such thing as a stable climate. By all accounts, crops are at record yields. If wikipedia is to be believed, barley is thriving. It dislikes cold, and is apparently drought tolerant. Canada's Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs produced an article on how CO2 is beneficial to farming. Check out how they suggest you create the CO2 for your crops! Canada was the source of the article that started this thread. Why not just RDWHAHB? Being so stressed will put you in an early grave.
  7. To be clear, anyone that thinks anthropogenic CO2 emissions will bring about the fall of civilisation (quote: and to hell with our children :unquote) should make further efforts to reduce their own CO2 emissions, including that from brewed and carbonated drinks, such as beer/spirits/soft drink. Anything less would be hypocrisy.
  8. Please stop homebrewing. The CO2 you are creating is contributing to the death of your children.
  9. Must have been the day for having a Coopers. I only tried this for the first time a few weeks ago in a pub. Decided to try it with a cleaner palate. I'm a bit on the fence with it. I like the bitterness and flavour, but the mouthfeel is a bit thin. Overall, I prefer Sparkling Ale and XPA. Just as an aside, I'm liking the new Coopers trade dress. The photoshopped picture at the top of the Dan Murphy's page is very enticing.
  10. Yes, it looks like the beer equivalent of a mimosa.
  11. I'm probably guilty of judging all lagers and pilsners from my experience with Aussie megaswill lagers. To challenge my own assumptions, I'm prepared to buy a bottle or two of something that is considered top notch. What would you (anyone) recommend? Urquell?
  12. I predict a run on brew fridges and temp controllers. Bottom falls out of the heat belt market. Lawnmower beers will reign supreme, and we'll tell our grandchildren how we used to drink something called "Stout" in cold weather. Fortunately, a solar minimum is beginning, and plants love CO2, so the alarmist "if" and "could" language of articles like this will be mitigated for a decade or so. RDWHAHB.
  13. I have some friends that drink Bud exclusively, and lots of it. I have had a few with them to be polite, but.. If you look at the Bud reviews on Dan Murphys, it looks like they have started making it in Oz under licence and the fans are up in arms. Truthfully, I'm not sure how they could have made it worse, but apparently they have.
  14. I'd be happy to see this XPA in tallies.
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