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  1. I'm pretty sure REPSPEC is looking to use unhopped extract cans. I'd just be looking at AG recipes. The main thing you'd be interested in is the hop schedule given you'll be using malt extract instead of mashing grain. A specialty grain steep can take care of getting the target colour, too.
  2. One of my local brewers normally only sells by the glass. They've done some bottling to keep things ticking over. This is their Freefall XPA.
  3. Bonza beer, Woodsy! It was my first use of a new glass I picked up from my favourite independent brewer yesterday. The beer went down so quick and easy I was checking the glass for leaks! Great job by both yourself and Coopers!
  4. Mate, you're supposed to make the beer, THEN put it in the esky.
  5. The way it sticks to everything, you have to wonder how they get it -in- the bag.
  6. I hope you like bitter beers, and I mean -really- bitter beers. Try a can of APA at 10L first and see what you think. It's a bit less than half the bitterness of the Brew A.
  7. That is a really interesting recipe. I tend to associate something with 55 IBUs of bitterness with something much darker. Turbo Charged American Pale Ale.pdf
  8. Well I sure hope my replacement box doesn't get "misplaced" too. Might end up having to hit Woodsy up.
  9. I'm in Cairns, so I'm mostly worried about it being too hot. If I'd had my act together, I might have planned for a March-September brew.
  10. @Ben 10 Are you running temp control on these? I'm thinking I'd like to give this a go, but not sure I want to get the FV anywhere near my other brewing resources aka. the brew fridge. Dedicating a shelf in the brew fridge for 6 months would not really be ideal, either.
  11. I've wondered whether some smart alek submitted something from the recipe list.
  12. Yeah mate, they're sending another. Lucky I have plenty of HB to tide me over. A bloke wouldn't want to be thirsty with a 2 week wait for a box of tinnies.
  13. Get the spreadsheet linked above. You can play around and see what happens when you add/remove things.
  14. Aaaaand, it has gone missing. Dans reckon it was "misplaced" but I reckon it was "stolen". Word has gotten around how good it is, Woodsy!
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