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  1. I don't remember my first CD for sure but it was probably AC/DC Dirty Deeds. I'm pretty sure my first LP was something from KISS. Probably Hotter Than Hell, but might have been Dressed To Kill. My older brother had all the AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Dead Kennedys, Talking Heads etc albums, so I didn't need to buy them myself.
  2. It could be that these new bits end up on the shelf at your LHBS next to the cans of goo. One of the main LHBS here in Cairns don't sell grain at all but have oodles of cans. Some Coopers branded grain would make it easy for them to expand their range without having to buy, split up, package and sell entire sacks of specialty grains. Depending on wholesale pricing, maybe the hops can push the Morgans stuff to the side a bit, too. It's early days yet.
  3. I don't think it's a big conspiracy or anything. Coopers don't stop us talking about AG brewing and stuff here, after all. The DIY Beer site is handy for beginners and old hands alike. Having a somewhat one-stop shop is useful in it's own right for the K&K brewers. Many Aussies don't have a LHBS, and only having one delivery fee is also a benefit. This new stuff is obviously not for everyone but it will be just fine for many.
  4. Gidday mate. Welcome and all that. When I saw the thread title I thought to myself "Someone misspelled 'Brigalow'. Muzzy will be twitching."
  5. Cheers for that. I think mine looks like that one (stainless with black handles). Turns out that BB link doesn't have any stock, so the search continues.
  6. I don't suppose anyone knows who sells seal kits for the Pluto?
  7. I thought something was "brewing" when I saw the branded hops in the Hazy IPA kit.
  8. The snap taps have small plastic tabs to hold them together. You have to be very particular to push the halves together before twisting them apart/together or you are likely to damage the tabs with subsequent failure. They're dirt cheap on the Coopers store with free shipping. It's worth getting one or two as spares, along with the o-rings. And in contrast to a previous poster's advice, one of the Coopers DIY staff/gurus has OKed the use of olive oil for lubrication. I've used it many times without issue. Welcome to the forum, by the way. Sorry to hear you are having an issue so early on.
  9. For some people the journey is just as important as the destination. I smash through heaps of Mild Ale on weekends because I just want to drink beer but don't always want to get pissed with my first two. Marathon not sprint etc etc. Lets me start happy hour earlier in the day. During the week is when I might have a higher ABV beer while I'm cooking as I'm not really wanting to have a session. Fortunately, the Coopers Mild Ale recipe is pretty much spot on to the commercial offering.
  10. All right folks, 'fess up if you changed your password to "C00per$" or variations thereof.
  11. Probably settled in the keg like when we do a cold crash. When I buy Coopers bottles and cans I always do the roll to get the haze and yeast flavours back.
  12. I was surprised to find it on tap yesterday. I made sure to check it for 2nd and 3rd opinions.
  13. When the ROTM kits drop, there's usually a week of free shipping for orders over a certain value (alternates between $80 and $100). The ROTM kits also get free shipping.
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