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  1. Nice review @NewBrews! I haven’t been able to find the purple cans anywhere yet - despite Dan Murphy’s showing it available at 3 local stores none of them actually have it. I find my ROTM very nice but was expecting (or maybe hoping for) more hoppyness. I’ll do a side by side once I find the elusive cans...
  2. Haha - I will actually be over there in October!
  3. ROTM ordered. Then realised I already had most of the ingredients #dumbass
  4. To be honest I thought I did mix it well enough - but as we can’t really see any other reason for the OG being so low so I’ll accept that I didn’t mix it well enough. I’ll do better next time
  5. 23l. Went a bit over - maybe 500ml. Otto suggested the ingredients weren’t mixed well enough which could be true.
  6. Haha - I got one of those too and I know exactly what you mean
  7. Yep - I’ll be happy with 4.8% if mine gets to that.
  8. This is the first year I’ve tried it - but I’m now really keen to age a few bottles and see how it changes. And I’ll now be joining the ranks of folks that look forward to the release every year. Your craft beer comment is spot on - the ESVA seems so different to anything else I’ve tried recently - not at all what you’d expect from a major brewery.
  9. I’m gonna have to buy another 6-pack for ageing cuz there’s no way any of this 6 is gonna last very long...
  10. My hydrometer is new - I tested it in 20C water and it’s spot on. The sample was 19.5 when measured for the OG. So maybe it’s the mixing of the ingredients plus the extra 500ml water. It smells bloody good though - this is my best smelling brew so far.
  11. I think I went over 23l too - maybe 500ml.
  12. @MitchellScott - What was the OG for your Centenarillo Ale? I've just looked at Neil's recipe and realised my OG (1.041) is well below his (1.058)...
  13. Cheers Mitch - very interested to hear how yours turns out.
  14. Nothing wrong with the bargain bin Shamus! First time I tried Panhead Supercharger was a bargain bin buy - and that is a cracking beer!
  15. My first extract brew - Neil’s Centenarillo recipe. Added 200g cold steeped Carapils, otherwise followed the recipe. 2x Coopers LME 500g Dextrose 200g Carapils 20g Centennial @30 40g Amarillo @20 40g Amarillo @10 Nottingham Yeast Yeast pitched at about 19.5 - currently dropping to 18. OG 1.041
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