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  1. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to determine the BB Date on a tin of liquid malt extract? I have a tin of LME with 099/19 on the bottom - does this mean the date is 9th September 2019? And is that the BB Date, or the Manufacture date? And if it's the Manufacture date - how can I work out the BB date? Is it just to add 2 years? Cheers, Gaz.
  2. I’ve only brewed one extract base beer but it turned out really good - much better than all my other brews - and I love hop forward beers - so was thinking about doing the Chubby Cherub recipe next. But it’ll probably be a couple of months away as I go overseas for a few weeks soon.
  3. The backing vocals in that track sounded a lot like Kim Deal.
  4. I did do a dry hop of the centenarillo - 20g Amarillo, 80g Centennial. Turned out very nice. I’ll definitely brew both of these again.
  5. I reckon it might be improving Mitch - mine seems to be... I’m very happy with my XPA - this and the Centenarillo are my best brews yet.
  6. Centenarillo Ale. Sh*i photo. Good beer. Has only been in the bottle 12 days but is very good already.
  7. Opens and functions OK for me. I’m using Excel 365.
  8. Oh bugger! Cheers Norris! I was actually reading the SMOTY Ale recipe - that one says to simmer the hops in plain water.
  9. Sounds great Lusty! Apart from the different dry hops you used do you otherwise follow the recipe and method as written? I recently made my first extract brew - Neil’s Centenarillo recipe - and am really happy with it so next brew is likely to be another extract and Chubby Cherub sounds perfect - but I just wonder about the instruction to boil (simmer?) hops in plain water... I’m sure I’ve read not to do this in other threads and/or forums. Cheers, Gaz.
  10. I go by what gets in the fermenter first - so I’d say B is 149...
  11. Yeah - I won’t be leaving anything out when I make it again. I’ll adjust the hops, but otherwise I think the flavour is really good. And the colour doesn’t bother me.
  12. Did a side by side comparison tonight - aside from the obvious colour difference, they’re actually quite similar. I’m surprised (but happy) - I thought the commercial brew would be hoppier as it’s an XPA - but it is a very nice beer. I think mine might be a bit hoppier (I was probably a bit heavy handed with the dry hop). I like them both - and am very happy I can make a beer that’s not far off the commercial one. Will definitely make this again but will experiment with the dry hop.
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