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  1. Gazzala

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Shamus - I’m looking for a good recipe to use my can of EB and I have some EKG hops so very interested to know how your brew goes. Are you doing a dry hop?
  2. Gazzala

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Good luck
  3. Gazzala

    Advice sought on dry hopping

    Genius idea!
  4. Gazzala

    Sour Smell

    Checked the brew tonight and the sour smell is not so bad now - took an SG sample and tasted it and it tastes great - probably the best tasting brew yet at the stage of fermentation. So I think it’s OK.
  5. Gazzala

    The English Bitter Thread!

    Beer Belly website has them in stock - http://shop.beerbelly.com.au/bramling-cross-hops-100gm.html No idea about the Tasmania query...
  6. Gazzala

    Sour Smell

    Cheers fellas - will check and update when I get home from work.
  7. Gazzala

    Sour Smell

    Opened the brew fridge this morning and was hit with a really strong sour smell coming from the dark ale + Lager Toucan brew - could this be a sign of infection? I lifted the lid to have a look inside and it looks the same as most earlier brews at this stage of fermentation (day 5). I haven’t noticed this smell from any earlier brews.
  8. Gazzala

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I too have a porter in the FV - 8.5ltr British Bulldog recipe - first time using Nottingham yeast, and first time rehydrating - seemed to go ok and fermentation activity began a bit faster than usual so very happy with that. Also have a Dark Ale + Lager Toucan bubbling away in the large fermenter. I better start cleaning some bottles...
  9. The photo might not show it but they don’t look crushed to me - they look they’ve gotten wet - I would’ve thought they would lose some of their effectiveness if they had been wet then dried out - which is how they look to me... But if the general consensus is that they’ll be fine then I’ll just use them. @PB2 - would be interested to hear your thoughts?
  10. Received my XPA ROTM ingredients today - one pack of the Simcoe hops look like this - I should send these back, right??
  11. Gazzala

    Toucan Dark Ale + Lager + BE3

    Shamus should get the thanks for the research! Let me know how it goes - it’s on my list but there are a few in front of it! Why is it that the list just grows? The more beers I brew, the more beers get added to the list...
  12. Gazzala

    Toucan Dark Ale + Lager + BE3

    Ah! Just looked at the SMOTY Ale recipe - that answers the pale ale question then!
  13. Gazzala

    Toucan Dark Ale + Lager + BE3

    I wondered the same actually Muzzy as I had a can of pale ale - but I’ve seen a few dark ale + lager recommendations on the forum so I went with that. Would be good to know about the pale though for next time.
  14. Gazzala

    Toucan Dark Ale + Lager + BE3

    Cheers Shamus - very helpful advice.