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  1. Davox

    Anarchy IPA - is great! What next?

    Cheers! hope it goes well Im enjoying mine right now. Defiantly try it again but wth a mix of NZ and Aus hops. Motueka, Galaxy and Engima?
  2. Davox

    Anarchy IPA - is great! What next?

    Hah! Yep, those dark beers are a commitment. I've just done a Pils (Black Rock). Not sure how its gone. Put out a terrible sulphur stink (which I believe is normal for larger yeasts) but calmed down enough to bottle. Had it in the fermenter for 16 days until it smelt like beer. Wort tasted good prior to bottling. Fingers crossed. Cheers.
  3. Davox

    Anarchy IPA - is great! What next?

    Thanks for the tip. I have some Motueka hops in the fridge so could give the Hop Slam a whirl. Maybe one less box of dried malt? Know what you mean with the high ABV. Four schooners enough for me!
  4. Davox

    Anarchy IPA - is great! What next?

    Caught the Gash Slug vid on YouTube. It actually got me inspired to try the Anarchy recipe. I'll check out the Red Rattler in the meantime bought the Shark Fin kit. I'll get that bubbling on the weekend and Red Rattler after that, it looks a goodee. Cheers and thanks for the tip.
  5. Just opened an Anarchy IPA after four weeks carbonating in the bottle. Damn fine beer. This is the first Coopers recipe I've tried. A bit adventurous for me using malt grain and three types of hop. Followed the instructions to the letter (except had to substitute the Chinook hops with Amarillo). Couldn't have worked out better but maybe another 25g of dried hops next time. "As good as a bought one" as they say. Looking to try another Coppers recipe. Any recommendations?