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  1. Hello, I have a few questions about the device, so if you can answer it would be great! First of all, let me introduce myself – I am not an experienced brewer…actually I never brewed I am mostly a drinker, and as it is sometimes hard and expensive to find some good craft beers, I am trying to find a solution for an all in one home beer brewery. Then I found the BeerDroid…but the main problem is that I live in Europe, Bulgaria, so it would not be really useful for me to use their kind of a blueprints. But the device looks promising for what I am looking for – a home brewery where I can brew my own craft beer following specific recipes. So, my questions bellow. Excuse me if they sound stupid… 1. Can I use the BeerDroid with 220V electricity net, or I will need to use some kind of transformer from 110V to 220V? 2. I found the easiest way to brew a beer is to use the blueprints, however, as I mentioned, I live in Europe and it would not be cost efficient to purchase blue prints from the US or Australia, paying shipping, custom taxes, waiting at least two weeks etc. So, I am wondering is it possible to follow some famous recipes that I can find on the net, buy the ingredients from a local provider and then brew a quality craft beer? Or maybe, if I put the ingredients for an American Pale Ale, can I start the BeerDroid App with a program for BluePrint APA or I will need to follow fully custom steps? 3. I watched the videos and saw that the Blueprints are using some mixed liquid ingredients. If I buy dry palettes, should I follow the same process as with the liquid BluePrints, or I will need some more customs steps in advance? 4. Also, Can I buy the BeerDroid only, and not the BrewFlo? Shipping USA to Europe for these two devices would be really expensive and including custom taxes it would become…too much. So, it would be great to know if I can place the beer, once it is brewed and ready to be kegged into some bottles, directly from the BeerDroid, with 1-2 carbon pills? Or maybe I can buy some keg from a local provider? Thanks for your answers!
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