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  1. My last NEIPA had 400g of hops, all commando. Won't do that again! The trub ended up above the tap, so bottling was a PITA.
  2. Well usually the recipe gives the boil amount and if it doesn't specify a sparge quantity I just adjust accordingly.
  3. I take the bag out at the end and place it in another large pot and then sparge with 2-4lts of hot water and squeeze the bejesus out of it, then tip it back in the wort.
  4. ROTM Fruit of the Woods. Very enjoyable drop and probably the second best home brew I have made
  5. I just BIAB on my stove using a Big W stainless steel pot. Had some great results and some not so great. I believe my failures have been due to temp control in summer and I suspect too much oxygen getting to the brews during cool down. That is only a guess, due to the fact that some brews are darker than they should be which, I believe can be a symptom of oxygen exposure.
  6. A sharpened flint? You guys are advanced! I'm still using a rock. (May as well, instead of the useless magican thing I usually struggle with)
  7. Too far way from the nearest Dans so missed out. Would have been an interesting comparison though.
  8. They seem to be firming up a bit more so only time will tell!
  9. Day five in the bottle. Chucked one in the fridge last night and just cracked it. Bloody ripper @Woodsy1525230278. Great colour, very slight haze, good carbonation even after 5 days. Definitely get the fruit and I reckon I can just pick up the honey at the end. Nice easy drinking balanced beer. Next time I might add a bit more hops (because I can!) and maybe some oats. A good American IPA. PS as I got down to the bottom of the glass could really pick up the honey on the nose and the palate. Didn't have Jarrah so I think what we had was Karri.
  10. 4 weeks is plenty, mine are lucky to get 2 weeks! Not sure why it varies so much.
  11. I have found that 2 drops per 740ml PET bottles generally doesn't provide enough carbonation for my taste, although there have been a couple of brews that had to be opened over a sink, if you get my drift!
  12. Checked my bottles today and still not hard so added some more yeast. Will keep you posted.
  13. Tested the FG yesterday and today at 1015 (my hydrometer is off). If it's the same tomorrow then it's bottling time! (around day 9-10).
  14. Gash is good I also watch a fair bit of Simon who reviews craft beers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCToLK0FybrEO9BwODMoWAow
  15. Fruit of the Woods ROTM is bubbling it's arse off. Temp steady at 20deg, perfect! Dry hop tomorrow.
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