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  1. Ha it was a long day! Yeah 1.052 sounds more like it...
  2. Coopers ROTM Aussie Pale Ale, in a brand new fermenter. OG is 10.52.
  3. Had to tip the NEIPA, there was no chance of it surviving. Getting a new fermenter this week and will brew up the Coopers ROTM. Everything crossed
  4. Yeah might be a good idea. At least it eliminates another possibility. Eve though I clean it well it still retains either a beer smell or wine smell, depending on the last batch.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I won't be giving up just yet! Just a thought. I have been using the same fermenter for wine (at least 2 batches) and beer. Not good?
  6. paddybrew2 I used Brewmart No Rinse Steriliser (sodium percarbonate) otto I hope you are right mate! But it was the sample that I could smell first norris Fingers crossed, that's all it is. NEIPA #2 seemed to be off but came good. I have taken the tap apart previously but I always let the sanitiser drain through it to clean it out. Well, just had a taste and it's exactly the same as the last batch. I am terrible at describing tastes or aromas. It has a bitter/sour/off taste, bloody awful. But I will give it some more time. PS Could it be a temp issue?
  7. Yeah will gather up the courage to have taste when I check the SG tomorrow. Could be fruit fly but I have kept it closed as much as possible and always had the airlock in.
  8. Well I am at a loss. Just removed the last of the hops and took a SG (1.114) and before I tipped out the sample had a good sniff. Blow me down it has the same off smell as the last two brews. So I removed the lid and smelled the wort and it isn't good. This time around I was meticulous in my sanitising and did everything possible to not contaminate the wort. I will give it a few more days but this might be another failure. Not sure WTF is going on. I have a ROTM to do after this and that might be my last attempt. I can't afford to keep throwing brews out! I find it difficult to describe the smell without a reference point, it could just be still fermenting, from a distance it just smells like beer but if you smell inside the fermenter, it's not pleasant. The wife said it smelled like fermenting oranges. So I will see how it goes over the next few days.
  9. Last dry hop for the NEIPA today. It was bubbling like crazy for the first 2 days but now has quietened down. Hops get removed on Friday then will test the SG and see where it's going. Smells good.
  10. I have a 100gms of Azacca going into my NEIPA (along with Cascade and Citra) so it will be interesting to see what it brings to the party.
  11. Nice work, it sounds delicious. I will definitely make another summer/session style pale ale, just might up the hops a bit next time.
  12. NEIPA number 4! Got the temp down to 22 and that's the best I could do (yeah I know, get a fridge!), may the beer gods be with me.... OG was 1.058, so happy days. Will dry hop at day 2 100gms and day 4 100gms.
  13. Picking up my NEIPA ingredients today but couldn't get the yeast I wanted. Not sure if I can get any US-05 locally. I have two sachets of the Coopers can yeast, both for pale ale, so I am guessing I could use those in a pinch?
  14. Well nothing in the big boy but 2 brews coming up. In the mean time just happened to have a few kilos of ripe mangoes sitting around, so wahtta ya do? Make mango wine of course!
  15. Just about to order this lot for NEIPA #4. 21lt 1.4kg Gladfield American Ale Malt .35kg flaked oats .10kg Simpsons Crystal medium .50kg LDE 1.70kg Coopers Australian Pale Ale 100gm Cascade 100gm Citra 100gm Azacca White Labs East Coast Ale Yeast Any suggestions welcome!
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