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  1. Yep, one of the better ones I have done. Cheers!
  2. I poured myself another one, thought wow this brew is working well!
  3. If you like fruity and hoppy pale ales try brewing up Chris Woods "Fruit of the Woods" IPA. Made about 3 batches so far and just about due for anothery I reckon
  4. Yeah that sounds pretty good, have to give it a go. The worse thing about a lot of craft pale ales is they can be quite watery and weak. Nothing worse.
  5. I think with a lot of these so called hoppy craft beers they skimp a bit on the hops, economics I guess, whereas we can hop our home brews up to the hilt.
  6. The price of craft beer here is outrageous, sometimes as high as $28 for 4 cans! From my experience there are few beers that qualify for that sort of price. Also agree that some of my brews have been superior to quite a few "craft" beers I have tried.
  7. Coopers "The Voyage" American Pale Ale. Made this kit twice before and makes a delicious brew. This time I had 28g of Riwaka and 28g of Eldorado left over from another recipe (Fruit of the Woods). So I did what any self respecting home brewer would do and added them to the dry hop, so a total of 130g went in today. Should be a nice hoppy brew!
  8. OK fair comment. Not a big stout drinker normally but thought I would give this a go. I was thinking maybe, coconut or cloves, 5 spice, cinnamon, something along those lines. Coconut sounds like a plan.....
  9. We have these at out local Mitre 10. I have made 3 brews of the American Pale Ale and they have all been delicious except the last one, fermentation temp was too high so my fault. Now that the weather is cooling off I thought I would try the Vanilla Choc Stout, as I have never brewed a dark beer. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this one and how did it turn out? Also not really keen on vanilla so was after suggestions for something else to add?
  10. Fruit if the Woods again! I enjoyed it so much last time I am doing it again. Using Karri honey this time, which is delicious. Hops are steeping and I am enjoying a Coopers XPA. Enjoyable beer and might be my next brew :)
  11. First taste test of the carbonated apple wine. The bottles firmed up quite well so chucked one in the fridge yesterday and opened it tonight. It was nicely carbonated and tasted and drank like an apple flavoured champagne, so I call that a win. Oh did I mention that it tastes delicious? (and deadly at 13%!)
  12. NEIPA at 1016 this morning and looks like it's finished, day six. OG was 1060 so looking around 6% ABV. Nice colour. Will check again tomorrow and then it could be bottling day. Just as well because I am down to my last bottle of Fruit of the Woods!
  13. He also has a great NEIPA recipe that I have made several times. About as hoppy as you get!
  14. Mine has been 21 days in the bottle and has definitely improved (not that it really had to) and in a blind test I don't think you could pick it as a home brew at all. As a matter of fact I can compare it very favourably with the last "craft" beer I drank which was the Ross Squire Hop Thief (also an American Pale Ale). I could stick my neck out and say that mine was better, but that would be a bit cheeky
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