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  1. Cheers Captain! It's definitely changing very quickly, reckon it will be pretty good in another month or so. First AG brew so pretty happy overall. Think the next one might be another NEIPA though, loved that one.
  2. Had a few tastes of the Saison, first one was pretty early so a bit raw and not enough carbonation. Cracked a bottle with the neighbors on the weekend. Carbonation was good, not much of a head, but not too bad. Pale straw in colour. Unfortunately he said it tasted like his favorite beer. XXXX. I dispatched him as painlessly as possible. (he is 80 so it was his time, plus his taste buds are probably shot!) Had a couple last night and it is definitely improving. good carbonation and pretty good head. Reckon it could have done with more hops, but then maybe it would be getting away from the style? The taste is an acquired one I would say. Definitely different, but drinkable. I think on a hot day they would go down pretty well! Cheer for all the advice!
  3. Yeah me too, it smells ok, bit cloudy but that's the style I believe. Well time to get bottling and we will know in about 2 weeks!
  4. Saison has been at 1.005 for 3 days, now at day 13. Must be getting close eh?
  5. Yeah sorry otto I wasn't explaining it very well, I have done a BIAB with extract and one with AG.
  6. Ok both times I have done a BIAB I actually sparged the grain bags in a separate container to get most sugars out of them and poured the water back into the mash. I guess what I was trying to say is the recipe described the steps as a full mash using different equipment so I didn't really understand it and don't know enough yet to convert the steps to BIAB. I will use the recipe I used before as I want to replicate the results but will definitely do a FG after that.
  7. Yeah I guess so but it seemed like a lot of grain which makes the whole process a bit more difficult. I think that waiting until I have a bit more experience is a good idea, as well as waiting to see how my AG Saison turns out!
  8. Maybe you brewed a VB by mistake?
  9. Yeah I was thinking of BIAB whereas the recipe is a full on mash. If it turns out as good as last time then all good, happy days. Down the track I will get into full AG, when I have my brew room built under the house
  10. Thanks man, had a look but it seems as though I wouldn't have the equipment for that so I will stick to the partial mash for now. No problems with the result anyway so happy to do again.
  11. Spot on Popo, down to 1.005 today so will keep it going.
  12. While my Saison is sorting itself out before bottling I got to thinking (as you do ) about my next brew. I want to do the NEIPA recipe that I used last time because I was stoked at how it turned out and aim to get a brew bottled for spring/early summer. The recipe called for 1kg ale malt and 350g of flaked oats and one tin of Coopers Pale Ale. Next time I want the replace the tin with grain but not sure how to go about converting it.
  13. Temps were 18-20 did drop a bit below so I moved it into a warmer spot wrapped in a doona so been 20 for the last two days. No rush to bottle, so I will check again tomorrow and probably leave it until Wednesday to bottle. I think part of the ABV "issue" could be that the OG was too low (1.048 instead of 1.064 according to the Brewers Friend recipe).
  14. Saison at 1.008 after 10 days, so about 5.3% which is disappointing. Judging by the wort it looks like it's finished. Had a taste but not sure what a Saison is supposed to taste like! It tastes ok just "different"? Anyway will let it sit until tomorrow then probably bottle or should I let it go for a bit to settle?
  15. Little Creatures Dog Days Session Ale, fruity and hoppy, not a bad drop, even in winter
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