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  1. So just cracked open my first bottle of Jailhouse Juice after three weeks. It's a lot darker than I thought it would be, a lovely aroma and great Hoppy taste, quite bitter, I guess that could be the zest of the grapefruit. Quite happy though at 5.8% roughly. Anyone else had good results with this recipe of the month?
  2. Handy conversion chart. http://www.jaysbrewing.com/2011/11/17/lazy-chart-for-converting-dme-lme-grain/
  3. Another week on and this beer gets better, better head retention, I think if I did this one again I'd double up on the hops, my own taste needs a bigger hop hit, but I must say it's probably number 2 in my all-time extract brews! (Ok I better stop drinking it or I'll have none left for Easter camping!)
  4. Well it came out at ~6.3%, it's been in the bottle for 2 weeks, tastes great, really pleased with the flavour, lacks a bit of head though and dosent seem carbonated enough. I hope it does carb up a bit over the next couple of week as this is my Easter camping beer! Cheers
  5. I recorded 1060 OG, 6.4% probably a bit stronger than I wanted but I'm going to leave it, it'll be interesting to see how this one goes. I do like the stronger IPA's but can't take many in a session. Thanks for the information.
  6. Just reading over the Anarchy IPA recipe of the month and I realised I have stuffed up when putting this recipe down yesterday! I only topped up to 20l, the recipe says top up to 20l then get temp right by topping up to 22l, I pitched the yeast about 24hrs ago and it's in my temp controlled freezer, should I risk adding another 2l of water or just leave it be? Airlock is bubbling away nicely. What do you people think?
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