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  1. Hot sauce done. Strained the chillies and blended into oblivion. Strained all of it again. It turned out very hot. Might be the Habaneros.
  2. Bottling my raspberry mead and sipping on one of my favorite Pils, Jever. Dry and bitter. Herbal and earthy. Yum yum.
  3. I might have a bottle. Filled the car with beer in panic before getting on the boat home.
  4. Crew Republic Easy Summer Beer. Tastes like a lager. Not much bitterness, aroma or flavour from the hops Citra, Amarillo, Comet, Tradition, Cascade. Modern hops but very traditional German beer. Easy drinking and good taste but the craft beer price does not justify. Still yummy though.
  5. Sleipnir Helles from Beer of the Gods. Just like a normal good German Helles. Bready, malty and not much hops. Nothing special if you're in Southern Germany but nice everyday beer.
  6. Having a taste of the raspberry mead with my wife. Not yet bottled. Sweet and very strong. The smell is totally raspberry de luxe! Very nice flavour. This is like a grown up dessert. 4 kg raspberry, 1 kg red currant, 0,4 kg rhubarb, some lemon, 9 kg honey, + 2 l leftover homemade apple and rhubarb cordial. Made 23 litres. My wife loves it and forbids me to give bottles away for Christmas. Gonna do it anyway. She's such a slow drinker.
  7. To the OP: You could also do the lager with Mangrove Jacks M54 Californian Lager yeast which works at Ale temperatures. I've never tried it my self though.
  8. Mjölnir modern lager from Beer of the Gods. Summit and Cascade, also dry hopped. Yummy stuff. A good bitter Pils with modern hop taste. This is the second beer I have tried from this brewery. Really nice stuff.
  9. Cooking ducks breast and sipping on Maisel Pale Ale. Very easy drinking. Their IPA is very good too.
  10. It's cold here too by Christmas so I'm doing a slightly traditional Swedish spiced Christmas wine called glögg.
  11. Labeling my Strange Fruit Ale (based on Fruit Salad Ale) and having a taste. Not so fruity but very nice. Nice bitterness.
  12. My wife loves a certain type of fermented cucumbers and I made Sauerkraut with the excess fluid. It turned out very crispy and fresh tasting. Today I took the same cucumber fluid and started a culture with harvested chillies, some garlic, onion and herbs. Hoping for a good chili sauce out of it.
  13. Dorada Especial. Slightly more bitter than their normal lager. Tastes like a good german Pils. Very nice.
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