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  1. My long time friend has recorded a new song with a gal:
  2. Brewferm Petit Cru = Grand Cru made to 11 litres with Wheat DME instead of half the sugar. 2 months in the bottle now. Malty and quite nice. 6.54 % ABV makes this beer not an everyday choice but it rained before so it's OK.
  3. 3 days ago I put 3 in the fridge. Today I tried one sitting in the sun. Very nice. The pine smell is very intense but the taste not as overwhelming. Bleak but very summery lightly sparkling drink. I could drink a lot of these just sitting in the sun. Next time I'll put in more lemons and blueberries, if I ever do this again.
  4. Yes everything tastes better when you're stoned. Seriously though, Dutch beer tastes better in Holland. I've reacted to it both times I've been there.
  5. I thought it said Volvo Stout. Please let me know when you make a Volvo Stout.
  6. Listening to Ravnfell from coming album The Throne Within by Ram. My colleague at work plays guitar.
  7. The weizen is a bit disappointing and I guess it has to do with the Lallemand Munich yeast + maybe I also brewed this without the fridge at roomtemperature ca 22-24 degrees C. The hops are very subtle. Hard to tell how they will behave in higher concentration. Bought 100 g packets and gonna use the rest in pale ale sometime. Check out this link: http://www.kuchlbauer.de/weissbier-spezialitaeten/turmweisse/ They have built stuff to draw guests to the brewery. My father in law was there and got me the glass. No beers though... null
  8. Finally got the Weizen-glass from my father in law. Drinking my Hefeweizen with Mandarina Bavaria and Hüll Melon.
  9. What yeast would you recommend? Munich clumps a bit and I'm missing the traditional banana flavour.
  10. Is this (Weyermann) the right stuff? --> https://shop.humle.se/en/malt-extract/liquid-malt-extract/malt-extract-bavarian-pilsner-4-kg
  11. So no problem playing it in front of the kids then.
  12. Have no time and no patient wife for the all grain stuff. Extract pilsner, is it possible to make it tasty? Is it worth the time? Or should I just continue to buy my pilsners? Any nice recipes? (I like Jever, Flensburger, Rothaus, Urquell)
  13. 40 seconds in you get the best of both worlds:
  14. My wife is from the state you're in. Lots of nice beers. Some german favourites of mine: Rothaus Pils if you're going westwards. https://www.rothaus.de/en/our-beers/rothaus-pils-en/tannenzapfle?alter=true . Best pils in the south. Also west; Alpirsbacher: good pils and export. https://www.alpirsbacher.de/en/our-beer/alpirsbacher-klosterbraeu.html Also if going east, try Andechs Weizen. https://andechs.de/en/brewery/ This is my favourite Weizen. Lots of banana in this summery monk brewed beer. I wish you a nice holiday in the land of beer!
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