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  1. I have brewed three or four lots using the supplied plastic bottles . After bottling i ensure the caps are tightened, however with this last batch every other bottle is flat, the others are good, Do you think its the bottles or know how long the plastic bottles should last? As some are good and others flat i am thinking it cant be the brew. Previously i have washed them in warm not hot water and a mild bleach solution. Many Thanks Paul
  2. paulgf


    Customer service have been very understanding and are sorting the issue out, which is much appreciated. It hasnt put me off brewing with my coopers kit and i will have the new batch going as soon as i get a new tap. Thanks for the replies, Paul
  3. paulgf


    Thanks Shamus, i managed to save the beer below tap level, although it got a bit shook up in the process. I have ordered two more taps ,so i have a spare. Probably just bad luck,never mind will be doing the next batch once the taps arrive. Going to try a cerveza next then an English bitter. Going for easy recipes to start with.
  4. paulgf


    Hello well i just started brewing and bought my Coopers diy 23 litre kit. I went to bottle it on Friday and as i opened the tap it fell in half and the beer poured everywhere, There was mass panic...........and disappointment as it was not usable and i couldn't make another batch as planned. On examination one of the tap lugs was missing and two of the others had split and lifted away, as though they were perished. I only washed the new kit in warm water, was very gentle with the tap and applied olive oil to the o rings as suggested. Has anyone else had this issue. I have written to customer care over the weekend and await their response.
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