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  1. Yuhu

    2 week grain to glass?

    I was thinking 30psi for a day then back to serving pressure. Does that sound right?
  2. Yuhu

    2 week grain to glass?

    Thanks mate. I'll give it a go.
  3. I pitched US-05 into a 1.051 pale ale on Sunday. I have some mates coming to town next weekend and was hoping to have it on tap by then. Is this a reasonable amount of time? Or should I let it condition longer before drinking?
  4. Yuhu

    Split gas lines

    I'm thinking the lines are crap. I'll head to the home brew store tomorrow and look at upgrading.
  5. Yuhu

    Split gas lines

    I put together my kegerator yesterday and all the lines going to my disconnects and co2 bottle have split. The barbs on these seem slightly bigger than those on the taps and my manifold. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. Yuhu


    I just bought a new crown urn. Do I need to passivate it before using it for the first time?
  7. Yuhu

    Brisbane water report

    Awesome. Thanks mate.
  8. Im after a water report for my suburb in Brisbane. Does anyone know where I can get one?
  9. Yuhu

    Citra pale hop additions

    Thanks mate. I think I'll increase the dry hop but otherwise I'll leave it the same.
  10. I'm planning a citra pale ale in the near future. Im not sure how to adjust the hop additions for no chill. The recipe call for: 14g @60mins 28g @10mins 14g @5mins 28g dry hop Any advice on hownto adjust this for no chill?