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  1. In other words he has plenty of time on his hands and has actually turned into an alcoholic and gone bonkers!
  2. I've had a couple of bags that i've opened and then placed in the fridge later tightly sealed with an elastic band for the last two months. Would that be OK? I will have to change to freezing now. Vacuum sealed.....that's a whole different level I can't justify.
  3. North of Perth. About 40 kms. But work in the city. Travel by train so don't get a chance to get to the BrewMart on weekends. Sometimes need to negotiate with the Ministry of War for special access rights to enter the war zone. Besides with two young kids it's difficult to get a pass out.
  4. Was hoping not to pay the higher freight charges that they have.
  5. What's the best option to buy yeast online in WA or Australia? Just don't have time to get to the Brewmart store in Bayswater.
  6. So I've had it down for 7 days and did a reading yesterday and it was 1012, already at the lower end of the SG range indicated in the recipe. I will take another reading tonight but might be ready to bottle.
  7. Yes, it's actually 5th day. I just wasn't sure about from day 4 to when the SG would level out. My other IPA was 14 days from the starting day. For this one I wasn't sure if wait another 10 days to take a reading. I will leave it for another 3 days and take a reading.
  8. So I got the Cog Work IPA Special recipe kit from Coopers the other day and it's now down bubbled away and fermentation. I put the Hops in after day 4 but my mesh that I have it in isn't submerged so I think i will buy a tea infuser off ebay for the next time I need to do this. But my question is fermentation time. It's not exactly stated. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/cog-work-ipa.html Fermentation has finished once the specific gravity is stable over two days. How long do you think I should start taking SG readings? Generally it's stated in the recipe but for some reason it's not for this one.
  9. Anthony999


    You guys with the towels and ice don't want to get a old fridge and an inkbird controller? It's one of the best pieces of kit for a controlled brew.
  10. It has turned out pretty good. Not too bitter and well rounded taste. My best brew yet!
  11. Thanks for the comments. Might be a good thing to have a lower IBU really. I boiled 50 gms of Pacific Jade hops in 3 l of water for 10 minutes with the 1 kg of light dry malt. One finished added 25 gms of Amarillo hops. For another 10 minutes, no boil then cool down 15 minutes in cold water bath before straining into the fv. The Pacific Jade hops are quite strong aroma. Has been down for 5 days or so and smells great so far. Very cloudy though. Have another 5 days before checking. Will come back once bottled and tasted.
  12. One out of two is not bad! https://www.fatherly.com/health-science/can-ipa-beers-cause-man-boobs/?utm_source=facebook&utm_content=fatherly&utm_campaign=fbowned&utm_medium=social
  13. Ok. That's what I thought. I was trying to follow the recipe correctly and this minor thing happened.
  14. I've had a brew down for a few days and is fermenting ok but thought I would ask a slight recipe mistake. I boiled 1 kg of light dry malt with hops when I should gave split in half 500 gm with hops and then the other 500 gm of dry light malt with the malt extract after with the boiled liquid in the fermentation vessel. I didn't think this would be an issue but thought I would ask.
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