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  1. Got there finally. It's 0.999 now. Cold crashing it now. It's at 6 degrees and the solids has dropped but it's still alot. The solids I think will have an impact on the bottling side. What could be done? Should I try and remove it or what should I do? Just worried about contamination or if I try and remove it.
  2. I see what you mean about the solids. Needed to pay attention to that for the next brew. Still going.....slowly for last 4 days at 1.015. So it should get to 1.000?
  3. Cool thanks. Raised it to 22 degrees. Check in 48 hours to see what’s happening.
  4. Ahh, so didn’t put the purée in? I put the purée with 2 sticks of cinnamon, some cloves, and 2 lemons halves and an one half orange. They were the only solids. temp is at 19 degrees with 0.5 degree differential
  5. I've placed a ginger beer, based on the receive at the start of this thread. I did add some extra herbs, not a lot though. It's been down for 7 days today, gone from 1.052 to 1.35 on Thursday and today just checked it's 1.030, still after seven days. I have no problems letting it ferment further but I gathered from the recipes i've read it would take 5 days plus a few days and many in the thread mention it get's close to 1.000 SG. There is quite a bit of solids there but the ginger was pureed and boiled for 45 minutes. Interested your thoughts.
  6. Already have it actually. I could but generally I can wait a couple of months before using it so probably best to wait till I need and crack it then.
  7. Yeah Ok. Thought that might be the case. I might use a mallet next time. I think that would work in a ziplock bag than a rolling pin. I don't really see the need to buy a grain mill for something done every blue moon.
  8. Newbie question, instead of using a rolling pin to crack grain could you use a clean blender for a few seconds to break it up? I've found using a rolling pin to be quite difficult in a ziplock bag to really crack the grain.
  9. I bought online and I've bottled it the other day. Forgot to give it a swig to see where it was. I didn't think the ginger was very prominent though. I will let you guys know how it turns out in a couple of weeks.
  10. @Red devil 44 Wow. That's alot of taps! Don't know how you can multitask all the time! Kegging sounds like the go. Have to research and plan......:)
  11. Nice! I did the Downhill White IPA and it was great. Took to work for taste testing and people were impressed. Have to look at kegging. Still bottle. Need to talk with the minster of finance on that one. Still only on my 6-7th brew.
  12. Nice! I will give it a go! I've used previously that Hop Infuser but I found the largest one, 8.5 cm in diameter was still too small so I've got on transit the larger one of the below infuser. I have a Saison on the go now which is close to finalising and then i have a White IPA which I've done before. A great brew that one.
  13. You mentioned S& W and posted your recipe. I'm interested! How you treat the galaxy hops?
  14. In other words he has plenty of time on his hands and has actually turned into an alcoholic and gone bonkers!
  15. I've had a couple of bags that i've opened and then placed in the fridge later tightly sealed with an elastic band for the last two months. Would that be OK? I will have to change to freezing now. Vacuum sealed.....that's a whole different level I can't justify.
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