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  1. I'm brewing a Deliverance Hoegaarden beer at the moment but the can said that one teaspoon per 750ml bottle. I looked online but didn't really get a definitive answer if one carbonation drop is a teaspoon of sugar. Generally it's two drops per 750ml bottle. Appreciate your help. Just found something: 1 teaspoon is 4.2 grams, 1 carbonation drop is 3 grams so should i just use sugar or should i just use 2 carbonation drops?
  2. I've just put down my Hoegaarden brew last night with my Inkbird controller. Have it set at 22 degrees c but didn't set it properly overnight and the temp went from 23.5 degrees to 24.5 degrees so hopefully fixed that in the morning. Seemed to be working ok. It was really churning this morning when i checked.
  3. So i have this wheat beer like hoegaarden which is at 20-26 degrees at initial and then 20-24 degrees ongoing. Reading all the comments and yours I should stick at about 22 degrees for a better wheat and yeast flavour or ....? Hoegaarden is a sweeter beer but still has a stronger wheat taste so unsure.
  4. well......you think i should have bought sooner but seeing I've just bottled my first brew last night i'm about to go into my second brew as a newbie I want to make sure i get a better result. I don't think my first brew is going to turn out. My next brew is going to be a hoegaarden equivelant and needs to be between 20-24 degrees.
  5. Good topic. Not enjoying the heat here in Perth. 42 the other day. Just ordered a Inkbird myself!
  6. Bayswater would probably be ok. I'm in Murdoch area. I can google it, there seems to be a few around. Just thought they might be a good online option as well to get everything.
  7. 1 x Star San 30 x pet bottles RECIPE CONTAINS: 1 × Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat (1.7kg) 1 × Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract (1.5kg) 1 × Coopers Carbonation Drops (250g) * YOU SUPPLY: 1 × 300g Crystal Wheat Grain 1 × 12g Perle Hop Pellets 1 × 11g Lallemand Munich Wheat Dry Yeast Also a nice non alcoholic ginger beer recipe.
  8. Great thanks. Looks like a have to get more equipment!!
  9. Ok, new to this. So find a nice recipe I want to try and understand Coopers can supply some of it but the other ingredients, where from? Should I just go to the local brew store locally and get everything or just buy online. I don't want to buy from different sources. Just annoying I suppose.
  10. I think I just want to try and see if I can get something OK. I don't know, must be my never give up attitude to see if I can get something. It's certainly a learning curve. It's got some foam head now and fermenting so let me see how it is in a few days.
  11. Hmmm OK. Thanks for the comments. It's been very helpful. I pitched some bakers yeast and put it into the brew gave it a good mix. I had already had some reaction there but mild. Now have about 5mm foam head. Smells ok when opened up. I will give it a day or two and see what 'brews'!
  12. Thanks for the replies. I've bought some dry yeast from Woolworths to see if that will work. If I haven't had a reaction in 24-36 hours i will start again.
  13. I put my first brew down. I bought a kit of gumtree, not used still in box untouched. I pulled it out, cleaned it with warm water, 2 tablespoons of bleach in about 5 litres of water then rinsed it out with water again. Followed the proceedure with brew going down at temp of 26-24 degrees. Photos attached are 24 hours and just checked now after about 36 hours and no reaction on bubbling away reaction. One other thing, the malt was about 3 years out of date! I asked a mate who brews and he said it probably doesn't matter. But now with nil reaction i'm not so sure. I didn't check the other ingredients or enhancer either for date but from same box. What you think? Just discard and start again a new brew or wait?
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