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  1. Yeah that is understandable though, as you are hugely over pitching. Something I have never done, I have harvested yeast but never dumped straight onto the cake.
  2. I almost always use US-05 but have been using Kelsey's starter method for the last 4 batches without any issues. Started with one pack of US-05 into a 2L starter (I do not have a stirrer or heater, just left it at ambient and gave it a shake every now and then in the flask). Then wait for it to ferment, mix it up, store 750ml into a PET bottle and store in fridge, then cold crash the remainder, tip off the excess and pitch. No issues thus far. However, I never (even when pitching packs directly into the wort) had action after 2-3 hours. Most of my beers start showing active fermentation after 18-24 hours or so. I would never stress unless I didn't see any action after 48 hours.
  3. Another pic of my SMaSH... Too good of a pic to not share Stay safe!
  4. Double post but here an awesome shot I took of my mosaic smash on this beautiful arvo.
  5. Not sure about that - hopefully someone else can enlighten whether they are the same dimensions. I have never used the old one so can't say. The Coopers taps would only be available from Coopers I'd say. You won't find them at Bunnings.
  6. 1. Yes the "snap" tap is Coopers new tap that replaced the old one. 2. Yes. 3. No idea - I don't think they make them anymore. The snap tap does not need to be held open. It clicks into an open position and stays there.
  7. Agreed, I always have one spare with o-rings on it ready to go just incase. Another reason I love the Coopers fermenters - no threads so easy to clean out.
  8. Yes, adding grains definitely does effect the gravity's in the spreadsheet.
  9. I find it one of the better taps out of the fermenter taps. It pulls completely apart so you can get in and sanitize properly and the o-rings are easily removable/replaceable.
  10. First AG beer.... Mosaic SMaSH. Don't think I have posted it yet lol....
  11. Correct that pressure change will cause it to rise, but adding the hops also increases this as you are adding nucleation points that causes C02 to come out of solution as soon as the hops go in. So its a double whammy. One thing you could try if you like is running a gas line from the top of the fermenter straight to the collection jar and use the C02 the yeast has produced to purge the 02 out. I personally would prefer to use the bottle as you don't need much C02 to purge out a little container like the collection jar. But if you don't like wasting the gas then you can always do that
  12. If I was looking to ferment under pressure I'd definitely be doing it with the Fermzilla. The collection bottle also doubles up to allow you to oxygen free dry hop without removing any pressure and therefore without any of that horrible mess.
  13. Mostly correct - Maltodextrin I believe does not ferment at all, hence it ups the FG and increases mouthfeel/body in the final product. Dextrose is 100% fermentable and will fully ferment out to C02/alcohol. Malt is not 100% fermentable but mostly is, hence why as you add malt to your recipe your FG slowly increases, as does your ABV. I never used maltodextrin when I was using kits/extract. I found all malt recipes to be the best with a mixture of liquid malt, dry malt and sometimes wheat malt.
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