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  1. A couple of days at ambient temps would hardly have effected them Hope you didn't throw them just because of that.
  2. Fair enough, I didn't get any replies to my original post of the recipe and I had to get it brewed last weekend or I'd have to wait till next weekend to do it so I just went with it.. Fingers crossed it turns out OK
  3. I was aiming for something similar to the All Inn FWK Mosaic XPA, which is not very bitter at all. I'm planning to so some other SMaSH's before moving into using different malts and hops so if I find it under-bittered I will increase the IBU's in my next attempt. Might use Citra or Amarillo in the next one.
  4. I ended up brewing this recipe: It is still in the cube, hoping to get it into the fermenter this Sat as my pacific ale which is currently in the fermenter should be ready to keg by then. Will update as fermentation gets underway and I get it into the keg. I hit 1.052 OG and pretty much filled the cube perfectly so I guess brew day went pretty well for my first AG brew. Now it just comes down to the taste Mitch.
  5. Sounds about right, especially since you BIAB. I set mine to CC width which seems to be about 0.9mm from my shitty ruler measurements. I might open it to 1mm and use feeler gauges to measure the gap this time. Will see how that goes in combination with the fine mesh screen being left out of the mash tun. Cheers.
  6. What is the gap size that you set on your mill? My BrewZilla had a bit of a slow mash/sparge and I am unsure whether my mill might've been too fine, but I've also been told that the fine mesh screen shouldn't be used in the bottom of the mash tun and I used that...
  7. Did you break the foot or didn't have it on there properly? I was so careful doing that on my first brew with the brewzilla last weekend!
  8. Well done mate. Good to see you've found the leaks. I found that dedicated Gas lines are much better at sealing on the barbs then normal liquid line etc. The line I got for gas was softer then my Valpar flex master which helps it seal properly on the barbs, and I (touch wood) have never had a leak yet. This is the gas line I used: https://www.triplejhomebrew.com.au/5mm-id-pu-high-pressure-co2-gas-tube-8mm-od.html I would also recommend genuine CMB or genuine Cornelius disconnects. They are a bit pricier but much better quality and the money you spend on them will save the gas you will lose in the case of a leak. Mitch.
  9. The instant Krausen growth could just be C02 being brought out of solution by the nucleation points of the sugar. This is common when people dry hop a wort that is actively fermenting, the air lock starts going crazy. I've never heard of adding sugar on top of yeast, you should be able to just add it to the wort and let it do its thing. Or you can re-hydrate yeast/make a yeast starter in the future.
  10. Most likely the Coopers one is reading slightly low, not much to worry about really. If the glass one is bang on 1.000 just use that as its the more accurate one. Was your brew volume definitely 20L? If so, it looks like your yeast has attenuated much more than expected. It could indicate an infection. How does it taste? Mitch.
  11. I have taken into account the extra bitterness I will get from my cube hops that I put in so hopefully it will turn out OK. I was careful not to go too big on the cube hop for that reason, although in the future with big hoppy IPA's/XPA's I can see it being an issue as I would usually do 50-100g hop stands at 80C with my extract brews and this is going to be hard to do when cubing. Need to work out how I'll do it as dumping in that many hops to the cube will obviously result in undesired extra bitterness. Mitch.
  12. I do have a pool, however, I didn't use it this time Its a bit green and manky and I don't know how I feel about dumping my wort in there although obviously it should be fine. I cubed it at about 6-7pm and by the time I woke up the next day she was down to ambient temps. Had a little taste of the wort from the hydrometer sample, tasted great so fingers crossed that taste moves to the glass!
  13. Now the cube has cooled there isn't much air in there. I don't wanna open it up now its cooled down so will just leave it in there and hope for the best. The cube will only be stored for about 4-5 days before the fermenter is free. The heat from the wort when it entered should've sanitised the air (I'm hoping). Will report once its in the glass
  14. One of my last extract brews before I will be drinking my AG. Anarchy IPA with a few little adjustments. Nice beer and great head retention. Creamy as. Bitterness that hits hard but a nice after taste of the hops. Happy brewing.
  15. That piece is designed to not need thread tape however you can still use some. Just dont get the tape on the section of metal that seals against the piece you have pictured as this may result in a leak. Put the tape on the thread only. I would be getting more gas, turning the pressure up nice and high (50PSI) and spraying everything with starsan. The disconnect that was not being used could be the culprit. Turn the gas up high and put it into a glass of water. Also - a good way of testing for leaks is to set the pressure nice and high, take all disconnects off and turn the bottle off. Then leave the whole system for an hour or so. The gauges on the reg should stay exactly the same. If they drop, you are losing gas somewhere. Best of luck.
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