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  1. From what I can see most places recommend replacement every 3-4 years but if they aren't causing any problems I don't see the need to replace :).
  2. Thanks Kelsey. I figured I would just bite the bullet and pay the extra for the quality lines. I've upgraded pretty much all of my system to higher quality gear now so won't skimp on the lines. Cheers.
  3. For those of you that run Valpar Flexmaster lines, where do you purchase it from? I'm looking at getting some 5mm Valpar line for liquid dispensing as since my new Intertaps have gone in, my pour seems to be too fast with my 1.4m 4mm lines. What pressure and line length are you running with it? I'm thinking about 4m of 5mm ID should be about right, but may get 5m lines and cut down until happy with the pour. Mitch.
  4. New taps are in and working well The pour seems to be faster in these compared to my old taps, probably because of the spout on these ones. Might need to increase the lines to 3.5-4m as it currently has 3m on it.
  5. Not sure to be honest, it is this hydrometer though. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282614917215 The wort would've been about 21C when it was measured so temp shouldn't have played a roll. Mitch.
  6. Following on from above... Not sure whats going on but I am for the second brew in a row I am reading low on my OG. Just read 1.064 for the Coopers Vintage Ale '19 which IanH spreadsheet calculated should've read 1.069. I ensured all ingredients were dissolved this time around in hot water and that I did not overfill. Hydrometer reads 1.000 in plain water... Got me beat.
  7. Coopers Vintage Ale '19 ready to ferment away and the poms getting flogged! Beauty! Keen to see how this one goes! Mitch.
  8. Yes it probably would. However, adding oxygen into the wort before adding yeast is beneficial to a healthy fermentation. The easiest way to add some oxygen is when mixing the ingredients with a paddle/spoon. Mitch.
  9. Should be fine. The Coopers kit yeast sold with the APA tin is a Ale/Lager hybrid so will happily ferment at slightly lower temps. Most people agree that 18C is about the right temp for most ale yeasts to ferment at. If the temp gets too low the yeast may go dormant. This is a better option then it getting too hot. Once the temp comes back up it should begin fermenting again but some of the yeast may have flocculated when the temp dropped down so sometimes a gentle stir is necessary to get the yeast back into suspension. This is not always necessary though. When it gets too hot the yeast will release esters and flavours that aren't very nice. Mitch.
  10. The fridge that you are serving from will need to be at fridge temps as this houses the kegs. So no fermenting in the keg fridge. My setup is basically the same as @Martyg1525230168. I have two taps through the front of the fridge door and 3 gas lines and disconnects coming from the manifold. This means I can have two serving at all times and while they are serving one is ageing and carbing on the 3rd gas line. That way as soon as a keg runs out, I simply swap the liquid disconnect onto the full keg, ferment a new brew and it can then age and carb in the fridge while I'm drinking the other two. Works perfect See my setup below.
  11. Agreed it can definitely do with more hops, especially being an XPA. I might rebrew it at some stage in the future with extra hops in it and maybe only 200g crystal as the 400g definitely makes it too dark. Mitch.
  12. I should be able to do this for you tomorrow Mitch.
  13. Check valves should only drop about 2psi so you probably have about 14/15psi going into your kegs if you have 16/17psi on your reg. Thanks @Coopers DIY Beer Team that should make it much better! I kegged my Centenarillo Ale tonight so all three kegs are in at the moment. Ahh nothing like a full beer fridge
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