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  1. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    You can definitely use trial and error but why screw around when smart people have made calculators to give you near perfect figures to achieve what you want Depending on your target volumes of C02, your regulator pressure will increase or decrease. This in turn, will mean your line length will need to go longer/shorter. For example, if you want your beer at 2.2 vols of C02, then your reg pressure (if the fridge is at 3C) should be 7.8PSI. This in turn, means if you have 5mm ID liquid line, your beer line only needs to be about 2.5m long. Whereas, if you are wanting 2.6 vol of C02 (which means your reg must be around 12PSI), you will need about 4m of beer line to add the extra resistance necessary. Otherwise, your pour will be too fast and you'll get a cup full of head. Because different styles of beer should have different carb levels, this method doesn't work perfectly. I just use 2.6 vol of C02 across the board as I generally drink Ales of some sort, and I am happy to carb all my beers at that level. Mitch.
  2. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    It is certainly the best way to do it. But if your system isn't balanced, you may overcarb/undercarb your beer when storing it at your serving pressure. Use this calculator to determine your regulator pressure needed to achieve your Vol of C02: https://www.brewersfriend.com/keg-carbonation-calculator/ Then, use this one to determine the amount of line needed to restrict the flow: http://www.mikesoltys.com/2012/09/17/determining-proper-hose-length-for-your-kegerator/ For example, for 2.60 volumes of C02 in my system, my reg must be set to 12PSI and then as I use 5mm ID liquid tubing, I should have approx 4m of beer line. This should result in a balanced system where you shouldn't ever need to touch the reg (unless force carbing quickly). If you have any questions feel free to ask
  3. MitchellScott

    What quick disconnects to buy?

    Thanks for the help guys. The CMB disconnects came last Friday and I installed them last night, they seem to be a much nicer fit and I no longer have the leak when pushing on the disconnect. I also grabbed some lube from my LHBS and put a light smear on the o-ring. Cheers :).
  4. I've had hops that looked similar to that before, although not that crushed up. I thought it was caused by how much they vacuum sealed the container. Hard to be sure though. The coppers support are brilliant so I'm sure if you shoot them an email they will help out.
  5. MitchellScott

    no head

    100% if your happy with the lower ABV then that's sweet. But many of my brews are from the recipes section and many of them without the extra 0.4-0.5% they can be quite low ABV. I figure the recipes technically have sugar in them from the bottle priming so adding the same amount of sugar (I know it's less then 300g) should result in the same beer.
  6. MitchellScott

    no head

    Yep exactly. Since I've started kegging I usually add about 250-300g of Dex to make up for the ABV the secondary ferment in bottles gives. I wouldn't add much more Dex then that to a brew though. Get your ABV from Malt Extracts. For example, my IPA I just put down has a Coopers APA tin, Coopers LME tin (1.5kg), 500g DME and 300g Dextrose. Cheers.
  7. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    If your draught system is balanced, serving pressure should carbonate the beer fine within a week or so (at fridge temps). For my system, 12PSI is about the go to for carbonation/serving.
  8. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    Good choice
  9. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    Yep exactly. I don't know how they're doing it, but they are, and so are Keg King ($84). Then you own it, so no f*cking around with swap and go's etc. There shipping is very reasonable on it too. https://www.kegland.com.au/co2-gas-cylinders-6kg-full.html
  10. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    I honestly think you would be struggling big time to get 100L of carbed and served beer from a sodastream cylinder. As Kelsey said, most brewers tend to get 12-18 months out of a 6kg bottle. If you have the room to fit it, then that is the go. Cheaper, and less trips to get it refilled = better overall experience. I got my 6kg bottle from KegLand. $83 for a full bottle, and you own it. My LHBS charges $55 to refill on the spot. So $55 a year and one trip at most to the LHBS and I'm sorted for gas. Using anything smaller then a 2kg bottle would be a major pain in the ass in comparison (in my opinion). Mitch.
  11. MitchellScott

    CO2 Cylinder V Soda Stream: which way to go?

    I haven't tested it myself but the general concensus around 6kg C02 bottles is that they will carb and serve 500L of beer.
  12. MitchellScott

    Off flavours

    Me too, I haven't brewed for very long, but I have used US-05 every time but once and never had a problem. Just went out and checked my IPA in the FV, and all the little yeasties are flying around in what looks like a convection
  13. MitchellScott

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    All done and in the fermentation fridge. Nice and healthy 1.058 OG should be around 5.8-6% ABV kegged.
  14. MitchellScott

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Brew day today... Anarchy IPA from the recipes section. Let's do this
  15. Last time I checked, KegLand had them in stock. EDIT, looks like they still do - https://www.kegland.com.au/lemondrop-100g-pellet-hop.html