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  1. Glad you enjoyed this one mate. It was certainly an easy drinker that is pretty easy to make. In regards to you head issue, you will probably find that it will improve with time in the bottle, but because you have a decent amount of sugar in the brew and a pretty low FG, its always going to be hard to keep a good head on it. As AL said, steeping grains can certainly help with this. You can also try more malt and a bit less sugar too. I personally wouldn't be using Maltodextrin in this sort of beer. Crystal malt or Carapils would certainly work though As you can see in a few posts above, the bottle that was stored and lagered properly had a great 1cm head for the whole beer. I did use a nucleated Headmaster glass with it too though, so that would have definitely helped. Another thing you could try is using LME instead of DME, that is something I personally didn't test, but when I was doing extract brews and I was making ales, I did find the LME superior to DME. Never tried it in a lager though. Cheers and happy brewing
  2. You will probably end up with a pretty bitter beer as you have boiled for the 60mins instead of 30. But if you don't mind that it will be fine. Sure you can sub in US-05 but keep in mind that is an ale yeast so you wont be producing a lager beer. It will probably be a very bland beer with US-05 too as that is an extremely neutral yeast flavour wise. I would be keeping the S23 or even using W34-70. Mitch.
  3. Hi mate. General rule of thumb is to have an approx 1.040 gravity in your wort for boiling. To achieve this you want give or take 100g per liter of DME. So fill the pot to 10L, add in 1kg of DME, get it to the boil, then add in your 30g of POR and start timer. Once you hit 30mins, take it off the heat and cool it down ASAP (I used a bath with some water in the bottom of it). That's it :). Not hard at all. Mitch.
  4. What was the recipe? A FG of 0.07 is extremely low Mitch.
  5. Like @Journeyman has said, the beer is simply absorbing the small amount of C02 you have in the headspace. Just give it a purge when first filling, then you can store it with no issue. The pressure from the headspace will naturally absorb into the beer but that is normal. Mitch.
  6. Hey all. Long time no see, been flatout lately. I want to remake my Chocolate Milk Stout which is actually a Cheeky Peak recipe (AG). But was curious as to how it would taste with a bit of a chilli bite. How do people go about adding some chilli into their stouts? Add into the boil? Is there a certain type of chilli that works best? How much to add? Any help would be awesome Cheers, Mitch.
  7. I would say it will take off, however, after a few months in the fridge you have probably lost quite a few cells. A starter would have done it well. I would leave it for another 12-24 hours. If you have no action then, then worry. Mitch.
  8. I've heard a similar thing at a few places. Basically seems to be exactly what @James Lao said from what I can gather after talking to a few people about it.
  9. To be honest mate I cannot remember hahahaha. I remember one of my 150 Lashes clones being much hoppier than the original, not that that was a bad thing. That may or may not have been this recipe that I posted above, although looking at it now there isn't a huge amount of hops there (compared to what I use now anyway...) Give it a crack for sure, it definitely wasn't a bad beer, otherwise I would have certainly remembered it Mitch.
  10. There are many ways you can do it. Most people tend to prefer ageing beers are ambient temps, so because of this, I would go down one of two paths for carbonation/ageing. Keg the beer, add the priming sugar, and leave at ambient temps for 6 weeks. then cool and connect to serving pressure. Keg the beer, connect to C02 and purge the headspace with 45PSI 4-5 times (removes any oxygen from the headspace of the keg), then store for 4-5 weeks at ambient, then when you are ready, connect it to gas and put in fridge, carbing at serving pressure for 10-14 days. You could force carb it overnight but not really any need when you want to age it anyway. As someone who kegs myself, I prefer the force carbing method. Naturally carbing a keg leaves a bit of yeast sediment in the bottom of it and also adds alcohol (making it drier) due to the priming sugar used. If you have the gas there to do it, why not just force carb (IMO). Mitch.
  11. Agreed with the IanH spreadsheet. When I was brewing extract it was a life saver and helped me start designing my own recipes. It's a great piece of equipment. Mitch.
  12. Along with this, most liquid malt cans are 1.5kg. Save yourself the hassle of saving 0.3kg and trying to store it, just throw the whole lot in there and enjoy a slightly stronger beer. When I was using extract I had great success with the Coopers liquid malts. Very well priced on their website when they do the free shipping offers too (if you are in Australia). Mitch.
  13. See this all the time on the FB home brew groups...... Can never work out what it is Mitch.
  14. Knew I'd have to post in here eventually....... It all started about a week ago when I brewed up an AG Clone and Wood. Missed my OG by a bit so thought instead of drinking a near mid strength Pacific Ale, I'll brew another strong batch with the same bitterness and mix them both together in my larger 60L fermenter. All went well, saved the brew and ended up with 45L of it... Can't complain there. Tuesday night I pulled the 60L fermenter out, gave it a good sanitize and poured both cubes in. Was just starting to clean things up before realising the shitty tap is leaking (I usually use my 30L Coopers fermenter which has a great tap that I have never had issues with). Shitttt... What do I do now. I didn't have a spare tap and it was about 8.30pm. A quick phone call to a fellow brewer who lives close and I found myself a new tap - lucky as I was expecting to have to do the 9am run to the LHBS to get a new tap and hope not too much leaked out...... Jumped in the car and raced over there, got the tap, came back and poured about 3/4 of the wort back into the cubes understanding I am risking infection but had no other choice. Got enough wort out of the fermenter to tilt it on an angle and allow the tap to be swapped over. Then poured to cubes back in and added the yeast starter. Crisis averted thank god. One positive that came out of things was after mixing the two (weaker and stronger) I got back OG back to where it should be (1.044). After checking the beer this morning, it seems to be chugging away nicely and at the moment there is no signs of infection so I think we are OK. I am always pretty anal with sanitation so was confident it will be OK. Mitch.
  15. That's great that they have allowed you to post that Well done again Woodsy and well done Coopers for the great competition. @King Ruddager I look forward to a side by side video!
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