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  1. MitchellScott

    How to properly harvest yeast?

    Brilliant thanks guys. I am gonna throw another brew of some sort down a few days after this one finishes so will taste it out and see how I go Will be a nice little cost savings. Cheers!
  2. MitchellScott

    How to properly harvest yeast?

    Hi guys. Since I am finding many of my brews are using US-05 yeast now, I want to look into the ways of properly harvesting the yeast from the trub. 1. How do you get it out? Just scoop it out with a strelised spoon? 2. How much of it do you need? 3. Do you only take the top bit of the trub? Or any? 4. How to clean it? 5. How to store? And obviously any other info I would need to know Thanks brains trust!
  3. MitchellScott

    80 Batches and still going strong

    I'm only a baby Put my first brew down probably late Jan and it was the Mr. Beer Coopers Kit (Amber Ale). Had the wet towel around the FV in a struggle tokeep the FV in the recommended temp range. It tasted OK, some off flavours most likely due to the temp and no head on the beer but overall I was happy with it as a first brew. Next brew I upgraded to the 30L FV and got myself a fridge, temp control, proper sanitiser and some more knowledge. Brewed the Coopers lager with W30-70 yeast @ 12C, did a diacetyl rest and cold crash. They are now lagering at 1C (have been there for a month). Although I had to crack a couple and test them out... Very nice beer :). Next was my first time with hops. Tried a S&W Pacific Ale clone. Started with base extract (LME and Wheat Malt Extract) and boiled hops to hit my IBUs, along with adding dry hops. Beer is very enjoyable, but more bitter then the original. Will definitely be a recipe I'll re-visit and change my hop schedule. And my latest brew is my first experience with grain (my take on a 150 Lashes). Steeped 200g of Crystal grain before adding that into my hop boil. Once again using a base of LME and Wheat Malt Extract. Currently in the FV fermenting at 18C (day 4). Only time will tell how this one will go :). This forum has been a massive help and I am sure that without it my brews wouldn't be where they are now. Thanks to all that have helped! Happy Brewing!
  4. MitchellScott

    Off brews in PET bottles after 2-3 months?

    When you soaked PET's, did you do up the caps or leave the caps off? I'm guessing the Perc turning to oxygen will pressurize the bottles and possible cause a bottle bomb? Thanks, Mitch.
  5. MitchellScott

    Off brews in PET bottles after 2-3 months?

    I'm sure some others have more ideas, but one thing that springs to mind with hopped beers is overtime they will start to lose their "hoppiness". Maybe that is what has started to happen. I wouldn't think it would make them undrinkable though, very weird.
  6. MitchellScott

    Sodium Percarbonate

    Video of my sodium perc (from original post) in action the other night cleaning burnt carbon from my 15L pot. Came back the next morning, tipped it out and had a sparking clean pot again. It's great stuff :). received_2606940612709554.mp4
  7. MitchellScott

    Quick Question

    Thanks a lot guys, all done on Sat night and shes's in the fermenting fridge @ 18C. Thanks again!
  8. MitchellScott

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    My take on a 150 lashes put down last night. 200g crystal in 1L water steeped at 77c for 20min. 15g Amarillo @ 15min 15g Nelson Sauvin @ 15min 10g Amarillo @ flame out (80c) steeped for 15min. 10g galaxy @ flame out (80c) steeped for 15min. 1.5kg lme 1.5kg wheat malt extract. US-05. OG - 1.040 IBU - approx 18.
  9. MitchellScott

    Quick Question

    Quick question brains trust... I have 200g Crystal Malt grains t add to my extract brew. How much water should I steep these in, how long and what temp is usually best to hold? Thanks!
  10. MitchellScott

    Nice Summer Beer Recipe

    Sodium Perc will convert to Oxygen, sodium carbonate and water. The Sodium Carbonate will generally stay in the brew and therefore most people will recommend to rinse after using Sodium Perc. The most popular no-rise sanitiser is Starsan or Stellasan (acid based sanitisers). Cheers.
  11. MitchellScott

    Yeast falling to bottom of fv just after pitching

    Sounds completely normal to me. They tend to sit on the top when you add the yeast then as they get wet sink to the bottom.
  12. MitchellScott

    Flameout Hop Additions

    So the IBU's generally given in spreadsheets/brewing software generally are 10-30% lower after its fermented? Interesting if that's the case. So technical hahaha.
  13. MitchellScott

    S&W pacific ale recipe

    There is definitely good hop taste and aroma, but the bitterness sort of overpowers it. I think its just a trial and error situation, I'll definitely give it another crack in the future and see if I can get it right :).
  14. MitchellScott

    Flameout Hop Additions

    I was going to roll with a 15g Nelson, Amarillo and Willamette 10min boil, then add nothing at flameout and dry hop another 10g of each. What are your thoughts of this? I did download BeerSmith 3 last night as a trial so will try and have a play with it tonight and see what I can work out. But if I can get the bitterness I need from a 10min boil then just dry hop the rest, I don't see why that wouldn't work for me. Thanks for the help again guys, some really interesting info in this thread :).
  15. MitchellScott

    S&W pacific ale recipe

    Thanks for the tip. So you would recommend using less of the hop in a future brew? Or just less at flameout? Thanks, Mitch.