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  1. Although I am now moving to AG, I really only bought the malt extracts anyway which are still well priced at $10.80. The kits have certainly increased.
  2. I pitched two packs dry straight in, no re-hydration. If I was using one pack I'd definitely be rehydrating, but would recommend two for the OG in a lager.
  3. Hi mate. Yeast was pitched at appox 18C and the fridge brought that down to 12C over a few hours. It was fermented at 12C then when it was a few points away from FG I raised the temp up to 18C for a few days to finish off fermentation and also perform a Diacetyl rest. Then cold crashed at 2C for 1-2 weeks before bottling/kegging. When bottling most people usually bottle, leave at ambient temps for 2 weeks then store at cold temps to "lager" the beer. The beer will still be fine if you don't lager it, however, they generally are a nicer beer when lagered properly. My boil was 10L so therefore used approx 1kg of LDM in the boil to being the SG to 1.040. Cheers, Mitch.
  4. I'll drink anything... But certainly won't go out and buy a case of VB A nice lager is brilliant on a hot Summer's day. But since moving to home brew I'm loving my Ales, and the fact they are quicker to brew is a bonus I've just ordered myself a nice BrewZilla so am making the move to AG. I'd be keen to try it again with AG and compare the difference. Cheers!!
  5. Just poured myself one of these to try after a good offering period. Dad has been getting through the keg and seems the be enjoying it. Here’s what it looks like now The bench makes it look a yellowy greeny colour but it was dark outside so it was the best I could do lol.
  6. Well, as the title says...... https://www.theshout.com.au/news/breaking-cub-buys-balter-brewing-co/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter+51119+Breaking+News&utm_content=Newsletter+51119+Breaking+News+CID_c1a2c2047c0d086646c4d230a60973af&utm_source=Campaign+Monitor&utm_term=BREAKING+CUB+buys+Balter+Brewing+Co&fbclid=IwAR3Hk2Gfex3LkfSlzm6AYYLHjRvqACRJb9xrHiDGqbHdxiMMfG5vuoTSLXk
  7. Sounds like the general consensus is that the MaltMuncher does the job so I think I'll go with that. I have no doubt the other mill is much better but at the end of the day as long as I have cracked grains I am a happy man. If I was doing more brews or 60L batches it may be a different story. Wont be using the Brewzilla till probably next year so will update after I have it and have used it
  8. Hey Mitch, are both rollers driven on that model? Or does it rely on the grain pushing against the other roller in order to spin it?
  9. I'll be getting the Brewzilla soon so will order it all at once. Can't justify spending $400 on a Brewzilla then $400 on a mill lol. For $80 odd if it lasts a few years I'll be happy. I think as long as you look after it, it will probably last much longer. Ensuring when using a drill you aren't going overboard with speeds etc.
  10. I must say I'm pretty impressed with what I have seen so far of Biofine. Might have to get some for my next lager.
  11. Same here. Only one way to find out if its any good
  12. Yeah that's exactly where I am at. I'll probably just get the Malt Muncher from KegLand when I order my BrewZilla and hope for the best. $400 is crazy for me to spend on a mill IMO. Thanks for the help lads.
  13. Hi all. Considering I'll be making the move to AG soon, and the fact that buying base grain in 25kg bags saves heeeaappss of $$, I will probably have to look into getting myself a grain mill. Are the cheaper ones (on KegLand for example) any good or complete shit? I am not a massive brewer in the fact that I only really brew for myself so it won't get a huge workout (probably 1 brew a month on average). My batch sizes will be standard 23L batches. Trying to keep costs as low as possible obviously but if the cheaper ones are shit or there is a big difference I'll just either bite the bullet and get a better one or speak with the LHBS about the best way to get them to crack it for me. Cheers.
  14. Could you not just pull the PRV, twist it so it stays open and then fill?
  15. Brew night. Anarchy IPA with a few little twists. Trying to use up the last of my Extract tins before making the move to AG. Happy Monday
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