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  1. Yep this is what I get in trouble for. Although was 10 times worse when SWMBO was pregnant. I find it often comes in waves, starts with "you drink to much", the middle is "how much do you spend" and the final part is "you spend more time with your homebrew than the kids". She did just encourage me to buy a new keg and second gas bottle - so must be in the good books at the moment.
  2. When I moved to Qld always wondered why the drink of choice was 4X. Terrible thing. When I would ask, they would accuse me of liking Vomit Bombs (VBs) given I was from Vic. When I supplied beer at the sporting club, it was a pale ale of some description. And it got called Pale Aids cause it was too fruity. Obviously I seemed to attract "different" people
  3. Damn I thought I had too much stock for a rainy day. Only 8 cans and a couple of cider pouches for me. Numerous hops of varying amounts up to approx 100g each, and about a kg of crystal malt.
  4. Yep! I looked at Beer Cartel one and all gone.
  5. Hey folks, I noticed that Carwyn Cellars have their Canvent Calendars onsale from today (sold out within 24 hours last time around). https://carwyncellars.com.au/pages/canvent-calendar?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Canvent 2021 - Sale Live %2B Code (V2rpqU)&_kx=-RixR9ED1uEPPpXnG8As4pQsF_WN9Ki04QYAtL_fN9lRSnXOmbPM77aMjP29CNMN.RgvL7B Who are you planning on buying your Advent Calendars from this year? Its got me excited for December already
  6. I can breathe again now. What a night! Go Dees!
  7. If you have the time and patience - definitely build. I am not handy, but built mine and crazy proud of it.
  8. Melbourne supporter here. Football is a sh1t game for the past 57 years. (note I am not that old either) This Friday I will be sitting nervously on the couch, with a home brew or three and doing my best not to swear at the TV in front of the kids.
  9. Woohoo! For the win, I get another weekend in lockdown lol. I will use it drinking and working on my Award acceptance speech. Just replaced the O-rings. For ages I couldn't work out why I couldn't get them to connect on one keg. No idea where the previous owner got his O-rings from, but they certainly weren't from a LHBS or similar.
  10. I had a similar issue - was due to the O-Rings on the post being a slightly different size. Couldn't get the damn disconnects to lock down, so bit the bullet and replaced them and bobs your uncle - perfect. One of a few issues when I got second hand kegs
  11. Finally brewed and tasted the Coopers Hazy IPA ROTM pack. Fantastic! Very happy with the outcome especially first time using the CCA yeast. (I failed at washing it - did have Jars and tried to use bottles. Oh well will just have to drink some more Coopers PA to get some more CCA ) Would post a photo, but about 4 pints deep - and strangly they all seem a little blurry at the moment.
  12. Maybe you should of added 5 pairs of beer socks they have there also for $10 lol
  13. Add to that - Use the code - save10 and get $10 off when spending over $100
  14. Filled up mine for the first time last week. Went to FES in Bayswater (Melbourne) - $22 to fill up the 6kg Had spoken with Supagas and BOC prior to that - however they weren't helpful.
  15. Definitely a claim to fame! I am sure all the Ladies want to pay you for your services
  16. Thanks @iBooz2 and @Journeyman. I made the mistake of googling and trying BOC or Supagas first that had "Food Grade CO2" as well as CO2 - which then led me to google further about impurities in CO2. Maybe that was the ultimate fail I figured you @iBooz2 might also refill there. Took me a while to find it never realised there was anything behind Siemens. Always makes me smile when I drive past that Seimens is next to the whore house, which is next to the sign "We Sell Boxes".
  17. I am definitely drink less than most on here. I generally drink 1 schooner total between Mon and Thurs, and then a few on Fri, Sat (3-4 each night) and maybe a Sunday afternoon (1 or 2). Often hit it harder if someone comes round (thats the main way I get thru my HB), and have been known to polish off half a keg or more between two of us.
  18. Hey all, a fail I had last week was with a leak in a keg - and managing to empty the end of the gas bottle. It started with me trying to do the right thing by SWHMBO and setting up a soda on the spare tap. Used an older style keg, previously leaked through the post - repair this. Filled it, tested it and all good. Anyway carbed it up, fiddled with it a little and low and behold the leak came back. So it left me without CO2 for lockdown. Obviously the wife's fault thou. So filled it today, $22 for a 6kg bottle. I am thinking this is extremely cheap and now worried that I got a lower quality CO2 than I should have (I wasn't specific when I asked to fill it at FES in Bayswater Vic). What price do others usually get their CO2 refilled for? Thanks!
  19. Pretty sure the canteen at the local footy club is bigger!
  20. No evidence. But I dropped 20kgs over the first COVID lockdown by drinking more HB and walking. Sometimes at the same time. I blamed the beer for the weight loss.
  21. "Cheers to Diana and my friends in the paparazzi..."
  22. Patience is not in my wheel-house when I had run out of beer... (poor planning obviously was)
  23. Hi All I need some help or general guidance... and this post probably ultimate lands in the Fail thread... Kegged my beer last week and force carb'd it for a couple of days at 30 PSI. Tried it on Monday and it was still flat or close too. So I reup'd the pressure in the keg back to 30 PSI to give it another go. However, Brainiac me 100% forgot that I did this, so I came back to my beer on Friday, turn it back to serving pressure (12PSI) - and nothing but foam came out. Note - the length of line etc is spot on, and have served off this line many times with no issue. Since then I have dropped the serving pressure down to 6-8PSI and still the same thing. I have released the pressure in the keg, and still the same thing. I have checked the lines, and there are bubbles in the lines (not a good sign). I am getting at best half a glass head, and half beer. Any one got any ideas how I go back to a normal pour from the keg? The only good part about it was, I am not happy with the way the beer turned out - so pouring half to get a glass of beer is a waste, but atleast it was a shit one. lol Thanks!
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