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  1. Brewed a similar Kolsch last winter using the Blonde and Lallemand. Turned out fantastic.
  2. Phew. I am glad I am not alone!
  3. Damn - I bent the can openers like those above and broke the magi-can thing like the white one. Either super strong (I am not) or some pent up anger... I guess
  4. So something I have been pondering for a little while now... (obviously too much time to think) Do brewers go to all grain (obviously nicer beer factor in that too) because those kit cans are too bloody hard to open. Just burnt out my nifty automatic can opener and the magi-can openers are a constant fail. Ended up punching a hole in the bottom of the can and letting it drain Does someone have a sure fire method of opening the cans?
  5. Fantastic mate, has given me inspiration for my pending build.
  6. Thanks all. Much appreciate your advice. Will be building one, getting a ready made removes the COVID project nature of it. Fridge is clean and setup, so now just a matter of collecting the gear.
  7. Hi All So I have started further down that rabbit hole, and acquired myself another fridge, with the thoughts of building myself a Kegerator. Where has everyone got their setups from? Happy to go new or secondhand. Any Buy Swap Sell sites etc that are worthwhile checking out? Based in Melbourne, but happy to drive to collect if need be (within Vic). Also happy for any thoughts, lessons learnt etc along the way Cheers
  8. Ha. If I kept my bottles in the warmest room in the house, I would soon enough be living with them - and not the lovely wife.
  9. How did it turn out @therealthing691? I am planning an XPA now with Passionfruit pulp in it. Worried about it ending up too sour thou.
  10. Just ran to Dan's at lunch to get a 6 pack of Woodsy's brew. Looking forward to knocking off tonight and trying it!
  11. Yuley

    anarchy ipa

    Hi Dave I have an Anarchy IPA (or a close version of it) brewing at the moment. Started thinking along similar lines, however ended up with a 23L brew, so only 1 litre over. Did this to knock it down a bit as I threw in the last of a couple of Malts and Grains also. Based on the IanH spreadsheet a 25L brew will be about 5.2% (in bottles). Cheers
  12. Cranked out the Heat Pad over the last couple of days in Melb, just to bring temp up a little. Same as Baron, I lean it against the side of the fridge. Tried the hot water bottle last winter in Melbourne, couldn't keep temp constant enough with things like work getting in the way. Bit the bullet and Santa brought me a heat pad.
  13. Closer than it appears on the Map. I am on Canterbury Rd near Bayswater Rd. Not sure why its marked me up near Dorset. Been here for almost 15 years, minus a short relocation to Qld for 3 years in the middle. Yep. Bizzare is right. I haven't seen any people on fire (but I remember that on the news), however I have had my fair share of interesting conversations or witness to drug deals in the carpark. We usually stick to Aldi these days anyway. If only they did HB stuff.
  14. Because Bayswater didn't have it, I assumed it was all... Obviously I need to expand my horizons.
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