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  1. Agreed! By the sounds of things I am not as far editing the old version as you... but still a process to redo it all in the newer version of the spready. Initially I highlighted any cells that I changed, so they will be easy. However more recently I got a little slack.
  2. This has me curious about what changed in version 4.2 now (I am using 4.1)
  3. Hi All Minor update on this creation... Decided on a 15m boil for the Galaxy, with 200g of Chestnut meal and dryhopped the other 25g of Galaxy. Funnily enough the brew came back really cloudy, so I cold crashed for a week. The smell and taste were amazing (for flat beer anyway). Now to bottle and wait patiently for 4 weeks but will have 23L ready just in time for the festive season. The results gives me the motivation to create other recipes. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Yuley
  4. Yuley


    I arrived home with a Litre stein once. Not sure how it got there (or how I got home) but the night before I was at an Oktoberfest event, and I assume the magical beer fairy delivered it with the hangover.
  5. What a great idea! We should do it in Melbourne.
  6. Thanks all, Yeah the Galaxy is a result of the Bridge Rd version using Galaxy, seems to be an interesting combination, but tastes ok. Not sure on the boiling time thou, I have read elsewhere about a 60min boil - but that seems excessive Noted on the roasted and crushed nuts. Cheers!
  7. Hi All Anyone got any thoughts on creating a Chestnut Pilsner? Big fan of the Bridge Road Chestnut Pils, and thinking of creating something similar. Thinking... 86 Days Pilsner Can 1kg LDM 400g Chestnut flour (haven't worked out where to source this from yet) 15g Galaxy Hops - Boil of ?? minutes 15g Galaxy hops - Dry Hop Either S23 or Nottingham Yeast Does anyone have any thoughts on boiling time or the yeast? Cheers
  8. Thanks all. Brew is in the FV. Was a much more productive use of time last night than watching the cricket. Will let you know how it goes. I stuffed up the rehydrating the yeast, and didn't use warm water - but reading online today it should be fine.
  9. Thats a scary future... If this was the ad for Climate Change, everyone would believe it exists.
  10. Thanks gents. Was thinking about brewing a Golden Ale, using Bootmaker can instead of the APA can. With LDM, Amarillo hops, Crystal Malt and BRY-97 yeast
  11. Hi All I was given a can of Bootmaker Pale Ale, looking at the recipe spready was thinking of swapping it in for a Australian Pale Ale recipe. Anyone had any experience in doing something similar? Cheers!
  12. Didn't realise the Coopers Kits had been around so long https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-22/belgian-monks-resurrect-brewery-after-two-century-break/11136770 10.8% sounds interesting... will just have to wait for the recipe.
  13. This might be a silly question... however I will fire it off anyway. With the cooler weather now, maintaining a temp of 18 in the FV (temp controlled with cooling only) is proving difficult. Will this cause a problem? I am guessing that it will take longer to ferment, but are there other consequences? (such as the unwanted flavours with too warm) Cheers
  14. I brewed into 1.25l bottles for Easter camping, and used 3 drops per bottle. Worked perfectly.
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