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  1. The warehouse is in Yatala. You can't pick anything up from there, but it's nice cause it's pretty much next day delivery for us in SEQ
  2. Email didn't come through for me until around 2:30pm AEST. I ordered before I even got the email.
  3. First Lager, all-grain. Oktoberfest style. Been at 12 degrees since Saturday, took a reading yesterday and she's just over halfway there. First time since my first brew not dry-hopping which feels so weird, but rules are rules. And yeah, definitely smells a bit sulphery.
  4. Grabbed a case after work today. Wasn't even on display
  5. It wasn't in stock in QLD Dan Murphy's yesterday, but today it seems it is. Will have to make a trip soon. Can't wait to try it and to buy & brew the ROTM.
  6. The recipe is there so it mustn't be far off. (just change the url of last years to '19')
  7. My Beer Dealer is behind Brewski on Caxton St. Have a great range of local and international craft beers.
  8. I received mine before I'd entered and paid for my entry - I believe you had to sign up for updates, upon doing that, they sent the code. This is the line in the email: Great work, beer lover - you're in the draw to win $250 worth of DIY beer gear. So basically if you entered the draw to win the diy beer gear, you'd get a code.
  9. So this is mine. Bottled on 19/6, first taste was about 10 days after. I was pretty happy with the result. It's been getting better. :) I think I nailed the style, it certainly tastes like others of the style I've had. It's a little stronger than I usually make, so gotta be careful of how many I have. Dropped off the entry last week. Sorry yours didn't work out Ruddy. Big fan of the videos.
  10. I have done a few with 500ml bottles and just use a steak knife to cut the carbonation drops in half. 3 slices back and forth usually does the trick and the slice is pretty clean and it doesn't make much of a difference if one half drop is a bit bigger than the other.
  11. Thanks for the advice mate. My gfs brother in law uses a heat belt for his, but I'll try it without and see how it goes.
  12. The bloody fly is lucky I'm not a Scotsman or I would have demanded the bugger to spit the rest of the beer out.
  13. I'm in qld, my first brew was the coopers kit I got from aldi in 2017. I think it was around Sept Oct but the temperature must have been getting up to around 26-28. I enjoyed it but it didn't really become a passion until around Feb 2018 where I did my second brew, full sized this time (thanks to a gifted full sized fermenter from my gfs bro in law). Didn't use temp control, and most have been good, some have been exceptional. I'm now fermenting in the bathtub with esky ice blocks and containers of ice, with the fermenter wrapped in a couple of towels. Just refreeze every night and you can keep a steady 20-22 degrees. Got an inkbird but not the heat belt yet, so my next brew should taste even better. For what it's worth, my first brew had some off flavours, but every brew since then has been very drinkable. I highly recommend getting the recipe of the month. Especially the "difficult" ones. If you read the instructions and try to keep the temps in range, you will get great beer.
  14. So I don't even know how this happened. Been brewing for about a year and have been doing mainly kits, but on my second all grain batch... I managed to bottle a fly! When I first looked at the bugger I thought it was an infection or something. Luckily the rest of the batch is ok and tastes fantastic. 🙂
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