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  1. Cheers mate, should be around 1044...but not there just yet, kettle just gone on!
  2. Hello legends just about to do my first allgrain. BIAB. 45L batch 7kg Burston 500g Crystal Hops yes.... but wondering how much yeast is use for this?! 2 pkts 23g....using SAF O5 Cheers and beers
  3. aaahhhhhh alles klar... danke dir bwahahahh i really really want to ask!!!
  4. hey Rochey, so man i can't quote on the Anarchy recipe, nor can i open the pineapple ipa recipe, but.... I've now done a Pineapple pale ale twice, first time was amazing, second one i should have fermented a little longer, but still a cracking beer. Brewing pretty basic using extract only ,recipe went like this: 10g Topaz hops 12g First gold hops into 2L boiled water, lid on and steep for 20 mins, cold crash 10 mins Tin Coopers Pale Ale +2L hot water 500g LDM plus hop infusion filled to 23L, pitch yeast. Day 3/4 when bubbling has stopped add: 2 fresh pineapples, juiced. I heated the juice slowly to help reduce the water content and bring out the sugars. I personally wouldn't recommend bottle juice cos it tastes horrid! Cool and add to fermenter, secondary fermentation kicks off within 24-36 hours and she starts bubbling again. I left it in the fermenter for nearly 3 weeks!
  5. Hey Otto how are you mate!? Hey Is this famous Pils recipe of your available to all and sundry by chance!? cheers
  6. Damn Captain, that is awesome, thank you so much! Sorry for the delay in replying was off the radar for the weekend. I'm bottling and yes heat source defo good enough. Mate was is a cube and/or cube hopped please? also the addition of Calcium Sulfate is only if youre using filtered/distilled water? and google says 1g - 4L? one last question, i'm reading online, but not entirely comprehending, what i'd call a yeast to wort volume ratio...i've goggled wyeast1056 and it says 0.19lbs, roughly 86 grams? thats sounds like bloody heaps!!! and doesnt sound right in my newly head! Thanks again mate, beyond appreciated!
  7. Yeah man ekuanot has an amazing flavour profile and goes very well with wheat beers. There’s also quite a few others out there too, dependant on what you or your local has! A quick google hops list check and you’re all over it!
  8. Hey Captain...pot is 40L BIAB is defo the way to go..I think!?! No mate no chiller.... thanks!
  9. Hahaha! All good mate.... it’s one of the more expensive extract beers you’ll brew, but you’ll defo taste the difference! Mine has been in the bottle 59 days now and it is straight up delicious! enjoy
  10. hey bud....I pinched a recipe straight off the diy website. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/hefeweizen.html the only thing I did different was dry hopped 20g ekuanot hops before i sealed her up. results are amazing, a super tasty beer ticking all the right boxes, and to be honest easy AF!! enjoy!
  11. Ok Legends. its coming up to my one year anniversary of homebrewing, and what an epic years it’s been!!! This is damn tasty work we’ve got going on here!! anyway to celebrate I wanna move away from using an extract tin and do an all grain IPA....but frankly have no idea where to start! I’ve got your basic gear, massive pot and strainer, sick thermometer...and bucket loads of hops! im hoping one of you legends can show me a recipe that would suit a newbie, but yet yield a mighty fine beverage!! cheers and beers
  12. Only reason I’d roast the malt would be to deepen the flavour just little...tbh I’ve rarely used grains and really just experimenting at the moment! thanks for the info Otto, absolute champion mate!
  13. Nice one cheers bro! hows the flavour with the nibs, just enough without being old gold!!??
  14. Alright legends, I’m here again to bleed you of the wealth of knowledge you possess!! wanna do a chocolate stout in prep for the shitty south coast winter that’s not too far away. in the larder I’ve a tin of Coopers Stout, 300g Cacao Nibs, LDM, 500g crystal malt grain and 1kg crushed oats and heaps of hops! thinking of roasting the crystal malt for 45 @ 150 degrees, throwing it into 7L water and steeping @ 64 degrees for 90 mins..the question is when do i add the cacao? During the mash or after or straight into the fermenter with the partial mash!? got willamette, chinook, northern brewer, summit, Ella and perle hops! any advice as always is beyond appreciated! cheers and beers legends
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