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  1. Only reason I’d roast the malt would be to deepen the flavour just little...tbh I’ve rarely used grains and really just experimenting at the moment! thanks for the info Otto, absolute champion mate!
  2. Nice one cheers bro! hows the flavour with the nibs, just enough without being old gold!!??
  3. Alright legends, I’m here again to bleed you of the wealth of knowledge you possess!! wanna do a chocolate stout in prep for the shitty south coast winter that’s not too far away. in the larder I’ve a tin of Coopers Stout, 300g Cacao Nibs, LDM, 500g crystal malt grain and 1kg crushed oats and heaps of hops! thinking of roasting the crystal malt for 45 @ 150 degrees, throwing it into 7L water and steeping @ 64 degrees for 90 mins..the question is when do i add the cacao? During the mash or after or straight into the fermenter with the partial mash!? got willamette, chinook, northern brewer, summit, Ella and perle hops! any advice as always is beyond appreciated! cheers and beers legends
  4. Christina, just.. bloody...WOW!!! Thanks you so much for taking the time to write and explain that all for me, above and beyond anything i expected!! You're totally right, if i'm going to the trouble of making a partial mash... I put my 18th brew on tonight and its awesome as always and there is nothing wrong with the beers i've been producing, i like em, the crew like em, but I want more! So i guess if i'm to take my brewing to the 'next level' i start using grain! Thanks again, absolutely brilliant!
  5. Hey Christina, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. So i've never mashed before, been using extracts only, and will still be using a Coopers Stout Tin for this brew Using your info above, if i'm using 1kg rolled oats and I colour them in the oven like Jamil...i'd then mash for 90 mins in 7L??! During the mash, this is the time i can also drop in hop pellets at varying intervals is that correct?! I've got Nth Brewer, Chinook & Willamette in the freezer... Thanks for your help
  6. Hey Legends, how the hell are we!!?? Gonna put on a Stout and i'm wondering if anyone has tried putting Oats thru their brew?! Talking to a mate who works at the local brewery and the brewer reckons Oats help thicken the brew, giving it that real chewy stouty texture?! I'm using extract tins only no grains, with generally LDM and a combo of some or all of Chinook, Willamette & Northern Brewer Hops. Last Stout i did was nice but lacking that thicker texture that i'm looking for! Can find anything concrete on the interweb so i'm hoping you legends can give me a few ideas on exactly how i'm supposed to add these oats! Cheers Legends!
  7. Hey James, how are ya mate?! Bit overdue on an update, shits been hectic!! So I cracked one after 13 days and it was a decent beer but I wasn't totally won over. Day 25 today and she was a warm one down south here for a change, so the missus dropped a couple in the freezer for me and damn, for a simple AF recipe, its super tasty! The topaz/first gold hop combo is a winner and it seems to be improving heaps in the bottle. TBH you could prob up the hops a little to give it some more balls, but i'm pretty happy bro! Crisp, light and refreshing, most things a Cerveza should be, i'm defo putting this recipe in the book mate! if ya give it a crack let me know how ya go
  8. Will do for sure James. yep a good mid is a good thing...i was over doing things little early on, trying to include LDM and some of either BE 1, 2 or 3 and always ending up with a 4.2% plus beer, nothing wrong with it, but if i'm in a swilling mood, things go sideways pretty quick on a warm summers arvo! Kinda obsessed with the Topaz/First Gold combo at the moment, finding they compliment each other quite nicely in a variety of beers, albeit with my limited brewing experience!! It'll be 13 days tomorrow, nice number, i'll stick one in the fridge and see how she's coming along!
  9. My last brew was a Cerveza. Used 500g LDM, to the Boil with 10g Topaz hops for 10 mins. Cold crashed for 10 mins. Dry hopped with 25g First Gold. Overfilled to 22L unfortunately as the beer is only 3.2%!! Oh well nice and light to smash on a Summers day! Bottled 9 days ago, will put one in the fridge this weekend to see how she's going!!
  10. Well legends, Day 14 is finally upon us! So stoked to finally taste this bad girl! As soon as I’ve cracked it the smell of sweet tartness from the pineapple was upon us, super fragrant and super hoppy. Its cleared up almost perfectly and I’d say after another week or two she’ll be clear as day! Flavour is really nice, way better than I expected...I haven’t been brewing long enough to know exactly but the combo of Topaz & 1st Gold seems to marry nicely with the pineapple... malty, hoppy with a soft tropical pineapple flavour, it’s bloody delicious and I’m super stoked!! Took a couple of pics, not sure if they do it justice but hey! Cheers & Beers
  11. This is genius! Thanks mate, absolute Champion!
  12. Oppps forgot added 10g Topaz & 13g First Gold In a hop bag with the pineapple! Bottled on Day 12, gravity steady for 4 days at 1005. Brilliant gold in colour, crisp, sweet & just bitter enough! 31 bottles, gonna be a long fortnight!!! I’ll post pics when it’s done
  13. So the recipe goes like this: 10g Topaz hops & 12g First gold Hops, into 2L boiled water, steep for 20 minutes, cold crash for 10 1 tin coopers Pale and 500g Coopers LDM topped up to 23L OG 1036 Day 3- added juice of 2 fresh pineapples, heated up to help activate sugars, approx volume 1.5L...pineapple could have been added fresh/cold no probs at all since CO2 and alcohol would have killed any nasties, so the legend brewer at my local told me! Day 4 secondary fermentation kicked off, airlock blup blup blupping Today Day 8. gravity stable for 2 days at 1005 Tastes and smells freaking awesome, ..tying to be patient and will wait at least til the weekend to bottle! i'm so amped right now, first fruit beer locked in!!
  14. Have ya cracked a bottle yet mate?! How is it?!
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