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  1. also i have a kit yeast should i through that in there too?
  2. Plan on using s23 for an australian bitter. Can seem to find a clear guide on fermentation temperature. Was thinking 13°c for two weeks? Any suggestions? Cheers
  3. Ive got it sitting at 19° atm. See how it goes over the next few days. Was a bit of an experiment anyway so not overly fussed about the turnout.
  4. They were thawed to room temperature
  5. Even though the packet said the optimum temp is 15°c for fermenting? Also im not after a quick batch, happy to take my time on this one. I do plan on leaving for 2 weeks
  6. Did speak to a bloke about what adding the rasberrys would do to my og, he had a formula thing on a spreadsheet. Apparently it only increased my og 2 points. So im working off that. Og being 1041 and 1043 with rasberrys. Not sure if thats correct or not though
  7. Yeast was us-05 pitched at 20°c then fermented at 15°c for first 4 days, day 5 at 16. 5°, day 6 18°. I was expecting/ hoping for a lower sg by now. I dont think the rasperrys do much appart from flavour. Wondering if its low because of the be2 having maltodextrin and not having enough fermentable sugar in the mix. Is it possible to add more yeast and sugar? Or should i wait for a steady sg reading then bottle it as a middy?
  8. Steep for 25 mins at 60°c. LHBS told me it would add body and head retention
  9. So ive made a rasperry ipa as follows, 200g wheat grain Can of coopers ipa brew A Kilo brew enhancer 2 18l water 1 packet US-05 yeast rehydrated After 6 days added 1.5kg frozen rasperrys. OG was 1043 After 8 days im sitting at 1020, still have about an inch layer of kraussen. Surely my sg will come down over the next few days? Am i worrying for nothing? Cheers brewers
  10. BS.VB


    I got given a bunch of old longy glass bottles, they dont look very nice on the inside. Obviously werent cleaned after last use. What can i do to get them sparkling again?
  11. Got given a coopers brew A ipa can and brew enhancer 2. Thinking of having a little experiment and doing a raspberry ipa. Wondering about ipa fermenting temp and type of yeast i should use. I want to try and get a nice strong raspberry flavour. Cheers
  12. What are the best or your favourite bottles to use and why?
  13. Awesome thanks for the answers
  14. Hey all, got my first brew kit for chrissy and have a few questions. 1st, should i use distilled water or is normal tap water fine? 2nd, im placing my FV in a big camping esky and will be filling with water and frozen bottles to try keep temp down, will moving the FV say onto a table to taste test, effect it in any way? 3rd, when bottling, does it matter if they are put in the fridge laying down? Or do they need to be standing up? Cheers, and happy new year
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