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  1. BS.VB


    I got given a bunch of old longy glass bottles, they dont look very nice on the inside. Obviously werent cleaned after last use. What can i do to get them sparkling again?
  2. BS.VB

    Raspberry ipa

    Got given a coopers brew A ipa can and brew enhancer 2. Thinking of having a little experiment and doing a raspberry ipa. Wondering about ipa fermenting temp and type of yeast i should use. I want to try and get a nice strong raspberry flavour. Cheers
  3. BS.VB


    What are the best or your favourite bottles to use and why?
  4. BS.VB

    Beginer questions

    Awesome thanks for the answers
  5. BS.VB

    Beginer questions

    Hey all, got my first brew kit for chrissy and have a few questions. 1st, should i use distilled water or is normal tap water fine? 2nd, im placing my FV in a big camping esky and will be filling with water and frozen bottles to try keep temp down, will moving the FV say onto a table to taste test, effect it in any way? 3rd, when bottling, does it matter if they are put in the fridge laying down? Or do they need to be standing up? Cheers, and happy new year