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  1. Zelly

    Dark ale

    Hi there what was your recipe
  2. Zelly

    Dark ale

    Has anyone got a dark ale recipe
  3. Zelly

    Dark ale

    Hi there I have a can of coppers dark ale and was going to brew it as the can says. it says to use BE3 has anybody done this and had it been ok had anyone got any other ways to make a dark ale what could I add to make it more alcohol or do I fill it to make 20 litres thenks all
  4. Zelly

    chimay red recipe

    Thanks for that, but I’m looking for an extract recipe as i dont mash grains
  5. Hi there. has anybody got a chimay red extract recipe thanks
  6. Hi there has anyone got a good recipe that’s as good as Heineken and tricks on how to make it thanks