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  1. Hi there. I did a batch last week and its almost ready to bottle. as i always do when i take a reading i always have a taste. when i did i noticed it has a bit of a sweet taste to it. i have just found out its from the crystal malt grains i added to it. would i notice the sweet taste much when it is carbonated? has anyone had an experience like this. the recipe i used was. 1kg light liquid malt 300grm crystal malt cracked 15min on simmer then added to wort. coopers dark ale. 500grm dextrose 300grm dried corn syrup US04 yeast is it the crystal malt grains i have added to make it sweet. what other grains could i add to my beer to give it taste, but not taste sweet. has anyone added coffee beans to beer and if so what extract did they use and what was the recipe i am about to make a stout with the above ingredients but are opting out now with the crystal malt! thanks
  2. Hi there can fermentation be over in 1 week bubbles have slowed down to a bubble every 2 min or longer went like crazy for 3 days I will take a reading in the morning and then again on Sunday and see if there the same if so could it be possible to be fermented right out in 1 week? ready to bottle?
  3. Zelly


    Thanks for that tjatscsllbo wanted to know if I brew with us04 will it taste different. different better Or just different would you use us04 or kit yeast?
  4. Zelly


    Thanks all, for your inputs but let’s leave this topic alone
  5. Zelly


    Thanks so your saying use 2 different yeasts? but don’t yeast multiply? And grow
  6. Zelly


    Thanks all. so is the coppers real ale kit yeast any good. temp between 24-25 or shoukd I do something else
  7. Zelly


    Hi there i am just about to make s coopers dark ale. should I be using the kit yeast. Will this be ok or should I be using s better yeast like us04. what would the difference be. is the kit yeast any good and I should be using it? if I did use a better yeast could I re use it from the bottom of the bottle to make again thanks
  8. Zelly

    Dark ale

    Hi there what was your recipe
  9. Zelly

    Dark ale

    Has anyone got a dark ale recipe
  10. Hi there I have a can of coppers dark ale and was going to brew it as the can says. it says to use BE3 has anybody done this and had it been ok had anyone got any other ways to make a dark ale what could I add to make it more alcohol or do I fill it to make 20 litres thenks all
  11. Thanks for that, but I’m looking for an extract recipe as i dont mash grains
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