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  1. Hi Otto, its a 40lt urn and i just followed the recipe in the link below https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/capital-pils.html Cheers Al.
  2. Hi Porsche Its a 40 lt urn
  3. AlanT58

    Alcoholic Ginger Beer

    also baron, i put the ginger through a juicer first. collected the pulp and juice and put it all together in the boil up. be sure to tip the mix into a hop sock or similar in the FV to avoid the glogged keg i had first time round.
  4. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    Got my BIAB kit on friday YIPPEE put down a pale ale recipe that came with the kit. now im gunna pester youall for how to's. u know that dont u
  5. Hi all, just got my BIAB kit this weekend YIPEE and put down a pale ale. and would like to know how to covert this extract recipe below to all grain https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/capital-pils.html Capital Pils Beer Style Lager Flavour Proèle Malty, Hoppy, Floral, Fruity Alcohol Content 8.3 Colour (EBC) 11 Bitterness (IBU) 60 Volume 23L Difèculty Intermediate INGREDIENTS 2 x 1.7kg Thomas Cooper 86 Days Pilsner 2 x 500g Coopers Light Dry Malt 1 x 500g Coopers Dextrose 2 x 25g Hallertau Mittlefrueh Hop Pellets 2 x 50g Hallertau Mittlefrueh Hop Pellets 2 x 11.5g Safager W-34/70 Dry Yeast 1 x 250g Coopers Carbonation Drops just finished a keg of this stuff last night and I WANT MORE. be good if i could go the All Grain route if possible. Thanks in advance for any info guys. Cheers Al.
  6. AlanT58

    Alcoholic Ginger Beer

    hi Baron, ive made this 3 times now and cant get enough of it. https://www.thehopandgrain.com.au/brew-ginger-beer/ ur lips and tounge know theyre alive for sure, its got some bite. i went for the cinnamon stick and lemon zest options. works a treat Cheers Al.
  7. AlanT58

    Fresh Ginger Beer Recipe?

    hi, Ive done this recipe 3 times now and i cant get enough of it. it really bites and stings the tongue a little https://www.thehopandgrain.com.au/brew-ginger-beer/ i went with the option of cinnamon stick and rind of 4 lemons Cheers Al
  8. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    maybe usless info but water is at its most dense at 4 degrees C
  9. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    just been reading some science stuff and it says the lower the temp the more oxygen will be absorbed. so i guess stirring and splashing at higher temps is pointless
  10. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    During the week ill head to cannon hill and see if they have a comparable kit. Guess im lucky im at wynnum, in between a few good shops.
  11. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    Went to LHBS yesterday in capalaba and found they have a BIAB kit with ingredients for a pale ale recipe total cost $465 Guess I'll start with that and go the no chill route
  12. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    would it help to fill the cube headspace with co2 (for those with kegs) to store for a little while before pitching maybe
  13. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    Thanks to all for the feedback sofar Question for Otto. What's a cube and what's it for
  14. AlanT58

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    Hi all, Im keen as to start BIAB, as this seems the next logical step from extract. been reading the beersmith book and it sold me, also got the designing great beers book (sofar unread) so could i possibly get some help compiling a list of goodies im gunna need to accomplish this please. i already have kegs and FV's from extracting, an inkbird and heat belt, chest freezer for temp control, 2 taps sticking out of the fridge. so please fire away with any and all basics and essentials to get me goin im basing this around a 40lt urn and 19lt kegs Cheers and thanks in advance Al.
  15. AlanT58

    LDM vs LME

    well thanks to all for confusin the hell out of my tiny brain. Guess ill be stickin to the recipes until i learn where an when i can fudge it. but i am now real keen to work up to grains and expand my very limited brewing knowledge. Thanks again and Cheers Al