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  1. Hamish McBeer

    Flavour/Alcohol increase.

    Thank you to all the responses to my question from a fine bunch of beer loving people. I've become impatient waiting for my brew to be ready, so I've purchased another kit, it was necessary!
  2. Hamish McBeer

    Flavour/Alcohol increase.

    Thanks Shamus, your knowledge will be put to extremely good use!
  3. Hamish McBeer

    Flavour/Alcohol increase.

    G'day people, only on my third brew. Brew A, Enterprise lager next! What are the methods for increasing flavour and alcohol content?
  4. Hamish McBeer

    Real fruit

    G'day mate, just printed out a fairly tasty sounding amber ale off the recipe pages on the DIY page. Oval Office Amber, while not really a fruit, it does contain honey!