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  1. Guys, Serious question; where do you get your Coopers cans? is it best to get them through Coopers Club to ensure maximum freshness? I ask because my experience with cans is a bit hit and miss. Some have the dreaded twang and others don't. Yet all the cans have been brewed within the 'best-by' date, so I figure freshness must be a factor. My cleanliless certainly isn't, as Star/Stellar San, sodium percarb and nitrile gloves (yes, really) are de rigeur during my process. My last three brews were DME based with a rich and varied hop schedule and all were excellent brews with no twang whatsover (and all temp controlled). So, for once, I'm not blaming myself. I'd hate to put down a 'Troiscan' such as this then find myself ditching it 6 months later.
  2. I think that issue was resolved decades ago when manufacturers switched away from chlorofluorocarbons in pressurised containers, though I think the replacement chemical is also being phased out in favour of something else. Your first point is important though - and provides a very good reason why you shouldn't, unless absolutely necessary, fill up your tank in hot weather. The hotter it is, the less energy you'll get from a litre due to the petrol expanding in the tanks (usually underneath the bowsers). As you'd expect, the industry most affected is aviation where control of fuel costs is the holy grail.
  3. Never had an issue with tightening PET caps, even after multiple re-uses. I tighten them pretty firmly, too. You did alright with the shop owner. You've essentially got free beer!
  4. .....and custodians of the FFA Cup. Winners in 3 of its 6 year history. Finalists in 4 of 6. That's some record.
  5. Our other 'football' team is consistently uncrap though!
  6. So I've got myself a new 142L chest freezer. This one's a 'hybrid' type in that it can be switched from freezer mode to fridge mode and vice-versa. I'm trying to figure out which would be the more economical mode to use for fermenting with my Inkbird set at a target 19°C. In the (default) freezer mode, the unit is set to -18°C. This can be manually increased in -1°C increments to -24°C (can only think this would be for 'fast' freezing something). In fridge mode the default setting is 1°C. This can be manually increased in 1° increments but the user manual doesn't stipulate an upper limit. So what should I shoot for guys? My other Inkbird settings: Temp differential: +/- .5°C Compressor: 8 mins All other settings, default
  7. We have much to thank Europe for, but the two-swig 330ml bottle isn't one of them. Of course, shrinkflation can take multiple forms. Boags didn't change their bottle size, but reduced the ABV to 4.6%. I think CUB tried the same trick with VB (4.9%→4.6%), but after a few years they had to revert due to huge losses in market share. Even Coopers pull a few swifties here and there with their 355ml (WTF?) bottles for certain lines (Celebration, lager etc). They haven't tried it (yet) with Pale Ale or Sparkling.
  8. Yeah, it's more to do with virtue signalling than proper acknowledgement of indigenous groups. Their website doesn't provide any detail on pricing, but I'm guessing (given where they are) they wouldn't be catering for the budget end of the market.
  9. I'm with you. My experience has been that loving crafted beers substantially enhance one's, emm, 'microbiome'. And that's a good thing (so we're told).
  10. Where do Whirlfloc (Irish Moss) tablets fit in the scheme of things? I've seen recommendations for half a tablet to be added to the hop boil after flameout. So what is this meant to achieve? TBH, I'm a bit unfazed when it comes to chill haze, in a death-and-taxes are going to happen way. As for lees, I just take care of them by carefully pouring into a jug then dispensing the beer from that into glasses. I've even been known to skull it straight from the jug.
  11. At $24 for a six-pack of 'shrinkflation' stubbies (330ml), I'd reckon they're making plenty out of it. Nothing more than a virtue signalling marketing ploy, IMO.
  12. I didn't know either. The other thing I didn't know (until I Google mapped it) is that the Torrens River -- inside the city boundary -- is now called "Karrawirra Parri".
  13. I take you're in Adelaide, as I am? I bottled an Amber Ale tweaked-up recipe on 22-June and it took until end September before it came good. Glad I was patient as the brew is magnificent. So good, in fact, that my final 12 bottles now form part of my 'private cellar', ie, not to be shared with anyone else! Sometimes nature can't be rushed, I think.
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