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  1. Interested to know if the plastic bottles are renound to lose the carbonation after a while....are they meant to be drank straight away?....started out strong than after two months I’ve had a few hit and misses!
  2. Very interesting about the dextrose
  3. Been going through the coopers range and getting fantastic results, but my best beer to date has been using the woollies draught......have been using recommended brew enhancers but I have found using dextrose with hops and other added crystals and wheat has made my beer very very likeable and great tasting.....best part is experimenting all the time
  4. Probably has been discussed before.....what are the main influences on head retention....done quite a few brews and can be hit or miss....I myself in my small brewing world am more concerned about carbonation in my beer, and get it regularly, so that’s no issue...after some ideas??....cheers
  5. Have made a few batches just never tried racking,wondering does it make a huge difference in any aspect of taste, texture etc?
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