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  1. Hi gents, I realised I forgot to leave my own feedback haha. I received an order in three days after I ordered. All safe and sound. Have already used five sachets in total of US-05 and S-04 all worked well. And I had a chat with Alex over messenger. I had a few questions about yeast rehydration, pitching rate etc. Can say it seems like he knows his stuff and no BS. And he gave me the same advice as you guys did. Wash and re-use especially if I use just a few yeast types. So I'm happy with the prices, delivery and a service. Can highly recommend. Cheers.
  2. Yeah will do thanks. I read somewhere that dry yeast is not that sensitive to temperature and its quality stays the same even if it stored at room temperature for up to three weeks. Was not specified what is the room temperature. My bedroom by the end of the day can be like +35 haha
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm not that advanced yet to harvest it. But will definitely try it.
  4. Righto I've riched to them through a contact form and asked about yeast freshness specifically about US05 and US04 that I'm interested in. Alex came back to me saying he would be surprised if I find fresher yeast of this brand anywhere in Australia. US05 BB date is September 2021 and US04 is March 2021. Sounds good to me. I've ordered seven of each. Will let you know how they perform. And thanks for your help guys!
  5. Sounds good. Thanks heaps Cap! Will give it a go.
  6. Thanks Cap! What amounts are we talking about for a 23 l batch?
  7. Probably a stupid question. Can I add orange zest or juice to add that zesty taste to my beer? I know it is mostly hops that do that but interested to know if there are other options. Cheers.
  8. Hi, newbie here. Has anyone used cheapyeast.com.au to buy yeast? any good? Prices are way lower than my LHBS charges me and they say free delivery for seven items. Any catch?
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