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  1. I'm going to leave the fermenter over night topped with water and see what the temp reads so I'll know what it will be when it comes to brew time. Room temp here now in winter is about 15 at night I reckon but I'll see when I gage the temp. Heat belt might be required or might be lucky and need nothing apart from a few cosy towels!!
  2. Nice one Burbler, Ive got the plastic coops hydrometer so I'll use again for now as it did fine first time round. I'll buy that one off Amazon so cheers for the tip... Now to study Ian's spreadsheet..
  3. That helps out and I'm happy with 4.4 should it all work out ok. Just one more question, sorry to be a pain. How long in the fermenter? I did my first (lager) for 7/8 days.
  4. Will do Otto, Did you mix with the dry malt or liquid if you can remember? Cheers
  5. So the liquid amber malt extract and a half a kilo of BE? Which BE? 1,2 or 3? Without adding half kilo of BE and just using the liquid malt would this make the brew more like 3.5/4 percent? Thanks mate
  6. That's the light dry malt
  7. I used the brew enhancer 1 and the carbonation drops if I remember correctly. Says to use the Cooper's dry malt with the English bitter, what do you reckon?
  8. Brisbane lions top 4 in the league! The Reds however....
  9. Thanks Otto, I live in Brisbane too so good to know that the water here is ok and doesn't need filtering. I'll try the coopers bitter this time round.
  10. Thanks BB, As it goes I love dark ales as I'm a pommie. Good to know about the differences between brewing temps with lager and dark ale yeasts. I think I'll give the coopers bitter a go this time and if all goes well then try the toucan next time. thanks mate and any other tips would be much appreciated:) sam
  11. Hi, about to start 2nd attempt at home brew. First one went pretty well, just a slight sour after taste. Was wondering what that could be? bearing in mind the kit was brand new so no probs with the cleanliness of equipment or bottles. Also I did brew back in January in QLD but managed to keep the temp fairly consistent and not above 24 degrees etc. Also would anyone recommend filtering the tap water beforehand? Would this make any difference? thanks, Sam
  12. Great, thanks Titan and Blotto
  13. Also will I need spring water or boiled then cooled down water?
  14. Thanks guys, I'll go for wet towels and ice packs in the laundry sink to start off with on my first attempt. Then hopefully an old fridge if I can persuade the wife...
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