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  1. sarrx207

    Odd bottling phenomenon

    It does look like that doesn’t it!
  2. sarrx207

    Odd bottling phenomenon

    Making some almost non alcoholic ginger beer for my folks. It’s essentially a bunch of ginger and some raw sugar (200g to 24 litres) boiled up, yeast pitched in then bottled so that it conditions/carbonates without generating a great deal of alcohol. I bottled into well sterilised Pepsi bottles because that’s what the folks had on hand. I guess the yeast is settling into the ‘feet’ on the bottles but still producing CO2 which is carrying floatsome to the surface and creating a near perfect representation of the bottom of the bottle on the surface.
  3. sarrx207

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    I have two old chest freezers that I converted, one to a brew cabinet and one to a cheese cave. Yes, I also make my own cheeses, and yes it’s important to remember not to store the cheese near the brewing chest, brevibacterium linens in the beer is a bad look and worse taste. Both freezers are barely running when in use because the insulation is so good, I estimate maybe a handful of dollars a year in running cost. The advantage of a chest freezer is that even on the hottest days the temperature barely changes when I open them to check on the brews.
  4. sarrx207

    Boiling water good enough to sterilise?

    I deal with sterilising water and non single use equipment nearly everyday. To sterilise you need to kill all bacteria, fungi, spores, everything. My work is in medical research, chemical agents aside, we sterilise water by bringing to at least 121C in basically a special pressure cooker, the water is maintained at this temperature for not less than 20 minutes. Simply boiling water at standard atmospheric pressure will not yield sterility, and ‘swishing around’ water that is cooling from an atmospheric pressure boil will certainly not yield a sterile surface - likely not a sanitised surface either. Chemical sanitisation is by far the most convenient and reliable option, especially in a domestic environment.
  5. sarrx207

    Half recipes

    Thanks guys!
  6. sarrx207

    Half recipes

    Hi guys, I am a bit of a newbie here, and have been wondering what is the best way to store the unused contents of extract cans? I notice for example that the stock recipe for the approximation of Coopers Dark ale calls for 750g of a 1.5kg dark extract can. I just stumbled across this thread, hope it’s okay to tack on another more or less related question. Thanks, S