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  1. ekymetal13

    My legacy

    Big cheers your way mate
  2. ekymetal13


    Nice work! Wicked have no fear glass mate
  3. ekymetal13

    Plaato v Tilt

    I prob get one of these. Looks like Plaato has more info. In your opinion at the moment which is your favourite? Cheers
  4. ekymetal13

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    Nice one OVB ! Lemmy would be proud
  5. ekymetal13

    Dumb things

    You think the brew will be ok mate ? im fairly confident it will be.
  6. ekymetal13

    Dumb things

    Thanks mate I usually do that, just though the black cap might prevent it lol Never do that again !
  7. ekymetal13

    Dumb things

    Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year. Well I’ve had a brew going for 6 days now. I dry hopped today, and thought I’d take hydrometer reading. Poured enough for a reading and sitting on top was some some pieces of green mould. My reaction was ffs what have I done ? The only thing different I did was put a small black rubber cap over the tap on the fermenter. I thought this would keep nastiness out. Im a dumb ass ! Mould formed from heat and a small amount of beer left in the tap from my OG reading. ive removed the cap now and sprayed no rinse steriliser up the tap and around it. im fairly sure I’ll be ok I might just chuck a 100 ml first before I bottle. Just can not believe how dumb I was ! Cheers Ek
  8. ekymetal13

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    Cheers mate
  9. ekymetal13

    Temps for kegging

    Once all things beer disappeared from the inside fridge, it was a win. Now I only have to hear “how many fridges do you need for beer”
  10. ekymetal13

    Dry Hopping with Kits

    I’ve tried lots of different amounts. Dry hopping I use around 75 grams, and even up to 150 sometimes. Its gives me what I’m after, but I’m a hop head. Try different amounts till you find what you’re looking for. Get a hop bag from the brew shop. Boil the bag only to sanitize it. Drop your hops in, after fermentation has finished or at day five. I just leave em in till I bottle. But that’s just what I do. It becomes easier the more you experiment. Good luck cheers Ek
  11. ekymetal13

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    I’ve got a series 3 kegerator, with 2 taps. I am thinking my lines are just not long enough. One is about a mtr and the other is 1.5. Im going to refit my taps at 3mts and 4 mtrs And then try again. Force carb one and naturally carb a 10ltr keg. Great info and thanks. cheers Ek
  12. ekymetal13

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    And then just at serving pressure ? Did you purge first ? cheers
  13. ekymetal13

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    Thanks I’m interested in trying this as well. Have you tried this amount ? And I would treat it just like a big bottle and leave for 3 weeks before tapping ? Cheers Ek
  14. Other than everything that is mentioned here. The one thing that improved my beers was replacing the can yeast with a better quality one. The more brews you do the more convenient you become. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Cheers Ek
  15. ekymetal13

    LG Beer Bot

    Get rid of the coffee pod machine at work. Get one of these! They will be over priced and in a few years the pods won’t be available .